Is it worth getting a hardware wallet?

Is it worth getting a hardware wallet?

not really. paper wallets just as good for long term holding.

spend $70 on more bitcoin or spend $70 on security... .hmmm


It's worth it to get a Ledger. Trezor is compromised so it's literally worse than a paper wallet.

>not implementing your own elliptic-key cryptography on a Gentoo Thinkpad in a Faraday cage

>make paper backups
>store them somewhere
>install TAILS on a flash drive with encrypted persistence storage and have all your wallets in it
>only do your crypto business in tails

Chances of you getting your shit stolen like this is astronomically low unless you're doing web trading and get phished.


Not yet. When a worthwhile hardware wallet exists, you'll know. It is a massive hurdle for the industry to overcome but once it is here supported coins will boom.

is everyone here just leaving their money on exchanges?

>Create offline wallet
>Transfer wallet into a password safe .rar file
>Save this file in one of your e-mail addresses with a separate password.

Sure is hard to store crypto safely, amirite?

how is trezor compromised i'm tired of this fud

on binance? yes. gooks are cool.

What if it breaks?

I trust in Binance. Those chinks have their shit together.

binance with google authenticator

LITERALLY uncrackable

absolute trash, just keep it all on coinbase or an exchange

can't tell if these exchange niggas are trolling

you buy another one and enter the key you had to write down from ur first one

what you think about those other kucoin faggots? Has been shilled to death, as of lately... I don't know... rather observe for a while, or can we trust those faggots? They're so fucking young, those cunts.

I tired this until poloniex locked my account because i was using tor. I don't when/if they will ever unlock it.

So its basically a fancy paper wallet?

>you buy another one
no thanks. Stallman would like to have a talk with you about open standards, and stuff.

coinbase scares me
>oh look, your id verification is not enough after all! please gives us a passport or a driver's license :^)
>what? don't have them? oh my, tough luck :( don't worry, we'll keep your money safe until you somehow get one!

it's not. just some faggy rumor

What about bittrex with google authenticator?

I have an account but never left anything on their site.

Kek, unironically generated my wallets in a faraday cage

i have 2 of them

Trezor looks way doper than Ledger... why did I get a Ledger?

if you're not going to daytrade, why not use a paper wallet?

I think it's just better to have like some stone engraved and you just put that in a safe.

>buy 5 BTC at around 150$ each in 2013
>leave them all on exchange BTC-E
>forget about them
>comeback to claim my 100 grand 2 weeks ago
>oops the site was hacked and then the FBI seized it

keep your coins close kids, no exchange is safe in the long run

yes its worth it if you have more than $1000 in crypto and you send a tx more than once a year, and you don't want to be a massive faggot retard autist that doesn't want to carry around an offline computer running tails to fucking make a tx, or have a goddamn paper wallet with your dumb asses fucking private key in plain sight like a massive faggot.

There was a bug in the previous version of the firmware that let you dump the PIN if you had physical access to the device. It was fixed and then someone claimed to have a new version for the latest firmware but was charging 20 BTC for the exploit.

That is the rumor that is spread every time. Note that even when it was compromised and it was having a passphrase still protected you.

You dumb fuck. It relaunched as and refunded a large portion of the missing balances. I found 4 LTC in my wallet there.

You only have to keep track of a couple strings of characters.
Why would you introduce a complex mechanism that you do fully comprehend and cannot fix?
It's a meme product for people who want to feel special.

Just put a Veracrypt partition on a flash drive and cold storage on repeated images of that. If they manage to crack NSA level security they clearly deserve my wallet.

You make it sound like paper wallets are bad.

>pajeet finds your file
>"how 2 open pasword protekted file with no pasword"
>downloads winrarunlockerpro
>gets your funds in some hours-days

your private key is literally in plain sight... paper wallets are retarded.

can you even have password protected wallets on ledger?
I could hand someone my trezor, the seed, and the pin, and they will still never get my funds.

>plain sight
storing your paper wallet in plain sight is the same as storing your passwords in a file on your desktop called PASSWORDS.txt

Interested in doing this. Aside from scattering encrypted SD cards everywhere, storing like this is basically fool proof to losing access. Is it as safe though?

>Le paper wallet is just as good
What do you paper wallet brainlets do when you want to send crypto? Type in/QR code your private key in and then expose it to the system. The whole point of the hardware wallet is the private key never leaves the device.

use something like veracrypt as has been already suggested.


You can encrypt your private keys/seeds with literally any fucking encryption you want before printing it. You just have to remember how to decrypt it.

I print mine as QR code and text with AES 256.

>what is an offline signed transaction, for 2 schmekkels

I just realized my security is extremely bad.

aha, and what about your backup plan?

So you use an entire air-grapped computer to do the same job as a USB device?

So what you mean by "paper wallet is just as good", you mean "paper wallet + an offline air gapped computer is just as good"

>user is suddenly rich

In order to back up your hardware wallet you need to store your key on paper just like anyone else.

enjoy your disabled account

It's better to be ignorant sometimes.
I went from "storing passwords on a txt file on the desktop" to "change all my passwords because i entered my mail without closing the curtains and someone could be watching".

Your backups to your hardware are in plain sight too.

I don't to much transaction from my wallets. Sending to them is a non-issue. And I keep my day trading stack on the fucking gook exchange. No problem. But yes, a second computer certainly does come in handy.

Yes but you don't need that seed to use it. You do need the paper wallet to do anything.

Yeah, on binance. God forbid there are china exchange issues again though. Was afraid binance was going to shut down the last time but you got that gook twitter message "it ok, we talk and no shut down"

hongkong isnt really china

Most people have poor security. I've only just begun to ramp mine up. This kind of stuff needs to be more ingrained into society. Crypto is more self ownership than people are use to.

So as for security they are in the same boat. I may get a HW in the future when actually spending cryptos becomes more widespread. As I would need to keep a wallet hot for longer and more often, but for now
>load up funds from cold wallet
>spend as needed
>send remaining funds to another cold wallet

As long as you're using Bitcoin Cash and not Bitcoin Core, this isn't an issue at all.

A hardware wallet is a cold wallet you brainlet...

Firmware can be hacked if exposed online

>as for security they are in the same boat
Literally what I said, although debatable because I know sometimes they can get broken into. They're just easier to spend from than making a hot wallet everytime.

Oh really how's that? Enlighten us.

Not even close to being true. No matter what happens, nobody can ever get your funds from a trezor even if they hack it. You can literally hand them your trezor, your pin number, AND the seed, and they still can't get your funds from passphrase protected wallets lol...

Where do you kids even learn about this shit?

well other than the $5 wrench attack, in which case you have more than 2 passwords and give them a decoy

>You can literally hand them your trezor, your pin number, AND the seed, and they still can't get your funds from passphrase protected wallets lol...
lmao PLEASE do it. trash like you are askingfor it

Weird eth tokens I keep on an online wallet. Everything else is on the exchanges ready to pounce.

>t.I don't understand how this shit works

Can't they just hack the fucking exchange like mtgox?

Put the QR codes on a floppy disk user

just send your btc to and eth address, that will keep them safe for long time