As of 7:45pm, Jan 1st 2018, I’m officially a millionaire

Live alone, little to no friends, started investing 360 days ago, and thanks to Raiblocks, I’m officially a millionaire...

Expecting a huge correction soon for XRB, especially if/when it hits Binance. Holding on for the ride, but will be cashing out in 30 days, tops.

Thank you Raiblocks.

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your gains aren't real. good luck trading this shitcoin for btc.

Congrats man! Im at 80k and banking on XLM in the coming months. Are you cashing out all or partly?

Where did you first learn about Raiblocks? Here or Bitcointalk?

Fucking grats.

How long have you been trading?

So many millionaires on biz. Honestly I haven't seen a gathering of this many millionaires being made infront of my fucking eyes.

70k pajeet here, I want to get that.

Post when you got in, how you got in, what youl'l spend it on etc.

Cashing out completely.. I had a goal, I achieved it, and I’m sticking to my plan.. great traders become rich by selling too early... I live by that mantra

in to find out

What was your initial investment?

I’m an early ethereum investor, and just a recent, early December Raiblocks investment pushed me over the edge..

where did you hear about raiblocks?


I still have a looong way to become a millionaire.

Congrats man.

No cashing out for me. See you guys end of year when it’s $1k & I’m cashing out to buy 5 condos in whatever city amazon opens up their new headquarters

How much did you start with?
What other coins looked promising/tempting, but you resisted/regretted later on?
What you expect to do with the Million? Buy a house, put a dp on a building?


I have the same coins as you. Am I gonna make it?

Good luck cashing out OP, there's a LOT of people who will try to cash out when XRB hits binance.

Yeah man we are going to the moon fuck the salty Fudders

How tf do u even cash out a million dollars in crypto?

What amount did you start with?

I’ve been investing primarily in ethereum for the past 290 days. Ether surged today, and along with ~7.5k XRB from an early December purchase, I’ve reached my end goal.

I was NOT expecting the Raiblocks run to ~30usd, at all.. I think it’s prematurely peaked, but I’m not complaining.

You can buy precious metals with bitcoin.

keep it a secret

Set recurring bank deposits from your wallet for the rest of your life so you don't get super cucked by taxes


dem fud nocoiners, bought at 15 ATH and no regrets, watch as it stomps until top 1 coin bitch

Not the OP. I heard about raiblocks here way back in Jun/Jul.
Held 10k xrb for 2 months before dropping it at 20 cents.

at least im not alone

You aren't a millionair until you can cash out. Number one Veeky Forums rule. Expect a massive crash on binance, especially with measly 50mil volume on bitgrail.

No one is able to cash out on bitgrail, people waiting on binance

No regrets,
except underestimating the retard strength of this market

Cashing out a full million without an exit strategy over months is retarded on any exchange.

>he thinks he can cash out

nice try

Relevant question, what is the best way to cash out in crypto? Sell whatever shitcoin to ETH, and then sell ETH via coinbase?

I have some various shitcoins, but no real idea how to proceed with cashing out

Just put a sell order at 0.00276986. This shit is getting too serious for me. The binance crash scared me, maybe I will buy back if dips, if it doesn't I just put my profit into VEN or ICX.

Seeing a lot of rai-millionaires on here and even accounting for the larps it seems like a significant number of people have 1M+ in rai. Y'all have been really good at holding, but are you good at cashing out? Gonna be quite the mad dash for the exit if the candles turn to red

Amazon will be in Austin; fuck off we're full.

What app?


Dont listen to op he is part of pump n dump group

they are targeting Rai
see for yourself lol sad

How much can you move off the exchange its on at a time?

Tfw finally made moon gains, but can't cash out because I do not meet the 100 minimum Rai deposit on bitgrail.

Please help me out bros.


surely you will show us a screenshot of your pending cashout to prove you arent full of shit.. right user?

Congrats user! Thanks to XRB, I'm almost there too. Just hit 950k.