You know there's only 3 days left until this goes absolutely lunar?

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Got back into BAT a couple of weeks back. Comfy af at the moment. This thing has the potential to fucking explode like you can't even imagine.

If shit like verge can go 20x in a few weeks. Why can't BAT?

I'm going back in the next few days.

It will. Buy as much as you can all the way up to $5.

someone explain to a brainlet like me why

BAT is from the inventor of JavaScript and founder of Mozilla & Firefox, Brendan Eich.

BAT is an Ethereum ERC20 token, which means you can use common hardware wallets like the Ledger Nano, MyEtherWallet, etc.

BAT is backed by Silicon Valley VCs like Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, among others.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong tweeted on March 30th, 2017 that BAT is “exactly the sort of token we'd like to support on Coinbase and GDAX over the coming year, make it easy to buy/sell these with gov currencies.”

One of BAT's close advisers is Ankur Nandwani, who is/was Product Manager at Coinbase. He was the one who announced that Litecoin was added to Coinbase.

$BAT was recently added to a spate of exchanges, including big Chinese exchanges like Binance and Huobi.

You will be able to get paid for choosing to view ads with the BAT Ads program. Users receive 70% of ad revenue. Yes, 70%.

Brave & BAT have been covered in a lot of mainstream news recently, including Bloomberg, NASDAQ, CNET, Engadget, TechCrunch and more. It has also been promoted by Ubuntu Linux (on their FB page with 1.3m followers) and Rocket.Chat (on their official blog).

BAT is not limited to the Brave web browser but will be extended to other browsers via extensions (where APIs permit) and other attention-economy apps like chat messengers, podcast apps, games, etc.

Brave Payments, which utilizes $BAT, currently supports YouTubers. Support for Twitch, Reddit and Twitter, etc. have been confirmed. Brave Payments allows you to easily tip your favorite publishers and content creators, Patreon-style.

Over 1000 websites and over 600 YouTubers have been confirmed as verified publishers with the Brave Payments program—and counting. This includes big channels like Phil deFranco who has 6 million subscribers. (You can still tip/donate to your favorite sites/creators even if they aren’t yet verified since the $BAT will be held in a wallet for them to claim.)

The Brave web browser has over 1 million active monthly users. On the Android store alone, Brave has 1-5 million downloads. Brave is available on all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux).

Other notable figures on the development team include Yan Zhu (Forbes top 30 under 30, Tor Project, W3C, EFF), Marshall Rose (inventor of SNMP, Internet Engineering Task Force) as well as many others who’ve worked on major projects. (Look at team on website.)

The Brave browser has one-click support for Ethereum dApps with Metamask. Brave is officially listed on Metamask’s website alongside Google Chrome.

You will be able to purchase $BAT with your credit or debit card directly through the built-in BAT wallet in Brave. This is a first priority for the team.

And more...

Edit (additions):

BAT officially partnered with privacy search engine DuckDuckGo, and they recently revealed more details on their relationship.

Brendan Eich said in a tweet yesterday that he heard Mozilla was potentially interested in natively integrated BAT. twitter.com/BrendanEich/status/942115844087169024

The supply of BAT is fixed and limited. No new BAT will ever be mined or created. Total supply is capped, like Bitcoin.

CEO Brendan Eich announced the other day that BAT/Brave is partnering with a Top 3 media company in the world.

stochastic has been oversold for hours now, im selling and getting back in later

I feel like this times different, I got burned and lost ~20k Bat last time i tried to do this. I'm just holding the rest.

Should I drop out some from XRP and ADA and get in on BAT?

Obviously. XRP is over, and ADA is gonna move slower relative to BAT.

green=sell, red=buy. why do people buy when things are going up? doesn't make any sense..

Guess I'll pull out 25% from each and put it there

XRP and ADA in green so can pull them out now and wait for a dip in BAT, do you guys recommend trading them for BTC or ETH pairings?

Not sure if BAT will dip with the payouts being distributed in 3 days. Buy with Eth/BTC, whatever you prefer.

>why do people buy things that are going to be worth more.

The absolute state of Veeky Forums

Because they lack patience, and buy into meme coins. Why do you think there are so many pump groups on biz/ - cause it works. And it works better and better.
Do an experiment- find a hype thread on business, with no, or just a few people with objections. Look at the price on a chart. It works. And not in a good way.

Tick Tock

this is a game for sociopaths and salesmen then

I just looked at my BAT Mercury wallet, the contribution date changed to the 16th. What gives? Did they bump up the UGP date or is it just me?

The contribution dates are not synchronized. Mine go out on Jan 5 for example.

I'm waiting for Eich to announce his big media partnership in a few weeks. Gonna be yuge.

source for the partnership, is it facebook this time


It looks great but can I have 4chanX on it


The source is Eich's rocketchat AMA. There's a full transcript on the BAT reddit if you're interested.

This. It has so much potential. Can't believe people haven't realized this yet.

Soon they will.

My perspectives are for long positions, not short:

Very bearish on BAT. Watched since ICO.

For BAT to succeed at scale will need to successfully disrupt the advertising goliaths of facebook + google (now 80%+ combined of the total US digital advertising market). In addition, would need to convince the purse holders at the major ad agency groups - WPP, Group M, Publicis and major direct advertisers P&G, Coke etc. to invest budgets in an ad model which has none of the essentials of fb or google: scale, trust, full stack, integrations, programmatic buying, proprietary user data, targeting, quality assurance, fraud controls.

Some of the above can be solved in time, all are expensive to do, complex, and come with a high execution risk.

BAT *may* achieve something, full respect to the team that are trying to do something different in the snake pit of adtech, but I think for long positions there are far more interesting and groundbreaking applications of blockchain tech you should consider and more likely to succeed.

My long positions are in platforms such as NEO, ETH, ADA, QTUM that will contain and drive value in new projects that will emerge on top of them (think web/mobile paradigm, the platforms have been the winners) but there are many other platform tokens that are just as worthy.

I have 10 BAT that I bought months ago, am I gonna make it bros?

the whole project depends on people using their web browser. It's not going to happen.

Hell no. You better quadruple that stack.


>Eich Killed Internet Explorer with Firefox
>Eich will kill chrome with Brave

No better time to do than now with all the crypto hype.

They already have huge partnerships lined up and ready to announce Q1.

Is it too late for us brainlets to buy BAT now for around 50 cents each or can us nitwits still get in at a good price?

I own over 100k and i'm buying all the way up to $5.


There's a lot to be excited for about this coin.

>5 trillion market cap


I think it's very unlikely. Look at BAT. It never drops. Always new highs. Very steady going upwards. Soon parabolic

This, BAT has some amazing upside potential.

Say that to ico investors

People who buy ICOs are morons.

Tell that to the people that got into the ICX ico fucktard

For every one good ICO you show me, I can show you 50 dogshit ICOs.

People who buy ICOs are morons.

the circulating supply is 1 billion you brainlet

Ico price was 3 cents...

>can't read numbers

You're never gonna make it.