Can you imagine what it must feel like being a complete no-linker...

Can you imagine what it must feel like being a complete no-linker? The only arguments are that the project may fail or LINK may not be adopted. Noone denies that if Chainlink is adopted we will see $500+/LINK. This isn't some bullshit Bitcoin knockoff or "The Chinese ______". Bitcoin can always be forked again, updated, lightning network and so on, but you think LITECOIN is a better hold than LINK? Are you kidding me? Anyone in their right mind would agree that it is more likely for Chainlink to be widely adopted than for Litecoin to overthrow Bitcoin. For less than $1,000 you can get 2,000 (!!!) LINK right now! That is a cool ONE MILLION DOLLARS once the main net is live (2018) and we see widespread adoption (2020). The only reason these unfortunate souls - the nolinkers - aren't accumulating is because they don't have the patience to read into anything that isn't directly marketed to them like the latest super hero movie. There is no excuse for link to be absent from your portfolio. Perhaps one day you'll look back on my post and be grateful I led you down the path of light. Maybe you'll look back, full of regret for buying into the FUD, right before you pull the trigger.

Link would be at least $3 right now if Ser-gay didn't go quiet

it makes investors feel uneasy

I know people love this copypasta bullshit, but if anyone is reading this and on the fence, we are all literally pleading with you to get in under $1 and hold until 2019. Don't sell early. Just go grip some. It's one of the top 5 chances to make it for 2018, IMO.

I'm on XLM, XRP and Link atm, have 10k to drop on one of those, is Link better than XLM?

And btw I plan to hold on those 3, I'm a lawyer so money is not a problem atm, just wanna retire early.

if i only have 200 link left am i a weak handed faggot or just plain retard?

Split it down the middle to be safe. Take XLM gains in February and dump into Link.

Wish I could but everything is tied up in faster moons. How long do I have ahhhhh don't make me buy in so soon again


You are both.

I'd say you have a week or so, but it's impossible to sat at this point.

>triple 3s

I'm invested in Link & i don't at all feel uneasy about Sergey not fucking around on Twitter or posting pics of skateboards. In fact i feel quiet comfy in the fact Sergey is not fucking around & is all business, not some fucking show pony.

B-but sergay said I had till 2019!!! Ahhhhh ALLL in


I mean, Q1 + Q2 will be when this grows to $10. 2019 will be the real explosion, if they can deliver. Don't sell too early, anons. ;)

if singles LINK crashes and burns and all you stinky links kill yourselves.

>pics of skateboards
forgot about that one, thanks for the chuckleedoo.

in all seriousness we can't let stinky linkies get their hands on the mainnet

why hasn't sergey committed anything on github in the past 2 months though?

>in all seriousness we can't let stinky linkies get their hands on the mainnet
but who is going to stop them? You? You sure about that?

Shit, I didn't even notice that

if you give me sauce on this pic, ill buy 10k

hahahah.... sat...