ITC the chinese IOTA

ITC - Iota of China CEO interview

Partnership with IBM
Comparison to IOTA, ITC has tech implemented in chips. WORKING PRODUCT.

120,000 ITC were sent to Binance ( )

It's backed by the biggest chinese crypto fund that also invested in OMG and 0x.

Article on the “IOTA of China”:

Trading: Okex and Huobi
US citizens without a VPN (brain) cannot even get it. Its gonna explode on Binance.

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I'm US and I was able to buy it. Just need an international phone number for SMS verification to withdraw

Could easily do 10x in the next few months especially with the IBM partnership and use cases in the chinese manufacturing industry

where did you buy?

Huobi or Okex, are you blind idiot?


Source on IBM partnership?

What partnership with IBM? Can't find anything on that...

They require an international number for withdraw? Can't use email?

I just used my US phone number and registered it under canada because they are +1 same as US

thx senpai

Of course, good luck

Oh fuck I should've done that!!! Lmao

watch the video at 25min for IBM partnership

thanks user

How high?

you can also buy this on bibox... no nationality limitations

I just used my US phone number and said it was Canadian and it worked. Hehe dumb chinks

FOMO bought a bunch

is this an ERC20 token?

Yeah. Moved it to MEW right after I bought.


Thanks OP

what's the target sir?

gems like this is why I love Veeky Forums

exactly. DAG is all of the rave right now. Iota and Raiblocks. Now ITC. Going to FOMO hard right now

will i make it with only 1000 ITC?

Did it take you guys a long time to deposit ETH into Huobi? Shit's taking ages for me

If ITC achieve's IOTA's market cap, you would moon to the 6 figures.

Yes takes longer than the 30 confirmaitons they claim, just wait it does come in the end.

just bought around 400 itc thanks op

In for 500 ITC

Lets see if this shit flies

This IS going to iota cap, gonna eat up XRB within a month

Why so confident?

This is frustrating. Huobi is so shit, ETH Transfer is not even getting completed.

Have you seen the obsession with DAG?

It is going to take a while. Mine took about 90 minutes to show up.

check the upper graph, ITC has a working chip.. its 2 years ahead of IOTA. just been hidden so far

Just the only negative is they wont be working on DAG until the end of 2018

i sent xrp. it was literally instant.

You are screwed if you create account on Huobi. You can deposit but it won't let you withdraw. It's a big pain. If you from USA, then without verification you can only withdraw 2.5 ETH per day. Anyone has any better plans to get around this?

Q for iota is the jinn processor. so "working product" as a head-and-shoulders above advantage for itc is nullified.

You can verify your phone number if youre from the US by saying its a Canadian number. Unless youre meaning passport and shit then youre fucked.

The only verification Huobi takes is Passport and you have to put your nationality. They don't even have nationality for US citizens in dropdown.

just upload a picture of your US passport, user. they don't care. it verifies immediately.

use sms receive free if you have to for the phone number. or if you chose canada like someone else said above- just use your real #

Hope this saves your from an ulcer.

no, you're not fucked if you need to verify you stupid fuck.

just upload your US passport. They still verify. They don't even check. It's instant approval. Just withdrew 20eth

Who would assume a US passport would work? Jesus you're a piece of shit.

thx hope it works.

BTW it's not instant approval on Huobi. Shit will remain in "To Be Reviewed" status for days as they review manually. Fucking chinks.

Just use okex bros, no problems at all

I cannot use OKex even with though I use mu US phone number as canadian. It says it detects my IP from US and I cannot proceed further. I know i need a VPN, but it's too much of a chore. Any way around this?

>not keeping a VPN on standby
you will never make it

Yo. I was wondering if you have any thoughts on this crypto group?

Tell me which VPN to use?? The VPN I used earlier was useless and I had o keep on changing it from time to time. Please !!!!!

Not my thread but please upvote:

who would assume someone is screwed and without hope when they haven't actually researched how to withdraw? Don't run around telling people they're hopeless if you don't know what you're talking about.

Just shut your mouth and stay in your corner until a subject you know something about comes up, like chugging dick.

The longest I've had to wait for anything is 3 hours (withdrawal) My second withdraw actually went way faster. Not sure what the holdup is, but multiple people have reported instant level up, and I have as well. Hope it resolves soon for you.

clever American

I just bought more damn this project is solid

I'm holding this in my portfolio for sure

everybody upvote this shit

Nobody fudding this coin . That's a good sign

when this shit gets on binance we will moon as fuck

Launch initiated...


Cant find any either

there's one issue though. It's a erc20 token. Not a finished product. It could still break out if there is enough hype backing it.

But user..its a fucking erc20 token.

There is a working product but not a mainnet

IOTA 15 bil, Railblock 5 bil....
.... ITC 100 mil. And the only one with a working product.

What is the best exchange to buy ITC?

It will 100% surely go on binance