Who /TRON/ here??

Who /TRON/ here??

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you're late to the party


No shit. Party's over. Back to 225. Whales will slowly bleed all you "I never hold a coin for over a day" weak hand motherfuckers for the next week.

I'd fuck them both.

Party just started boyo

Good thing I'm holding mine for years.

Why is Tron even worth the 300 SATs?

because of cryptodoggers and bike rentals. Total p&d shitcoin scam

why its always so fast with TRX? they just pump and dump shitty REQ for 2+ days already

>tfw went to take a poo and it's already dumping
the absolute state of this shitcoin

>total p&d shitcoin scam
yes, yes, let the FUD flow. I want to accumulate. This coin isn't for tissue paper hands to hold.


It's been climbing since Saturday. Things will always pump and correct. Do yourself a favor and hold.

Can't wait for token burn.

Wow, it went up an entire $.02. Guess both you faggots can go ahead and retire to sodomite city now?

Tron is a long term coin. You're doing it wrong if you are daytrading it.

i mean, yes , its climbing since saturday , but i talking about "aggressive" phase of pumping. Its literally virgin sex for Tron all the time.

How shit of a coin do you have to be to "moon" and still be behind fucking POE. That is tragic.

When it drops back, how huge will the dip be? Will jt go below 400again or is it the new floor?

my point exactly.
closer to 0 I'd say

Can you read pajeet?
Impatient plebes looking for muh moon missions, coins that will 69420x in 5 minutes after they buy in. You're all destined for failure, and I'll be laughing at you. Crypto has brought retards into the investment game that don't know jack shit about investing. Stay poor, cry more 2k18

Nobody knows. Basically every single coin besides Verge and Bitcoin went to ATH today. I am guessing a big Altwide dip is coming tomorrow.

Wow, I doubled my money in 5 days while holding and enjoying the holiday. Guess I am a faggot.

Just the start of the Januaryeffect

is this guy trying to sabotage tron or is this legit



It so that once the tron network is complete trading can pause and people can be onboarded onto the tron network.

>Ethereum blue
Aha no.

this tweet is from before the source code was even released

Why is binanace dumping this coin while coinnest and hitbtc massively pumping this coin?

Justin addressed this already, this is the typical "speak in programming jargon to confuse normie holders" FUD

have no idea too

Also, EthereumBlue is a shitcoin that literally thrives on trying to shit on other coins despite the fact that they themselves are complete vaporware and practically worthless

Tron is longterm coin.

20+ years rollout plan, practical exchange applications, strong ties with chinese business leaders, very strong ties with ALIBABA (the biggest commodities exchange in the world for those of you living under a rock);

Shit is fucking solid. I've been fighting to buy a chunk. Coinbase is fucking me of course but I'm making side gainz on ETH

So its ok to buy in at 450 sats?

fine bourbons and premium beef

This is a coin where you should honestly take money you're willing to forget you had in the first place, buy in, and completely forget you have it. See the roadmap that I posted in in case you really want to check in every so often to see how it's doing, but at this point, anything is good I would say. You can wait for a dip, but this is by far the longest term coin on the market right now I would say, so while it may peak and dip every so often, if you come back in a few years, there's no doubt you're going to have gains. It's all just a matter of how much. There's supposed to be a coin burn soon so maybe you can buy in, sell at the peak after the burn and buy back in for a bit more. It's cheap as fuck so do what you want. I had no problem throwing a few Gs in this considering the margin for it to go up is much higher than it is for it to go down. Might not be the best logic, but I don't care.

>To You In 2000 Thousand Years
Damn Isayama is a hack

>2000 thousand years
nigga what

I-It was a joke

Can dubs confirm that this would be the perfect portfolio?

I am royally defeated

Tron will be $1 by EOY

so buy some shit short term coins and come back later

it's been climbing steady for the last week. then the kids see it and invest their pocket money in it.

it's doubled in less than week.

in a month it'll be a dollar

stop buying the ultimate biz pajeet shills and it probably would. no diss, but I highly doubt you actually did your own research on PRG, UFR, and VERI and TRULY believe that they've got potential

Who do you think has been writing all of the good shills, the ones that aren't actually pajeet speak and logical bs, who do you think has been laying down framework for a second dark web

PRG was shilled by a mainstream media , I bought in during the ico , sitting on 60% gains

VERI was bought during the ICO by my aunt at $9 a piece she got 134 I bought in at $100 , its going on the Jamaican Stock Exchange

Kys faggot , I get that there are some skids just trying to ride off UFR but it's actually got good potential

ALSO , if it was some shitty PnD discord dont you think I'd fuckin whale this shit back when I got it at .24 , AND , it would have fucking crashed by now , where the fuck is the dump? You guys are just salty because you dont fucking understand a good product when you see one

Imagine being this stupid.

charging up