Realistically how high could this go?

Realistically how high could this go?

Does it have at least x10 potential?

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dunno but im about to dump all my ark into it.

Already went 10x

If it hits >=$50/coin, id cream

4 bucks maybe 5?

ya look at ripple 5 dollar a coin quite doable.

I have read that due to the amount of circulating coins it will only reach about $2-5 usd by EOY18.

Is anyone able to do some math on this to make it easier to understand why this is the case?

That's assuming the market cap of all coins stays about the same, which it won't

Its amazing how stable it is now even after this huge surge, theres some real confidence in this

If you look at the charts, people just aren't selling. This is a fantastic coin. Great recognition. I think together, this coin can dominate.

Could this ever hit >$100?


Im literally all in with my small monies. I have just under 7k bought at 32 cents/2600 sats. I dont see it going any higher than a couple bucks this year.

premined shit, true or false?

I don't get how that makes it shit

Say the market cap does something similar to what happened with ETH.

Where would XLM sit?

ETH's market cap is about 10x XLM's cap, so the price would be around 10x its current one. Which would be around $5 per XLM.


so the people saying XLM will hit $2 by feb are also insinuating that the market cap will be 3x by then also?

Can't you just google what a market cap is?

I need $5 xlm by 2019! Fuuuucm

because the reason bitcoin worked is because it got distributed organically by enthusiasts and technologists

Not saying every coin had to follow this path, but how exactly are you going to talk the world into using your currency as money since its essentially making some guy named Jared the wealthiest asshole alive.


Who is Sathoshi Nakamoto anyway>>

twice the price of ripple at the same market cap. it's simple to calculate: market cap / amount of coins
87401321647 / 17877120902 = 4.88

It has real support. Has surgery recently, but still not dipping down-like how it usually happens. Good coin to hold. Atleast 5x-8x by feb


lol it can be anywhere from $2-$20 EOY 2018

I dont know how high it can go after that because most people underestimate that one of these techs will take over... who's going to the be the one that has a monopoly?

The graph is literally the Chad fad. All In

Abandon the ark get left in the dark!!!!

XLM's market cap has the potential to be much higher than ETH's. The network is actually scalable and thus can serve it's purpose better than Etherum can: to be a medium of currency exchange. XLM will replace ETH and XRP.

Also, Stellar is backed by legit folks... it was even released earlier than Ethereum.

Dont listen to op he is part of pump n dump group

they are targeting XLM
see for yourself, no rocket coming

you're not even wrong lol

The company is a nonprofit and it's been distributed quite a bit alrady

If it hits 50 I'd have more money than I'd know what to do with. I'm only 22 wtf do I do with $120k

Seriously? 23 years old with 300k portfolio and I still feel like a poorfag.

Fuck, teach me what to do. Just got into crypto a month ago.

Yes , its close to a $5 coin at 100 bill market cap. ripple got to there and stellar will too,

Hodl meme is real. Got in May, went from 20k to 60k. Summer crash, went back down to 20k.

Left crypto alone until November. Had 100k. Readjusted portfolio a bit and just hit 300.


Hold 10k of these. Honestly considering shoving another 2 BTC in. Any reason not to?