Best privacy coins!

Best privacy coins!


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buy verge coin on yobit dear sir



xmr easy, ya dig

british pound

God I hope it’s Monero because I’m invested heavily


Zencash is the most undervalued right now with best news coming up in next 7-10 days. Do you really want to bet against Teeka?



monero is the only real privacy coin.

Verge even wiki leaks are going to use them

Obsidian. Y-you will never see it so cheap ever again

Monero by far.

ZCL + BTC = Bitcoin Private

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Bitcoin Private, buy $ZCL and you'll receive BTCP in a 1:1 ratio.

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I'm gonna write jokes and earn fucking money doing nothing with BZC faggot, what are you guys doing? Kek.

Phore, Sagacoin

Time to go all in on BNB



Where my BWK bros at



Unironically Obsidian

>privacy coin
>public blockchain

>lists Verge
that chart is invalid

Most of you are ignorant fools.

XSPEC is the best, look at it moon.

It obfuscates the sender, recipient and amount



>infinite supply

First post, best post.


>this is a problem

XMR don't fall for other shit coins

Yeah gonna have to say verge

1. most other coins went parabolic today for seemingly no reason
2. pajeets with gains from other alts are looking to invest somewhere
3. verge has been wrongly fudded for a week and is down

>thinking TOR means anything in 2018

If xmr is fuddled on biz. Fuck this place, are you all really that dumb?! Fucking dogecoindark get the fuck out of here.

Uhh.. there is only 1 privacy coin my dude



Zencash by far. It's not just a privacy coin, its a privacy platform where people can anonymously publish data that can never be changed, deleted, or rendered inaccessible to the public because of IP domain fronting, Incredible powerful tool. Perhaps the most powerful tool mankind has ever seen. Government enemy #1 for sure. This beast is going to disrupt the world.

Monero doesn't have shit on that and the government can block people from accessing monero nodes because their IPs are known.

>Perhaps the most powerful tool mankind has ever seen.

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DNR if you're thirsty for a 10-50x gamble


That gif is just perfect

ZenCash should be top 15, incredibly undervalued

LUXcoin if you want a low cap sleeper with a lot of potential

Monero (XMR)
NAVcoin (NAV)
Enigma (ENG)

Safex will dominate the Spring and Summer of 2018. We are currently fueling up before our trip to Andromeda. We will miss Veeky Forums and the Milky Way in general.

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NAV will grow big this year.


dumbest name for a coin

OP answer are XZC BTCP ZEN

The one that must not be named.

The best privacy coin is a secret, best kept private.

who cares? just join this pump and dump group

At least SPECTRE has a decent name, like a ghost.

SUMOKOIN? Why name a privacy coin after obese wrestlers?

DNR? DENARIUS? Does it come with JAMAL tokens?

are there any privacy coins that scale?
like a private ripple?
Monero has all the same problems as bitcoin,

This is lead dev of ZCL/BTCP

>centralized chucky cheese tokens

who fucking cares

xspec by far.


Everything else are just shitty memes with meaningless additional features that has nothing to do with privacy.

colx transaction fees for 800 dollar transaction was 80 cents

best post monero is king

Teeka's picks:


You'd be stupid to bet against him.

ZenCash will 20x next year and that's fucking conservative. People are sleeping HARD on this.

Verge now that it has wraith. Everyone saying other wise is a Fed.


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Last github commit 26 days ago.

>monero nodes because their IPs are known.
not for long. solution in the works

It's a dumbass name, but sumokoin

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the coin im shilling has no privacy YET but will in the future implement ZCashs privacy. still good coin to look into.


Infinite scaling
no blockchain bloat(blockchain only needs last 100 blocks to work)
0 confirmation transactions (instant transactions)
0 fee (first operation in block)

new wallet soon

trading on poloniex

low cap

"could achieve 72000 transactions per second with the storage of a bitcoin node"

trying to get onto new exchanges:

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Mandatory vote for COLX.


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DYOR. Rebrand + New website and Ledger Nano S Support is coming this month.

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Ethereum fuckers. Monero is nice but ether priv is just fine. Needs to be for what the russkies will use it for.

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