Written last May by a Vechain member, the writing is on the wall if you’re not all in on this by now then you’re helpless because this is basically a guarantee at this point

Vechain will partner with PBOC this month

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comfy 51k here

You’ll be a millionaire soon enough, though not sure why you’d wanna cash out with how lucrative a thunder node will be

How does that mean its like a for sure? I know the past rumors and how this team delivers so Im already betting on it happening. But outside of speculation I dont see how this pretty much seals anything.

Tell me why I should buy this coin.

Man they have partnerships out of the fucking ass and always deliver and hyped how January would be incredible.

>Last May
so what's the RECENT news my friend, that's 7 months of wiggle room

How about his follow up posted 2 days ago?


is throwing half an eth even worth it right now?

Eh did for shits and giggles

Can't hurt

Do you want 5 eth by q2?

solid sales pitch thanks lolol

its dipping now because of eths run so good as time as any

All in , and considering selling my cat aswell

VeChain is a system for tracking and storing information about products on RFID chips. This information can include manufacturing, transportation, weight, and anything else the manufacturer needs to track. The information is then validated on a decentralized ledger called a blockchain.

Although VeChain was originally developed to track luxury goods such as wine and handbags (cointelegraph.com/news/blockchain-revolution-for-luxury-industry-counterfeit-exposed), it also has applications in international shipping and cold-chain supply systems.

Cold-chain is the process of transporting goods that are temperature sensitive, such as food and medicine. Having an RFID chip that detects the temperature for each item, and uploads that information to an immutable ledger will eliminate an incredible amount of waste from the current systems. VeChain has already announced a partnership with DNV GL, a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, and a multinational convenience store chain (reddit.com/r/Vechain/comments/7js91n/dnv_gl_coldchain_logistics_and_the_power_of/) for these applications.

It also has a NEO/GAS type system where hoding VEN will accumulate Thor tokens that are used for transactions and costs within their blockchain.

Honestly with just what they have in the pipeline now I expect a 10x by q2

Once PBOC gets officially announced I honesty think anywhere from 30-50x is possible in the next year

Last time I touched this shitcoin I thought it was near junk from the shilling and that monster sell wall blocking anything for days.

Now I think I'm half retarded for selling and think I goofed. Maybe I'll start putting money into this. FUCK how do I allocate meager peasant bucks between ICX and VEN. Those two are holds and have a third stack for trading to accumulate?

Here we go.

yeah i guess why not throw some at it

Lol. Okay let's just act like they didn't falsely advertise Vitalik as an investor ad advisor. Yep they're definitely not lying or posturing here. Their tech is shit compared to WTC. It is even shit to Wabi, which is pretty bad if you ask me.

i have 323 ICX and 71 VEN
literally peasant bucks lol

oh well, hopefully in a few months i'll have more to play around with

Thats why they have actual partnerships that wabi and WTC can only dream off? Youre the one who always FUD's this stuff huh?

Nope first time. Just a concerned user trying to save people from financial ruin and guide them towards a better option such as WTC

Yea but when normies see partnership symbols they will invest in VEN

That is all that matters, how much normie bucks i can stuff in my pocket

Except that’s been debunked about a thousand times retard man wabitons know how to beat a dead horse at first it was annoying now it’s just sad

Does anybody have a price estimate for where his bad boy can be headed? I just bought 1k VEN. 1k VEN and 1k ICX with extra stack for accumulating. Where could VEN end up? The marketcap for vechain still looks really low.

This write up was a bunch of nothing. Why did you post it

Except when you realize that Vechain has been talking about this for 8 months it becomes a whole bunch of something. Here’s them discussing it again


OP wen moon

All of January user

people are pulling out of alts to cash in on ETH right now, you can either follow suit or hodl

Fuck that, keeping my ALties

god damn these sell walls keep coming