Rai millionaires

Who here became millionaires thanks to raiblocks?

>Be me
>Invested $2k in crypto
>Those $2k grew to $60k over time
>Lurk /biz
>See a most likely pajeet scam shill thread
>Rai, surely a scam
>Do my reasearch on it nonetheless
>Theres a high chance for a huge moon
>Go 50%($30k) in at $0.30 because thats money ive passively made from crypto anyway and while i could lose it to a scam id also could double it easily if this is legit

Got 98'000 raiblocks or about 3'100'000 dollars right now... Thinking about cashing out 1 million and let the rest sit until xrb hits $1k.

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Good for you man!

lol how the fuck are you gonna cash out 1m on an exchange with no liquidty

poor shilling m8

No milli yet but I’m already walking around my office not giving a finuck

This coin is like a bimbo with big tits. Yeah, she's nice for a fuck but eventually guys will wife up with some other broad that is actually useful.

Dumb name, dumb coin, and there are a gazillion fucking payment startups now.

not to mention the withdrawal limits. lmao OP is fucked.

I telepathically sent you my eth address. Im from the future. Get it?

can I have 2 ETH for rent pls?

Links to the white paper for it? How is it different technology-wise from other cryptocurrencies?

Do you not have Google in your country or what? You lazy fuck.

Thats what i am thinking, i was planning on doing like 1btc worth at a time because i am afraid of getting locked out of my account with a huge sum in there.

>Transfer 1 btc worth of rai to the exchange
>Exchange for whatever seems best
>Withdraw to my hardware wallet
>Repeat until 1 mil

Annoying and will take a long time, but if anything bad happens to rai that makes it tank or crash atleast i made 1mil out of it.

>Transfer 1 btc worth of rai to the exchange
>Exchange for whatever seems best
>Realize that's rai
>Transfer it right back to wallet


I figure if someone's willing to make multiple threads per hour shilling a coin, then they should have the decency to give links to info on it if it's not 100% a scam coin. Plus, like you said, I'm lazy.

> gets investment advice from anons
> ???
> profit?

Thats literally how its gone for me

You don't have anything until you sell it to USD

I have the same coins as you. Are you me, but rich? Is this my future?

fuckkkk so many pajeet coins here tho

is it too late for me to buy some XRB now? I blinked and its now worth double what I saw it at

Other coins are VET, XLM, ETH, XMR. Just bought into ICO’s for BLOOM & Jibrel Network.

Also going to add WAN & SingularityNET and then fucking chill.

it's going to crash before you get to 1 mil, lol

not just OP is fucked, it would only take a handful of people like this to bring XRB down to $0

Shit this coin is making a lot of millionaires. Well I only wonder.. how do you cash out millions from crypto? How long would it take and.. how?

Basically became a millionaire in one month. Congrats. I saw it also at 0.3 dollars but saw the shill threads

if OP cashed out right now of bitgrail, it would bring the orderbook down to $18.72 instantly. with standard withdrawal limits, it would then take OP just short of a year to withdraw it all (350 days).

its true

we need to get this shit on a real exchange ASAP

also, if binance listed XRB markets, if the price stayed the same or went up, it will still take him 350 days to withdraw it all to binance, longer if the price goes up.

lel @ cashing out

Wow lol, and what if this was Ether and Bittrex?
How long does it take to really cash out a million dollar worth of crypto into USD? or EUR?

Who says It is even on BitFrail yet? He probably pulled before the withdraw limits were put in a couple weeks ago.

I'd still be selling for my daily limit of BTC withdraw. A trickle of BTC is better than getting JUST'd.

I just saw flags with the exchanges. Shill threads and there were some weird picture of Hispanic developers for it.

Haha does bitgrail withdraw limit work the same as every other exchange where the withdrawal limit is tied to btc value?

So even if/when gaiblocks hits binance all these 'millionaires' will still only be able to transfer a small number of coins out.

Am i missing something? How is every gaiblocks holder not eternally fucked?

Name another coin that does instant transactions with no fees.

Every scam coin ever.

SO none of these Reddit fags who got rich off this meme can cash out? Holy kek hahahahaha

Why not transfer it to coinbase and cash out there ? Am I missing something ?

Same, elaborate for us dumbass anons

they go by BTC value so it doesn't matter. if he pulled them off in time, he's fine though.

It's a legit coin so there is no rush to cash out.

Btw, Binance allows for 100btc withdrawal limit if you verificate yourself.

Congratulations OP, wanted to get on XRB month ago but the shitty exchange scared me off (new to crypto)

because there are withdrawal limits for how much BTC you can move off BitGrail in a day

Same I remember it being shilled at a dollar here and looking up that it was on some weird exchange. I said nope fuck that. Then just watched it slowly moon and the community behind it grow insanely fast.

Fuck that will take awhile, thanks for the simple explanation.

I hear they haven't processed verifications in 4 months though

Man, are we even lazy to do that ? If I had a million, I would gladly sit on my ass for 5 min every day and cash out 5BTC

Don't forget they haven't verified anyone in weeks(If ever).

I still haven't heard of anyone that is verified.

still wondering how you went from 2k to 60K ?

There's thousands of people just like you, with those exact plans to cash out a portion or all of their gains.

When it reaches Binance it's going to be a fucking bloodbath.

Find a way to get the fuck out before that happens.

That exchange is so shit-tier that whenever I have money on their for more than an hour I start to feel panic setting in.

Could get JUST'd at any moment. Not to mention the round of hacks that happened a week ago.

That's the reason I think people will dump on binance for profits as you can withdraw 100btc a day there with verification.

And that's what people do, Raiblocks is a bitcoin replacer, that's it. No incentive value, and Bitcoin wont give it's position like that.

Tho, DAG technology is superior, people will USE it to make superior coins. Just like Bitcoin.

Imagine DAG + Smart contracts.

Wait for binance, and I hope you are fast. People are now rich from nothing and you know what money does. Everyone will have the mindset of selling fast first before someone else does.

I dont know man, this could be the greatest PND in history or not.

kek all the rai whales (like me) withdrew when bitgrail had no limit. XRB was already $3 when they added the limit

This. People who bought for just a few thousand just one week ago are now millionaires, without the ability to cash out. They haven't had time to adjust, and will jump at the first chance to secure their gains the moment it hits binance.

Does anyone really think the number of people who REALLY wants Raiblocks, but didn't bother to sign up to Bitgrail will make up for the thousands of people cashing out several millions EACH the first day?

so that's why the price isn't crashing. the whales can't sell because they can't move their coins back without getting stuck under the limits, and the small fish won't sell because they just buy and hold. it will be a blood bath when it hits binance.

This is why you always take your gains incrementally. At every 5-10x break point you should be selling at least a third of your assets if you hold a shit ton.

But hey, enjoy trying to get your assets out now.

The only thing that could make this shit any funnier would be if Bitgrail pulled an exitscam one day before the Binance listing.

"We have temporarily disabled XRB withdrawals. Sorry for the inconvenience."

Whos gonna trade 100's millions worth of eth/btc for THIS knowing everyone is just dumping?

This thread just put a smile on my salty no rai face. I'm gonna go fearmonger in the subreddit now. Cheers lads

XRB is the only thing keeping their platform alive, so who the fuck knows. If they're cunts, they could take off with hundreds of millions, if not billions worth of XRB and other cryptos before their inevitable death as Binance cucks them out of their only source of income.

I think the fear is finally starting to set in for the raiblocks marines. they used to brigade threads like this but aren't anymore.

Add that with the fact that NO ONE is goign to buy it at that price when its binance. Only normies and noobs probably.

Also, I hope they wait a few days so that I can withdraw all my fucking ETH.

Got the fuck out of XRB at $34. Got decent profits after buying in at $8. Riding it any longer is just not worth the risk when we know annihilation is coming within about a week.


getting added to a new, large, "mainstream" exchange is NOT a bad this
it is a very bullish thing

selling before there is a pump on binance is stupid

Ridiculous. And here I am trying to transfer my small amount to my wallet and freaking out cause it's taking hours..


>tfw trying to take my $200,000 and run
>pending verification for 2 weeks now
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

i submitted for verification 48 hours ago and got it

check spam mail

Normally, yeah. But not when we've gone from 0 to a 100 in a week and with whales being unable to cash out.


i bought 260 of these pieces of shit at $4.40 on the 23rd.

i sold at $8

the amount of salt in this thread is absolutely insane. some people will sell on binance because they cant on bg now, sure. but there are far more whales trying to get in than get out.

>but there are far more whales trying to get in than get out

Whales who wants in would register on Raiblocks the minute they saw XRB leading the Binance poll, you dense cunt.

Why the fuck would they wait for the price to pump 2-3x before buying in on Binance?

>register on Raiblocks

Bitgrail** It's 6am here, I'm tired.

begin withdrawing to your rai wallet now you cucks. Then transfer all to binance on launch, dump on poor cucks

Whales already accumulated. Would make no sense if they buy at this price on binance. In the end only if they convert to BTC they get profits

bros, I've been waiting 3 hours for the withdrawal. nothing showing in the wallet

help :(

you can withdraw from bg doing this: reddit.com/r/RaiBlocks/comments/7mkik8/how_can_i_withdraw_large_amounts_of_xrb_from/druneiu/

there now go tank the price you salty cunts. cya at 1k.

Read it again, you absolute brainlet. Does not work on Bitgrail.

Also, BitGrail will fuck some things up. They won't let XRB go to binance.

ive never had a coin that wasnt on kucoin or binance.

So if binance lists RaiBlocks, do they let us send our rai to binance before they launch?

Or do i have to send it right after they launch and hope it does fucking flatline

>XRB is the only thing keeping their platform alive
>implying it wasn't literally created by the XRB devs to sell their scam coin

i think those italians lads running the site already made good enough gains to let this coin go somewhere else

prove it


cash out and start living your life. you made it. get the fuck off Veeky Forums

just verified to level 3 in 14 hrs ezpz

>Scam coin.
XRB is a scamcoin? Please let me see your portfolio, lol

Dont listen to op he is part of pump n dump group

they are targeting Raiblocks

see for yourself raiblockians

why cant you just put into ETH and hold? you dont need to cash out.

Bitgrail has some interesting behavior when you try to withdraw from it. You can't withdraw all (or even most) of your BTC from it at a time. I had to make 4 separate transactions to withdraw like 0.5 btc because it kept blocking my withdrawals until I reduced the amount (as a percent of the total) each time. This is really sketchy. I am really convinced they are going to do some kind of exit scam when XRB drops on Binance, so I would get your coins off bitgrail asap

Any idea when all this will go down? I am beyond excited for the carnage. All these paper millionaires losing everything.

Get in now user. There might be a dip when it hits the big exchanges but that dip will probably be from $100 to $50 USD. Or from $500 to $250. This coin has a huge chance to become the crypto standard. The only issue is whether or not raiblocks can scale under enormous stress (It can.)

Vote ends on 5th of January. Should be listed a few days after that.

I'm expecting the price to decline quite a bit before the listing, as more and more people begin realize the reality of the situation.

Probably larping but if you've got that many raiblocks hold on to as many as you can. It's the first crypto currency that works as intended. I.e. no fees and instant. I'm betting this will be big later this year

my hope is that the Bitgrail team has made so much bank already that exit scamming simply would not be worth the price that would be put on their heads.

waiting for verification to get my 5K XRB out.

>waiting for verification to get my 5K XRB out.
5K XRB is like 14 BTC right? You can only get 5BTC out.


correct. it's all just paper gains. if it was on a real exchange like bittrex or binance, that would be different.