You can only invest in one coin, what's it going to be? I'll start:

You can only invest in one coin, what's it going to be? I'll start:

good project shit name



This so much. Veeky Forums doesn't pay much attention to BAT, but it's actually going places. It will easily hit $2 a piece this year, possibly way more.

BTC back in 2009

BAT is for Brave right? Veeky Forums doesn't work on it for IOS dafug is that about.

I don't like people posting about BAT. It should continue its role as a lowkey genius coin that only the true smart hodlers care about.

Nice try pumping faggots


Nice, just bought 100k

This looks nice. Never even heard of it before.


Yeah, one of the few impressive coins out there which no one knows about yet. Well worth a look. There is basically zero shilling for it, so not just some shitty pnd coin.

ETH. The true chad coin. $9000 end of year, dethroning BTC.

Neo or Cardano for safe gains.
Universa for moonshot once it starts trading.



It's at a dip, better hurry user.

Privacy coin Ethereum, data marketplace.

Ma man. Wish I had more faith I only have 10k req.


huh. Never had a good feeling about ENG. I'll have to look into it more.

buy more?

ENG has serious rep and serious tech

worth a hold


The One and only.

It has the most professional team of all crypto's and they are literally making the ethereum of privacy coins. Only 150.000.000 max supply.

At 3.80 dollars its one of the most undervalued coins out there. It has been steadily climbing the charts and went on a 70% moon mission today.

Probably going to be a 100+ dollar coin.


Maybe I was in at 10c tho so I feel wrong boring at 60c+