Neo $100


He is the one

i believe

everyone wantin that gas

Ive been waiting for this

What is the best Neo wallet that will support Gas? Also do you need to leave your computer on to stake Neo?

I use NEON wallet by City of Zion.

No, you just need to hold it in your wallet and you get gas every time a new block is generated I think.

Unironically $1000 by end of the year

We are going to make it

NEON is good. You'll generate gas even when your computer is off or the wallet is closed.


That's great, sounds like a wonderful long term hold. I only have 4 but from the look of the calculator you can little by little generate enough to buy more and continue staking it.I don't have much but I am looking for slow steady humble gains.

Yeah I actually think this is very obviously going to happen

only who live on the ledge will get this

I want to get some more but it's at ATH right now, do you think it will dip anytime soon? I was thinking about putting in a buy order at around $75,think it will consolidate to that point?

Thanks again for all your suggestions

hhhhnnnnnn. the gas life is sweet

Poorfag here, is there a point in getting just 1 Neo?

Hey pajeet

I'm not shilling anything and just trying to get in at a good price. Calling me a jew would be a more apt.

Maybe because it very likely go up higher and higher, especially if china unbans btc

If you want actual large gains though, you are better off buying cheaper shit like LINK or WAVES. But you could use NEO as a large reserve as a low risk hold


na not unless the market crashes like 75 billion dollars tonight which is like a %10 chance. It crashes that much a few times a month at least tho.

this is serious advice; if you cannot invest $5000+ your time is better spent improving your immediate job skills/getting another job until you do have enough money to make the time spent on research to get into this gamble somewhat responsibly worth it

This is totally solid advice. Too many normies see gains without understanding that it takes several thousand invested to see real gains. In addition it takes research to understand what will moon and when to invest/pull out. While at this point there are a lot of people that are truly invested in the concepts behind crypto and the tech, pump and dumps still happen and most of the coins you see today most likely will die because they are shit, or there are 20 coins just like it that are slightly better forks. In my mind, at least $2.5k to get started.

OP here. Took out 17k in credit cards back in july for 4k antshares. Shits been wild but 2018 will be NEO year. Look at DeepBrain, soon TheKey, Ontology and APEX will launch. Elastos was tonight...

Id have to disagree, starting with a smaller amount and learning risk free has been very beneficial to me in the past two weeks. I've learned from my mistakes and successes, looking to just hold until I have your magic 5k though. 9k brains and started with 650

2.5k I'm toasted, one thing I need to work on is not refreshing and giggling at my gains all day trying my brain in the process

I started with $850 (about 1 ETH) a couple weeks ago. First time ever investing in anything. I'm up 25%

Sure it's a small gain but it's something, I don't know why you think there's a minimum amount of gain in order to be "worth it"


One GAS a day club!