Will ICX go down back to $5 before mainnet release?

will ICX go down back to $5 before mainnet release?

No it's won't. This is the buying phase for that piece of rumor. You have to buy earlier than you think if you actually want in. I FOMOed at 6 when it went double digit this morning because I knew it started.

Keep up those English classes Sanjeet

when to sell? just before? next day?

what piece of rumor?

Hard to say. Probably early February. Chase other moon missions and then buy back in.

no, it could be 10 dollars tomorrow, it could be on coinone tomorrow.It could gain req like fomo with a suppo or datadash video and some reddit crytocurrency posts.The waiting game was from 26th til today.All bets are off now on when this thing moons.

fuuuck I only bought 200 thinking it'd stay at $5 until 24th

Now is the time to buy ICX. It's not going to stay down until mainnet.

Why would you sell? Their big conference comes shortly after which includes info being released on dapps being built on their blockchain, which will reveal use cases and partnerships. There will be more moons.

Almost 100% positive it will be back to 4.98-5.10 in the next 2 days.
Have another 1k in ether I am saving for when that happens.
Then again vechain is also super promising.

that was my point.Either buy now or pink wojack in a few days.

zero chance it goes to 5 back

it's fucking 6.8$ on binance you faggot

>tfw I only own 11.5 ICON


>REQ and XLM rising
>ICX hasn't done anything in a while
>transfer some into REQ and XLM
>they slow down
>ICX starts rising

thats why you hold longer than 2 hours retard

this is why you hold dummy
if its a good coin it'll go up

When it's quiet is when you accumulate.

When is this released on Huobi?

good job but do it in reverse

>ICX starts rising
>they slow down
>transfer some into REQ and XLM
>ICX hasn't done anything in a while
>REQ and XLM rising

On December 29th the last time I heard. Let me check though

According to this, it was Dec 29th:

We literally had this same PnD 1 week ago. It found its floor at 5.15.

Every day since then it has fluctuated between 4.94 and 5.30.

This pump isn't reaching any new ATHs, and it is happening with 0 new news. It is pure PnD.

We will be back at 5 until mainnet launches. Don't buy in now. This is the definition of FOMO.

If mainnet was tomorrow, different story.

Ahh yep I see. Thank you.

you are an idiot.We all know the news, we all know its going to be huge, likely cardano tier.You buy in early to get your seat on the rocket as there are only so many.Any news will send this to 10 dollars, and could be any moment now.A coinone listing for example could be imminent, nobody has said that its coming after main.Could come anytime.

not true, it's not legal for it to be listed on any korean exchanges before the new regulations in SK have gone into effect

req had no news, and it pumped 3x in a few days.The market is different now, so many more new buyers, sell the news isnt happening now and people want in early on good coins before they go off.This isnt 4 weeks ago.Since the normies got on coinbase 4 weeks ago its a different market.Dont apply old rules to a new paradigm.

and the regs could be annoinced tomorrow, with coinone listing right after.

I actually think it's a Coinone rumor pump. If that won't happen in a day or max 2 it will drop. I'm actually waiting for that cause I accumulated enough to finally buy the dip and bring my average down.

Here’s my theory and I could be wrong.

I don’t think it’ll dump and I’ll tell you why. When main net delay was announced, we saw a dump and slow bleed. Then a floor was established between 5 - 5.40 tops.

However, I feel there was this unspoken vibe that a lot of people would be back, they just wanted to chase some moon missions to be able to come back and hopefully accumulate.

So people were thinking it was gonna stay at the floor with no volume until a week or so before when it kicks up again.

However, it looks like that pump started today kicked it out of that vibe, so a lot of people (myself included) were like oh fuck oh fuck they’re coming back ok gotta FOMO. And now that unspoken vibe of waiting has been broken.

So now we don’t know if it’ll go back or keep going. And we all know this solid and will moon. So a lot of the FOMOers today are now like fuck it gonna hold.

Sideways trending is a GOOD thing, some of you brainlets have nerves made of noodles

On the other hand read January effect...idk maybe.

Pretty much me except I didn't FOMO, I saw it around 38k sats last night and figured that was the best price I was going to get. Hopefully I was right.

I don't know guys. When will ICX moon high according to your opinion?

I'm split between ICX and DBC. It's either on of these. What would you feel more comfortable with?

70% ICX 30% DBC

>Had 200 ICX
>Weedled down to 60 ICX over the last few days figuring I'll have time to buy back in

Holding 1880 ICX, hoping for a good year

just dipped

buy now or regret

Yeah I saw that but was riding XLM because I thought it was going to pull an ADA. It still pumped but when I got back in I didn’t increase my stack at all really.

Nice job.

How? it didn't go 3x

very true.Anyone who has been in crypto longer than a couple of months knows where this is going and how big it will be.Its basically what we all hoped neo would become before it let us all down.

2880* kek

Judging by the fact I'm not sure what you mean show's I'm still...learning. For the record I bought in at about 4 bucks...sold most at about 5.50 (not at 7 sadly), still have 66 left