Help Poorfag Friend

Poorfag friend wants to get in to crypto but only has $100 to spend. I know he won't make it, but i'd like to help him get some gainz with an undervalued coin that's due for take off

Shill me a low market cap coin that's due for moon


Those are the ones I'm expecting a rocket ship from. HVN is a lot riskier but it seems like they are hitting their milestones and have a solid idea.

Brapzinga coin

Buy some FUN while its dipping


Dude if that is your skill level at Pshop then why the fuck didn't you just post the name instead of that sorry excuse for a meme?

payfair/PFR. you could get around 1000 of them for $100 currently.

there's a good chance it's a scam, but if it's not 10x will be minimum gains. $100 is too little for low risk stuff.

guys where did these fart memes come from

holy shit what an obnoxious eyesore of a post

fun dipped a lot and its gonna moon soon
and ripple too

God, I can't remember, I think it was Veeky Forums a long time back. Either that, or I know /soc/ got pretty big into similar things for a while back.

I'm ashamed to admit it, but an user on /soc/ paid me $15 a year ago to do a dramatic read of a script filled with that sort of text, because I have a British accent.

because they get results.

BRAAAPcoin in my opinion.

QLC on Kucoin, use my code 1bwhR. You're welcome


unironically agree to this.

dude do you even transparency?

100% into ICX, take profits at the end of the month, buy other shitcoins, repeat this?

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yea ok


TNB has a beta release next week if that counts for anything. Its still pretty cheap

Just so you know OP, everyone here is trying to sell you their bags, dont invest based on such weak shills


Decentralized bookie. Chain comes on-line 1-15, can be purchased on waves through then.

DBC, get in for the moon mission boy

This guy gets it