Why havn't you jumped on Ethertanks yet?

Why havn't you jumped on Ethertanks yet?
This has only been around for 3 days, you will be an early adopter.
This is guaranteed EASY profit!
For every tank bought you will get a dividend, and the tanks value will go up.
On the 7th you will be able to sell you tank at a profit!
It's literally impossible to lose money on this.
I recommend buying the LT-1 or LT-2 Tank as it is the most popular so you will get the most dividends.
On the 14th you will be able to battle, and their will be ETH rewards. Therefore increasing popularity and increasing your gains.

You missed Cryptokitties do not miss this.

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trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=2017-12-18 2018-01-02&q=ethermon,ethertanks

went in the green after a day. thanks whoever posted this yesterday for the money printing machine

Literally free money.

literally hundreds of dollars for things that can be replicated cheaply


I broke even yesterday and now it's all gains. Don't miss out pajeets.

What discord are you faggots huddling together in to plan and promote this shilled pyramid scheme?

Fuck it just bought 10 ETH worth, this should double ina week easily.

LT - 1 reporting for duty

I just can’t wait to kill some noobs

this is way easier then trading shitcoins!

lmao at this faggot discord group shilling

get fucked retard pajeets

damn everybody stop buying I wanna get in

My biggest regret is buying LT-1 when LT-2 ended up doing so much better. Still got gains with my tanks though so can't really complain.

Also why are there Christmas trees in the hangar now?

Russian Christmas on the 7th

Gains gains gains!!!

Just stocked up before the big wave of normies

No one buy. Check this link out, and watch how small the differences are tomorrow morning. Since this morning people have bought just 13 Lt-1's and 6 LT-2's. I know cause I wrote it down in an excel spreadsheet. Don't waste your money!

are metamask/gas fees high for ETH right now?

Was trying to get in on cryptopussies or this.

obvious shill by shit discourd or pump group.

stay away anons you wont break even on scamtanks at this poin

Just cashed out 1 ETH

this is so fucking cool

>Saying tyrone is part of a scheme

kill yourselves


alrdy made 5x on LT-1, this shit is crazy



Lost money on cryptokitties
Am I too late for this?

did research I think I'm going in guise

I’m in, imagine the gains once this shit goes viral!

link to my study

Can I get ripped off buying off the front page of store?

Okay...tanks are cool, I'm in.

Eskimos will be best for battle

Lol why was I given two LT1s when I payed for 1?

this ponzi has dried up. I got out after 2 days with a 323% roi

Yeah safe to buy from the store. I bought 5!

Got .09 right after getting two tanks for one...what is going on? Can I sell both of these right now?

no. you have to shill tanks until you make your money back. good luck.

trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=2017-12-18 2018-01-02&q=ethermon,ethertanks

Oh yeah, Eskimo is a beast for sure

>trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=2017-12-18 2018-01-02&q=ethermon,ethertanks
ethertank just getting started.

>This has only been around for 3 days, you will be an early adopter.
3 days is extremely late for this ponzi. Etheremon, which is the game that Ethertanks copied and slapped a tank skin on, had the exact same sales curve. The difference is that Etheremon removed the ponzi system and released free mons when they saw it was unsustainable. Ethertanks on the other hand has a smart contract designed to release a new tank after (as of this post) 109 new tanks are bought. I last checked 2 and a half hours ago and it was at 112, meaning barely one tank per hour has sold. Around 50 tanks sold yesterday and over 100 the day before, and then several hundreds before that. It's slowing to a halt because nobody can make profits on returns anymore. The only thing that might inject life into this game is the game part - the battling - but it better be damn good because Etheremon is beating it to the punch by a week.

One cool thing is that you CAN trade tanks right now, even though there's no frontend for the marketplace yet. The smart contract is fully functional in that regard. Use it (and a bit of socializing to find people to trade with) to get a good below-market-rate deal on however many high-stat tanks you want and dump the rest while there's still not a lot of people who know how to sell.

You're 0xdd25f1d4e8bf3703f9a5ef78fcf2d1a625c2a8c4 and you accidentally submitted the transaction twice, meaning you paid for it twice and bought it twice. The 0.0999 you withdrew is the amount you overspent, which goes into your balance on the smart contract thus becoming available to cash out. The reason it makes you overspend a little is so that your transaction won't fail if the price goes up between when you try to buy and when your transaction gets mined.

God fucking damnit I've lost so much on ponzis at this point.
At least rai blocks makes it hurt less.

Making gains by the second! Once marketplace opens I’m going to be so fucking rich

This honestly really hurts but at least i'm gonna be able to play tank game.

Just to be clear, it's too late to make ROI purely from RETURNS but it's definitely not too late to make a profit. As I said, when battling releases the value of tanks (especially high-stat ones) will definitely go up. You'll probably still at least break even and possibly make a profit. Just don't count on it being a passive income stream.

I love ethertanks I’m so happy to be in from the beta.

Thank you user I will sleep cozy and dream of epic ethertank battles.

OP is a piece of shit, that picture is fake. It’s not possible to make 10 eth with that tank.

However, you should still play ethertanks. New tanks arrive automatically after a certain number of tanks are bought.

bring on the free ETH

I can’t stop refreshing my page and watching the gains hahaha

I broke the F5 m9.

These fucking pajeets just shut the fuck up with the lying. Why do they have to shit up every cool thing? You’re so stupid trying to shill this shit with lies. The truth is enough, that this is going to blow up soon and get in now or never, it’s the pre-normie phase.

buy an MT-1...made over 2 eth from this shit

Free money motherfuckers!!

Everybody has already moved onto crypto-pussies

Whoa haven’t checked this for 2 days, just made 3 ETH wtf !!!

I just bought 1 of every tank, that way I will make gains with every tank purchased.

lol nice, what tanks you got? btw yall check out crypto-pussies.com this one just launched, shits gonna go viral like ethertanks

i hope theres a new one of these every day and the free ETH gains keep falling in my lap

It’s lambo time!!!

> .001 ETH per MT-1 sold.
> 623 sold so far

Either a lying pajeet or a retarded fuckface. Probably both. Enjoy your bags.


it's fucking killing it.

Literally money for doing nothing

Pretty sure most of the posts here are literally lying, retarded pajeets. I do want more people to join but this shilling is killing its legitimacy.

just checked and made 2.5 ETH today

to be fair, its entirely possible that he bought multiple mt-1s

Stocked up on lt-1’s let’s make some money

I almost believe that.


This is accumulation phase guys

free money

I’m so happy you showed me this OP I’m going to be in lambo land

MT - 1 reporting for duty!

Lambo time!

Just bought 5 x LT -1 am I gonna make it?

Give it a week and you will have tripled your investment

Nice returns possible in elite crypto group. Try it out discord.gg/MW8NuYm

Lol tanks have way better gains


free ETH has never been so easy

LT-2 bois

Fucking respect

you are a true hero

WTF I'm still making gains oO. I thought this was over lol.

The king of kings!


How much have you guys made from this?

8 ETH so far