What's your #1 buy signal?

What's your #1 buy signal?

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Veeky Forums

sideways trading, low mcap, solid fundamentals

my pump and dump whale group

The amount of lambo threads on Veeky Forums

>see something shilled on Veeky Forums once
>research it for maybe 20 minutes at most
>buy in
>start seeing the catalog full of shill threads 2 days later

thats usually my indication to stay in for a little longer, maybe a few days. at this point it will moon and ill get out before the bagholders are born

I only buy ATH

>sideways trading
this is good, either a coin that gets a green dildo followed by sideways candles or a coin that has been going sideways for a while and has pumped atleast once in its future is a safe bet it will moon again you just have to be patient

pink wojaks

Pic related


when that bazinga guy posts pics of girls i know its time to buy more bazinga coin

Identify trend lines, buy at trend support when in up trend and sell above it, rinse and repeat. Wait for breakouts from bear trends and buy the fuck out of it when I see it use the former trend line as a support. Then go back to doing normal uptrend routine. Have multiple coins to bounce in and out of depending on how long I think it will take for one coin to return to support trend. Set stop loss slightly below support.

I always double my amount of bazingacoin each thread, and I always will.

A whole bunch of shills out of nowhere

jk, im too much of a pussy to try and beat the pnds, i just buy low and sell high on projects with good fundamentals

Holy shit I didn't expect a serious response.

an ostensibly competing coin being heavily shilled on Veeky Forums

B-but how do you know if it's been pumped in the future?


Obvious cup/Handle on long term 1Day bar chart.

Same, has worked with XLM, XVG, TRX & POWR for me.

>Not having precognition

this for comfy af holds


when I see some piping hot fresh memes on biz

cardano has been shilled and it looks primed to moon in three days for the announce ment should i go in?


uhh, no. go into dbc instead

finally somebody else gets it, bazingacoin is going to make me a very rich man

that's right user, buy the news, sell the rumor

whats the name of this hot chick?

McFucking kill yourself

cup&handle and triangles are my go to when skimming charts


stagnant prices.

either that or 20% increase over 12 hours with under 1 billion market cap.

I buy whichever coin has a pretty name/logo. Also, instinct.

If the richest people in the world are buying and poor or average people are saying not to buy.

Look at this: ripple.com/xrp/buy-xrp/

If you are a corporation or high net worth investor you can buy XRP directly from Ripple without going to an exchange and moving the price. Ripple was created by and for the billionaires and trillionaires. Ripple has been quietly selling and giving away XRP behind the scenes for years. They want to help each other get into position before they run XRP up to a $50+ Trillion market market cap.

this unironically
>pink wojaks


i put money into whatever coin he shills 1 week after he does it.

Anyone else screenshotting all this? I hope you friendly internet strangers arent lying, i plan on using this information to 1000x this year

>pic related, i try to read this before buying anything

Fuck dude, buy first research later...

colourful or cool coin logo

I've gone from $500 to almost $8k through this method since May 2017.


My web browser fails to keep up with binance's page for a particular coin in the tradeDetail view. Then I know it's time to either panic sell or panic buy from my phone and fat finger the price.

Here's one.

used to follow couple reddits
got me into 30% loss
Veeky Forums helped me gained my first 1k within last few days

>listed on binance
>worth 5 cents or less
Warning: may cause severe gains

i watched a video on youtube for roughly 5 mins before buying a couple grand worth of ripple

Probably the best financial decision you'll ever make in your life.

About one week after a crash

I have that already. best decision.
XMY is my favourite logo, I want that to boom next.

miranda kerr

Find anything with promising fundamentals and accumulate the fuck out of it and hold long as fuck. Congratulations you're rich.

First I sort by biggest losers of last 24 hrs. Then I make sure it has enough volume. Then I double check the all time chart to make sure it's not in a long term downtrend.

That's a good idea.

>stumble across interesting coin
>open /biz
>ctrl f
>search for coin
>no results
>buy coin

8k from 500 bucks.. nice fucking gains to be fair lol

learned the hard way to sell the news with fucking potcoin oh well

what exactly is enough volume for you?

Like do you for for a certain percentage of the marketcap or how do you decide it is enough?

Maybe Rodman endorsed Potcoin so he could buy more Ripple?

I just make sure it's enough so I can sell it if needed. For example I would look for over 30-50 BTC of volume if I'm investing 1000. I like the sale to happen fast and smaller volumes although doable can take forever

I introduce you to bounty0x.

Read the white paper, see it's IRL applications, and if I like it, buy and hold.

Don't do day trading, don't have the time.

i laughed but in all seriousness, is this a bad idea?

pretty good indicator that a coin is going to go up again and surpass the ath.

Honestly, if the RSI is oversold and nothing is wrong. No news, nothing bad. That's a good short term buy signal.

When the big three are up and alt are down, you buy an promising alt

wait a couple days for that alt to rise in price (usually 30%-40%) and then sell

Rinse and repeat. I've doubled my money so far and i started a week before christmas


No, this is a serious strategy that professional traders sometimes use. You're very unlikely to perfectly call the top of any coin within a given time frame. Very very unlikely. So buying at the relatively all-time high can indicate momentum upwards and be very good.

Lol... this. Searched this thread for White Paper and yours is literally the only mention.

Mind telling a bro what you're holding?

i tried it with REQ today. bought at .81

hopefully it'll pay off.

a bullish chart

Buying at ath is legit now??

Veeky Forums buy pink wojacks. Sell green pepe/lambos


I've programmed a markov network AI that aggregates images on Veeky Forums. This network assesses these images and gives me an index of Veeky Forums market sentiment, which I use to make trading decisions.
It disregards all colors except pink.

Good strategy :), I see how it decides entry point. What's your exit strategy for that coin?

Also, I wrote a dummy bot, that has a whitelist of pairs I trust. It den once a day looks at daily charts, looks for bearish anomalies, then waits for a day at least to see a trend reversal, once that is confirmed, buys in, then does the same for exit, just reversed. Rinse and repeat

>If it has at least a 2-week uptrend
>It it's a major coin with a non-shit team so I don't mind bagholding if it crashes
>If I see people jumping over each-other on the buy orders panic buying

Fulfilling all these criteria is what lead me to go all-in with full leverage on XRP last week.

>has pumped atleast once in its future

0x2 ?

Use RSI and MACD; try buying when undersold or MA is in the red. See if it's held its previous 2-3 support lines, etc.

I should have held ripple this was obvious without any knowledge of trading

ironically this. Statistically speaking, pink wojaks are a good indicator that the market is veering upwards

is stop loss always wise when BTC does its bullshit every week and destroys alt value for no reason?

stuff like this

If it has a cool logo