Alot of crazy moon missons lately, keep the gains coming by hoping into salt now

People don't get that this platform is bigger than they think and will 2-3x this week.

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take it easy man, the fact that Ethereum and alts are going up but salt is steady at $12 pretty much confirms whales activity which is an excellent signal.

Yes, whales don't suppress for no reason

All in for 166 grains. Hope I get a 2x this month

Why does this mean whale activity?

Too accumulate you need low prices. So if it's down during the bull run, then they are likely manipulating

That's what I thought. Very little activity over past 3 days. I've been trying to make a few 10% gain trades on salt but it just made me miss out on xlm moon :(

These bags are suffering... Please moon soon...

please stop bleeding

Lol, you salt fags got con'd

>was thinking of going all in on either this when it hit $15.93 or XRP
>went with this shitcoin

Sitting cozy in Salt.

Salt loans can only be issued by using salt tokens. Salt tokens get consume and can only be re bought through the Salt Website.

Consider what that could mean for prices.

Maybe. :)

But I don't think so. We'll see soon.

good luck maybe im wrong im for now im glad i got out with 10% loss

Dont listen to op he is part of pump n dump group

they are targeting Salt
see for yourself

How do they manipulate the prices?
I know that I can't do that with my sad little dollar bags, but I'd like to know of the mechanisms.


SALT is fake coin

Many losses incoming

Stay away, pick something else, fun or smth

U have been warned

What does fake coin mean?

It doesn't mean anything, it's one of the few coins that has an actual use. People like to scare people to make the price drop and be able to buy in at a better price. Sometime they have argument, sometime they copy paste some random shit like the poster above. Welcome to Veeky Forums's Veeky Forums, enjoy your stay.

He's full of shit. I've been researching/investing in SALT for months. It's going to be a huge mainstream cryptolending platform this year. The system is in it's infancy but will gain traction very fast & very soon. Tokens will 2x quickly in the coming days/week & then gain steadily as the price of SALT is increased on the platform over the course of the coming months/years. You can also make money right now with a Base membership if you have $5-10k in BTC or ETH for collateral. Just keep the "loan" money & pay it back by buying SALT for half price on an exchange. Free money.

shhh these are pajeets paid by whales to fud to actually accumulate more, I'm not even joking, let's weed out the weak handed shitcoiners

>these are pajeets paid by whales
I know
>let's weed out the weak
I'd rather educate them so they don't play the whales' games.

I don't even own salt but I knew it was time to get back into safe picks when no one was even willing to wait one week to take a safe 2x, absolute delusion stage, some people are about to lose a lot of money

Nice, just bought 23k SALT am I going to make it?

has anyone got a loan yet?

Yes, there are $300,000,000 in loans processing, actual businesses take time to do things right

I applied and got approved. Many people on leddit as well. Waiting for terms now.

When will the pain stop?

saltbro here
Still waiting for sell and get hookers
Getting more impatient by the day
>red intensifies

Many have & many more in the pipeline. Over $7mil in active loans & at least $300mil waiting on approval per their Telegram.

This is going from $12 to $27 within seconds when the banks open tomorrow, iron hands


Haha, we'll have our day.

He's literally doing the Rajesh bit. "Many bad bad things for you my friend, don't buy this fake coin or things will go much badly for you my friend."

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Set low buy orders. Cause a price dip by selling until the price below resistance, liquidating everyone's sell orders. Low buy orders kick in. Done properly, stack is increased a little every time this is done. Repeat as desired. With bots, this is automated.

Lack of price movement causes speculators to sell, especially in the current market where easy money can be made elsewhere, so you pick up all their scraps too. Stagnant market amplifies this effect. They can do this currently because since so few loans are approved, and most of them already had tokens beforehand.

You can also see the bots wash trading among themselves on the exchanges.