DeepBrain Chain is a scam

DeepBrain Chain is a scam.

Google "distributed neural network".

Read up on how latency across CORES THEMSELVES is the major problem in distributed neural networks.

Now, compare latency across cores to latency ACROSS THE INTERNET.

There is your answer.

Don't fall for some Chinese retardation.

Ask ANY of your friends who study machine learning if this is possible, and they will say "maybe in 20 years".

You're welcome.

No shit. Still going to the moon though you retard. Wait for 5x in a week and cash out. Everyone knows this is a pipe dream.

>mfw had machine learning in University
>passed but can't retrieve information

Thanks for reminding me that I should brush up the topic.

considering I had to buy cuckcoin off pajeets to get this pajeet coin, I said fuck this and fuck cuck coin.

>Ask ANY of your friends who study machine learning if this is possible, and they will say "maybe in 20 years".

The future is now, old man.

>folding@home has been a lie for over 17 years
Go on...


Ripple is a shit jew coin and still made it to 2. Dumb money m8.

DBC is the NEO platform's killer app. This is much bigger than you think.

Top kek

Do your research, you pajeet. Wait, pajeets know a lot about computing, so I'll call you a dumb Viet. Damn Viet.


>pajeets know a lot about computing
Kek, confirmed for not working in industry

>pajeet concots FUD to buy moon of a lifetime for cheap
Really touching interpretation fagtron. Try labeling slumdog millionaire 2.0 at the oscars.

This is now a referral code shill thread.

Use KuCoin referral code 1b3PN to see the sickest gains in 2018. Moon missions launching daily. What are you waiting for anons?


hey friends anyone not all-in on any shitcoins can tell me if taking 10% of my portfolio and putting it into this and bountyox is a good decision?

It's already over a $1 bil market cap, you moron.


Now I know why you probably haven't even touched $10k in crypto earnings.

Umm, ICO was 2 cents with 15MM market cap

THerefore 8 cents is 60MM market cap

THerefore 16 cetns is 120MM marketcap...

and so on, please learn 2 math

ahh the classic pajeet miscalculating market cap meme

BTNY is the only coin next to moon

*200 million

get in or get left behind

>he thinks a coin needs a use case to 10x.