How Kucoin could make you retire in 2 years

Just 5 months ago, a brand new crypto currency exchange called Binance was released. It started of small, but in just 5 months, it has managed to surpass Bittrex, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of volume/24hr.

This was thanks to Binance’s brand new business model, aggressive coin listings, marketing and trade competitions. Another interesting thing about binance is its token, BNB. BNB has grown 50x since its release. Its only utility is to save 50% fee’s, if you pay them with BNB.

Now Kucoin takes this a step further with their own token, KCS. Kucoin charges a 0.1% fee from every trade, both from the taker and the maker, totaling 0.2% fee’s per trade. 50% of this fee (0.1% per trade) goes directly to the holders of KCS!

As I am writing this, the volume on the Kucoin exchange is $23 million (3–4x from two weeks ago), and it is rising every day.

Now what does this mean for you, if you decide to buy $10k worth of KCS?

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The numbers don't lie, check out the spread sheet on Google drive:

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1. Shill me on KuCoin. Why is it better than the other exchanges? Any downsides?
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Do the dividends automatically just get dispersed or do you pick them?

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