Veeky Forums makes a coin. Grand Finals Edition

This coin/token will have four phases

( We are here ) Phase 1: Naming the Coin and Logo
Phase 2: Grand Vision (website)
Phase 3: Economics and Coin release
Phase 4: Marketing

We are escaping the shackles of fiat and resorting to minting our own coins.

In the last 24 hours we have submitted and voted on /our coin/ and its new Name.
Now, only the top 6 remain. This poll will be opened for 3 days so we can get more Veeky Forumsraelis to put their votes in.

Here are your top 6 most voted names!

Wojax (WJX)
BizCoin (BIZ)
Girl (MALE)
Shekel (JEW)

Vote here:

Voting Ends: Jan 4 2017 5:30 PM EST

We have an official telegram group! ( spam evade )


Remove square brackets.

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If anyone votes anything besides Wojax, you're stupid. We need to be realistic here.

JEW is already a coin. It even has the same name, Shekel.

Stop your shit now and just buy BZC

Wojax is too good

Op I slipped and let the last one die

Phase 2: Grand Vision (website)

You should make it a crypto ETF. Each WJX priced in ETH or BTC, exchangable for a basket of the top three shilled PnDs on Veeky Forums, rotating daily.

Get your votes in!

amibitious. Stay tuned for Phase 2. We need more ideas like this

me too

This is actually brilliant and would hold true to the wojax brand name. you get to experience the full gamut of emotions of being on Veeky Forums in a single coin


no BRAP?

Thank you. If you end up adopting the idea, all I ask is that you include at least one (1) Banepost in the source code.



Gotta be wojax

I'll take note of your idea. Please post your ethereum address and we will pay you in WJX when it comes out.

damn these thread move fast

>Wojax not by default


b-b-but that's not a bizmeme, it just migrated

Can't wait. 0x9adc34775dcca130f250beb2eb9d8a4209927da4



I've got all the skills you need and a network of people to help.

please leave an email I can respond to with my qualifications.

everyone's vote matters!!!

why is there no phase where you actually create the coin?


If you can make an ETF of the top 100 coins, I will put down 10k

Will this be an actual coin or something made on WAVES?


just do an erc20 token takes 5 seconds to copy past the code



im leaning erc20



Someone needs to respond to this guy: If WJX ends up being an ETF, can a straight up ERC20 token handle the oracle integration (lol LINK) and multiple crypto juggling (lol REQ) necessary for accurate pricing?

im done, bye thread. Voted for wojax yesterday

Hello frens. I thought of something for the logo. It should express the duality of biz, pink wojaks on one half and green wojaks on the other. Please take this into consideration

Voted and supported. Can't join telegram group because it would doxx me, I require my real name to be used for professional purposes. I'll be sure to keep these threads active, I'm loving the idea of this. Posting address for when it's ready


who is this

This a girl(male)?

That looks like a good spot to park my benis

>girl (male) obviously the best
>only 26 votes
Some shitty group tried to make a wojack coin here a while ago, but I guess second times the charm. Better make the icon something abstract so normies aren't put off

Thats phase 3!

Please join the telegram group

Or email:

[email protected]

To be decided in phase 3

Thanks for the bumps!

Glad to have your support! We will need all the bizness men to shill this in full force!

Its nearly 1am ESt here! I hope some kond user bump this so europeans can vote!

Brilliant. We shall take this into consideration. Bless you pepe poster

One more for the road

Cant wait for phase 2!