*Slowly breaks resistance, begins mooning phase*

Why havent you filled your wabi bags yet? integration into WECHAT that has 1 billion chinese users that can purchase things with WABI. The normies havent gotten to this one yet and it can go 5x easily before the end of the month.

Yeah user this is gonna be a good start to the year :) all in at 18800

My cock is tingling with this TA + pr...cant wait till its throbbing

God this build up to another pump is incredibly obvious....who ever is scrolling biz looking for the coin thats gonna pump over next 24 hours....you arnt really looking if you arnt buying this coin

got 20k

Good shit. Once we break 21 k satori we going interstellar

why do you think that? There isn't really any fresh news.

I wish i could get more right now but im stretched thin!

"Isnt fresh news" the nees abt we chat was less than 48 hours ago yo......let that sink in.........market lags in response to the news

I think most of the money invested is primarily western money. We have yet to see the chink pump.

Agreed...thats the 4 or 5$ pump

Why would anyone invest in this over Vechain or Walton? Literally retarded

I feel like the wechat integration is being oversold. Theres tons of apps for wechat. I see nothing that indicates this is being integrated in some core fashion that will automatically onboard a bunch of wechat users...

Fuck you. The token's worthless, otherwise it'd be at 10$ already since the product is in use. All it can do is raise because of false hype

Yeah. False hype. I watched it 2 days ago, could barely rise 50% before being dumped on

lower marketcap

actually has a working product lol
already in 1000+ stores

Valid point, but do you think it can really grow as much as the other 2 regardless of market cap?
The insane part is wabis actually believe this, completely delusional

I am focusing on vechain right no. After people realize what vechain can do it will be so expensive that they will look for similar alternatives.

Then I will switch to WaBi


Lololol good luck with that...wabi will surpass soon

lol wtf they're in maybe 10 stores rn. check the roadmap pajeet

>Not buying WaBi in 2017

I smell a lot of pajeets in this thread mad that they can't afford 2$ coins