Does this referral program actually pay dividends? I have friends saying they make decent payouts on this

Does this referral program actually pay dividends? I have friends saying they make decent payouts on this.

TL:DR for lazy fucks.

>Get rewarded in crypto for holding KCS
>Get KCS for joining and growing referral nets
>Passive income
>No need to make a deposit to start gains
>If any rewarded cryptos moon = richfag

I'll throw my referral code here in case anyone is feeling generous and wants to sign up.

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Yes, it does! Here's my ref code. Please use it! 1du7Q

How big are the rewards for shares? How many would I need to see anything substantial?

calculate it:

Okay pay attention fellow /bizraelis, this is not the one to miss. BNTY and PRL have proven in the last week that anything that touches Kucoin is going to surge. Now DBC (Deep Brain Chain) is on the same path, as you can see it has the highest trading volume on KuCoin. On the other hand Kucoin's total daily trading volume is sitting at a tiny $32m compared to Binance's $2.8b and Binance is only 5 months old. Kucoin has grown 800% in the last 60 days and it's aggressive listing of new unknown coins such as BNTY and DBC is going to be a major contributor to this growth. We're at a point now where normies are seeing this: or the DBC/Bounty0x gainz and scrambling to get onboard with the moon missions.

How do you take advantage of Kucoin's growth? KuCoin Shares.

user, what the hell are KuCoin Shares?

KuCoin is dead serious about being a major force in the exchange world. They want growth and they want it fast - to facilitate this they're offering dividends in the form of trading fees to their investors. 50% of the entire trading fee revenue on the Kucoin platform will be shared daily with those holding KCS on their exchange. This is a two-fold investment with ridiculous growth potential as a result, you buy KCS, the exchange grows, your KCS rises in price, and the amount of dividends you are generating grows with it.


My current plan is to ride our Veeky Forums alt-coin profit and reinvest into KCS down the line. See you in 2020 when I'm still holding and living off my dividends, I hope you are there with me.

Kucoin's referral system is genius too; you are rewarded some % of the trading fees that your invitees take on. If I shilled you into this Godcoin please consider using my referral code when signing up if you don't have a Kucoin account yet: 1gbxJ

Use my code 1b3PN for guaranteed lambos and Asian FWBs.

Seriously though moon missions launch daily on KuCoin at this point. DBC, DRGN, XRB soon... you would be silly not to get in on this.

Godspeed anons, may you be blessed with the sickest gains.

I've literally invested all my profits in kucshares and will stop trading meme shitcoins, let them make my picks, doesn't matter anywho which shitcoin you get

pls guys no one has used my code yet


Thanks, babe.

Holy shit. You get KCS if they go up? So you get free KCS for owning KCS? Shit. Might be worth getting in on this now then.

yes, yes you do.

i've already got nearly a whole extra cucoin for free, in barely any time at all!


1bHx4 Help a brother out!!

You do.

Free KCS for owning KCS. Free KCS for joining referral nets.


Enjoy user.

Yeah, even when they go down. Just whatever is traded.

You can see my screenshot here to see what the dividends are like.

BTW, if you're interested that's after 2-3 days with 281 KCS. Not a lot really.


May you be blessed in return for using my code

Current ROI at 4 USD per KCS is about 3.5% per year. However, daily trading volume is expanding fast, and if it reaches 1 BUSD per day in 2018 ROI will be 45.6% if bonus stays the same. Dividend is paid in a sweet way, You accumulate 20-30 different cryptos daily. Currently, I get mostly DBC and have received about 10 the last two days for holding KCS.

One of you can use this referral and sign up: 1getN

1M7uh Yes please use mine. Good luck!

Heres mine, nobodys used it yet


help a nigga out


Let's actually do some Veeky Forums instead of just talking

Use my referral ID 1yHHw and I'll send you 0.05 SYS coins. Not much but an incentive for you when deciding whose to use (post your SYS address)



make me rich anons


Thank you anons. Share the incentives goodness.

In exchange for using my code I'll give you the scoop on a gamechanging ICO. GoNetwork, DYOR, thank me later and use my code. thanks

i definitely think my code is the best


Here's an ref for ya :) . This exchange gona be huge in coming months, it's only listed as 32th currently in daily volume, get in asap!