Did you anyone tell about your crypto stuff?

Did you anyone tell about your crypto stuff?
If yes, how do/did they react to this?

>people see my bitpay card
>"oh user when did you buy bitcoin?"
>feb 2012 @ $5
>"holy shit user you're the man"

told mom
she said nice

not well

I told my workplace (only about 6 guys). Big mistake because all and I mean ALL they talk about is the dumbest, most surface level crypto there is and try to lecture me about it (i.e. “XRP is gonna be a hundred bucks soon!” “the marketcap would be too high for that” “what does that mean?”). This isn’t just on breaks either this is when we’re working. I thought I could handle talking with normies but this is something else

>Hold shitton of bitcoin since $267
>Mainly use it to buy weed to bait roasties into fucking me
>Told friend to buy Bitcoin at $800
>He buys gym equipment worth $1000 instead
>Bitcoin moons to $2500
>It then dips to $1600, tell him to buy again
>He tells me to fuck off
>Bitcoin goes to $6000
>He starts concern calling me pestering me to sell. I tell him to buy
>He spends the money on a vacation instead to impress a roastie
>Bitcoin $9000 and is all over MSM. Friend calls me, wants to buy bitcoin
>Tell him about altcoins and potential for 10xers. He spends the money on a mini cooper instead to please the vaginal jew
>Bitcoin $17000.
>While hanging out friend accidentally sees my account balance.
>Salty as fuck
>Starts being passive aggressive
>Give him 3 ETH because I feel bad for this wagie. Tell him to not sell 2 and put the other on REQ.
>Sells it all and buys obscure shitcoins I've never even heard of
>ETH 3xes, REQ 5Xes
>He doesn't talk to me anymore.
>Constantly rants on Twitter on how crypto is a scam
Fucking normie. He only had to listen

I stopped telling them.

No one takes my advice at work. My parents don't take it. I told them to buy ADA at .12 and they didn't do it. I told them to buy btc at around 230 and they didn't do it. I said they should buy LISK and RISE and WAVES and no one fucking listens and here we are.

must be a damn fine woman, your mom.

>the marketcap would be too high for that
That's the normiest meme: thinking marketcap matters when ada, xrp, iota already proved it doesn't

> tell mom about BTC in 2013 or 2014
> she wants to see what the fuss is about
> buys 1 btc (1btc = $100) at that time
> wait 3 months
> cash out $250
> mom is a believer in crypto ever since

I am tempted to ask her to drop $5000 into XRB and have her wait 12 months...

My dad went nuts when I said I put £1000 into this and yet I've doubled that in a week with Ripple & REQ.

Now I'm just gonna ignore him and put all my savings in because I know in a month I can just cash a bit of it out in a few months and my bank balance will be exactly the same but I'll have a hell of a lot more crypto assets.

I stopped talking about it to my normie friends a while ago. It's futile, most people can't grasp these concepts let alone put forth the effort to make it. They can drink themselves to death to distract them from how shitty their lives are. It's depressing to think this way but at least I have a future

My brother makes 150k and my sister about 100k. I've been a slacker. Was in the army, homeless for awhile.. the returning to the civi world meme is real after being a swinging dick with a 240B doing whatever you want. Spent army gibs on BTC in 2014 while homeless, more gibs in 2015 from coffee shops because homeless. Forgot about it until last year around $800.. just sorted my shit out. Car, apt, stable sane GF who wants me to succeed. Supported my trading BTC because I got absorbed in the details and the tech, forgot about armybloodbath.jpg..

Mfw we are rich, low 7 figures.

>He spends the money on a mini cooper instead to please the vaginal jew
Wtf? I don't know where you live that chicks are impressed by a mini Cooper but here in Dallas, the bitches would just be like, "aww it's so cute". Mini Cooper is a chick car

happy for you user

You've been NEET the entire time?

>Pic related. Boot camp picture.

We all gonna make it bro

I’ve told my gf and a couple close friends. Gf doesn’t understand a damn thing about it but doesn’t bug me when I’m browsing biz or looking at charts, she just sees it as a hobby for me and leaves me be. It’s perfect come to think of it. Friends keep telling me to cash out, it’s gonna burst, bubble, etc. I swear normies are so fucking predictable. They open a news aggregator app on their phone, upload others opinions they read into their minds and take everything as fact. I realize I sound like an edgy 13 year old but why do people refuse to think for themselves??
Ah, anyway. I think it’s best not to tell anyone how much $$ you have, they’ll get jealous/resentful or just start acting weird around you. If I’m ever asked now I just tell them I have 4 or 5k.

talked to a bunch of normie friends today at lunch about crypto.

>wow you actually invested in scam money?

>dude bitcoin isn't real money it's fake.

Why do I even bother.

Don’t. She’ll never see that money again

It's so sad, I don't even have to describe it because you know

I think the friend bought a mini cooper for a women not himself.
let me be your friend. ill listen

Odd jobs here and there before the army. After the army, was getting about 2k a month from the va, no real job since army.

People are fucking stupid.
>I heard it went down alot.
>muh scam.
Kek. Idiots.
I just play along "yea huh"
No sense in trying to explain shit to people that cannot think for themselves.


In my country in Europe the minicooper is considered trendy like an accessory or so. Normies think they look cool on a soft top mini

STOP telling normies about this. Just let them be, this is for us autists. We never had a chance anywhere else, let them stay poor. This is our only chance to make it.


Congrats bro
I had a week hand in 2014, otherwise would be low 6 figs
Hoping I get my moonshot with XLM

>wow I told [norman in my life] about crypto and they said [ignorant opinion about crypto]
>now all my norman friends think I'm an idiot!

I see this post format literally 5 times a day. When will you retards learn?

I told my brother about it. He just blows it off. "There's nothing backing it". "The Rothschild family and the government will shut it down". I try and tell him, "ok let's say that happens... Why aren't you taking advantage of it while you can?!" I've given up on him.

I told my g/f about it. She glances up from Facebook, "hmm.. Neat" I show her my portfolio balance every few days and how it's growing fast. Oddly enough, she gets more and more interested each time I show her haha
She has no interest in trading herself because she says, "I don't understand that stuff". I tell her to learn, she buries her face back in Facebook. Yeah, I've given up on trying to help people out. I just keep it to myself aside from showing her my portfolio every now and then. Should be interesting to see her reaction when I hit 6 digits.

Parents gave me 20k to invest, sitting on a nice 200k stack right now. Sometimes telling peope isn't so bad.

Don't ever tell normies. It will produce nothing but headaches for yourself.

Ah, that makes sense. We're gonna make it, eurobro

I was homeless, had nothing I needed. Army homeless, odd jobs, couch surfing combat vets, shrinks, free stays here and there cause vet status.. was obviously messed up a bit. I got lucky. Last year I went whole hog into trading, learning. Sunk 10k into xrb at .23.. lucky.

You gonna make it bro. It's gonna happen. Stay strong.

Dude, you just invited hell upon yourself. She is one day gonna screw you hard for that money.

The best thing you can do at this point is act bummed out for a few weeks cause you 'lost' everything.

You're a good friend, user

Did you miss the part where he said girlfriend, not wife?

How much have you guys made from crypto in that time?

>Oddly enough, she gets more and more interested each time I show her haha

>I think the friend bought a mini cooper for a women not himself
Oh right, that makes a lot more sense. What a cuck that guy must be hahaha

Told the husband of my sister to buy Bitcoin at 3k
He did not buy.
Told my brother to buy Bitcoin at 4k.
He did not buy (and told me it was a bubble and I should rather invest in silver).
Told my coworker to buy NEO at 20$ the day before it went to 40$ for the first time.
She did not buy.
Told numerous people I know to buy ETH at 200-300$.
I don't think anybody bought.

Only exception is my other brother. While I was visiting him in october I told him about my crypto investments and he immediately asked me if I could help him pick coins and help him buy them, since he is not tech savvy at all but is very interested in disruptive technology.
I gave him some suggestions on what to buy with his initial 25k. His portfolio is now at 190k from the initial 25k (he bought a lot more in late december, but he made the majority of his gains from the initial 25).

So yeah, the smugness nearly killed me at christmas family gathering, knowing that silverfag got BTFO. The shitty finances app he showed me basically fucking spammed bitcoin price updates every hour, and I know he got them all.

>“XRP is gonna be a hundred bucks soon!”
This what exactly what (((they))) want that kind of lowest common denominator to think, to hand over all their precious BTC and ETH to buy this shitcoin.

Fucking farce but doesnt mean we cant be wise to it and hold BTC and ETH ourselves.

tells my friend how much this shit has gone up in the last 6 months in July 2017

"if it was that easy [to make money] everyone would be doing it"

he put 10k into a term deposit earning 1-2% per year

i've mentioned it to my parents. just told me to be careful, didn't seem that interested.
my fucking grandmother of all people called me recently wanting me to explain crypto to her.

My pals know I invested 1k in june, we had a little drinking party a week ago and my pals wondered how it go and that I must have like 5k now.

I was a bit tipsy so I showed them my blockfolio at 100k. They were in disbelief and I now after wish I hadn't showed them.

One of them started a few days ago and I have helped him double his investment, but word is getting out around my network of people I know and I will probably be kidnaped for a ransom a few months down the line, fuck

Don't show your whole hand with these roasties, user. Keep a few cards to yourself.

I know it's hard because we get excited about our passions, but that is what a man must do.

just a quick reminder for all of you autistic fucks, I've not do it myself but have seen lots of comments about it and normies have asked me


That's why I'm waiting on this monero moon and going full digital nomad.

that's the worst.

This is why I am rarely honest about what I like with my normie friends. Better to hide my powerlevel then listen to casuals talk about what I am interested in. nonsense.
I don't need people to like what I am interested in but at least know enough to argue with me.

Yes, and it was a mistake. The whole meme about hiding your powerlevel is true.

Wife: Complains about the money spent and complains that I spend time on crypto.

Mom: Thinks it's "cute"

Brother and dad: Dove in, coin dipped 5%, instantly panic sold, and complained about their loss.

Friends: Dove in with $100, coin climbed 5%, instantly cashed out and bragged about $5 profit.

Nothing good comes of talking to people about crypto. I'm going to pretend I sold everything and hide my powerlevel from here out.

If you give good advice to people, they will ignore it and end up either losing money or getting bitter they missed out.

How retarded can you be be for a braindead gold digger?

>family asks what i do in my free time
>tell them i invest in cryptocurrency
>they roll their eyes

>why do you keep looking at your phone?
>oh you know, just man stuff.

She's not like that.

Yes, I know the implications

yeah they all have a higher marketcap than was expected but do you really think something like XRP could reach $100? we're talking like $3.8 trillion. seems far outside the realm of possibility.





>what are defacto relationships

My dad was sceptical at first but told me i know best how to spend my money
He quickly realized this is no bullshit and and right now were both all in REQ since 4cents

i havent told anyone. whats funny is, the only reason im doing this is to gloat to my parents and siblngs once i have a fat bank account. i honestly dont even want to buy anything. ive always been the failure of the family, and i want to show them my bank satetment casually one day when im rich, and watch their jaw drop. it will be a great feeling


Sorry bro.

knowing about crypto doesn't mean you're great with risk management or didn't loose bigly staying up till 3am drinking while making stupid margin trades on bitfinex. i've lost more money than you've made the past 3 years!

A very important thing that anons would do well to hammer into their head. Chances are telling people about crypto will end poorly

fuck greed. vengence is a much better motivator anyway.

Told my dad about crypto. I had barely $100 to my name. He gave me 1k to invest. Will let me keep all my profits. We're not rich at all and losing that money will hurt. Hopefully I make it bros. Disapppointing my Dad would hurt more than losing money.

I first started investing in crypto 3 years ago and got my current gf last year. I'm more a long-term holder than active trader, checking my portfolio maybe once or twice a year or when it was mentioned on the news so I didn't really remember to talk to her about it. Recently checked again and saw that it was up to $780,000 and after thinking about it long and hard, decided to tell my gf a few months ago. She was initially hurt that I was kind of hiding it, but I gave my aforementioned reasons to reassure her that wasn't the case. Obviously she wanted to spend it and I wanted to spend some on her too but I'm really glad that I didn't since it's now gone 5x in value since then. I suggested that she get into crypto too and invest some of her money but she didn't want to. About a week after finding out, I noticed a very drastic personality change of her becoming much nicer and physical too. Sex was great, would do anything I wanted. She then decided to quit her job citing various reasons and said that she would be looking for another one. I knew that wasn't going to be the case and there were other signs that she just wanted the money, constantly asking me how it was doing and following all mainstream news about crypto even without investing a single penny of her own. She eventually told pretty much all of her friends and put me on blast on facebook. Decided to drop her 2 months ago and have since disappeared from social media, cut ties with most people I didn't care for, and moved to a different state. I still haven't come around to the idea that I'll never have to work again and can just do whatever I want in life at this point but I've come to appreciate her telling everyone how much I had to propel me into my current situation. Thinking about buying into the travel meme or joining that group of other rich crypto anons in NYC who travel the world together and just chill.

I genuinely hope you all make it too.

>Told mom about my new investments

she freaks out saying ill waste my money, legit started crying

>mfw when its only been 3 weeks and im up 3k

I bet she took that breakup well. Congrats on making it though bro, definitely get out and explore the world it's literally what everyone else is wagecucking for.

She's not a gold digger. We both worked at the same warehouse where we met. Each of us making no more than $14 an hour. I was not even into crypto trading yet. In fact, when we met and started going out, the only thing going for me was my $50,000 GI Bill.

Brought up crypto with the girlfriends parents. Her father is retired, former vice president of one of the big banks, he went on about how its not an investment just speculation, called btc a giant bubble. And was laughing at how it was crashing since it peaked at ~20k

just don't fall for pajeet scams.
seriously i have no idea what i'm doing and I'm still getting positive results. you'd have to intentionally fuck up to lose money in this market right now.

Typical roastie trying to put blame back on the guy lmao.

Good job user, keep going. Learn from this and hide your wealth a bit more in the future though

I envy you people that get support from people in your life.

i've seriously never had any encouragement from anyone when pursuing my interests. whether it be my hobbies or my professional pursuits people just put me down. I ALWAYS support and encourage people even when i think what they're doing is too risky. does life reward me for my behaviour? nope. im fucking sick of it. people are just bitter rat racing coping cunts.

my parents weren't happy unless i was in a wagecuck job i hated. I was studying forex and trading at work all day until i could go out on my own and when i finally did everyone said i was crazy even though i'd already amassed a net worth higher than any of them

now that im successful people just hated me for it and cut contact. good, i don't want losers in my life anyway. I use to have a favourable opinion of poor people but now i understand elitism. poor people deserve what they get

I hope this works out for you bro
Good luck

I sincerely hope you make it and make it big just to rub it in his fucking face

"I accidentally sent everything to the wrong address. Done with crypto for good."

Thanks. I hope you make it too, bro

My dad missed out on buying something like 50 bitcoins from a acquaintance when they were $5. He's been supportive of my investment so far because of his intense FOMO, yet apprehensive to actually buy because of technical complexity of crypto. He did ask for my help on setting up a Coinbase account and about good shitcoins to invest in the other day though. Mom just thinks its cool that I've made thousands of dollars doing nothing but doesn't understand any of it. My brother has around $30-50k laying around and is constantly talking about starting a business venture of some type but when I told him about crypto he told me "I don't like playing markets", but said he would give me 5k to build a mining rig if the daily return was acceptable (it wasn't).

Humans are envious, spiteful creatures.
If anyone you personally know has genuinely supported you, I envy you :^)

I was poor, wagedcucked, went to school and built a business with my wife. Out of those things only the business set me free. I have the capital to take advantage of the current crypto market.

You can work hard, but damn, break your back for yourself not for a 9-5.

Tried to tell friends about it in a group chat. Show them gradual profits and explain how easy it is if you're not retarded.
The only replies are emoji laughing faces and gay porn.
They can get fucked.

This has kinda become a feels thread. I like it. We need moar!

Thanks, I'll take both of your considerations to heart.

The breakup went as well as I could have hoped since I really thought she would have killed me in my sleep for the money and I saw her looking up information for how to make transfers. I bailed within 3 days and paid the rent for the apartment fully for the next 9 months so she at least didn't have to worry about that while looking for a new job.

Kind of soured by the whole relationship thing at this point and I imagine it'll be hard to find someone who'll like me just for me and stay that way even after finding out about the money. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I found someone on the same level of wealth or ideally a woman who also made equally good gains with crypto.

I told my wife. Now she just wants me to buy her all kinds of shit. She doesn't understand why I keep insisting on reinvesting everything instead of buying shit.

My dad is very trustworthy of me, and he read the news on bitcoin, and he wants me to invest in it and is willing to refinance one of his 5 houses to make me get into crypto. He’s probably going to give me 15k, any advice since you were in a similar situation?

>I saw her looking up information for how to make transfers
Holy shit bro! She was really going to try and fucking rob you! Do you keep in touch with the treacherous funny or at least keep track of her? Does she ever try contacting you?

parents (only a few times when they've asked)
close friends
core group of guys in high-level telegram chat

With the recent rise & publicity, my gf got more & more interested. So she invested €100 in req and xlm like 6 days ago. Already worth €250.

Her checking delta turns me on.

God Dammit, "funny" is supposed to be cunt*
Fucking phone

My dad takes great interest when I talk to him about crypto and we discuss all aspects. Trading, ideas, projects, investments, underlying philosophies, It's strenghtening our relationship and helps me understand it all better.
One of my uncles kept talking about how happy he were that the market were crashing over Christmas and he works with computers so I tried to talk to him about it. Turned out he were "just happy people were losing money" so I didn't care to take it longer.
My other uncle mentioned Tron because he saw some news article about it. I accumilated about 3000 TRX on the McAfee PnD that day so I offered to give him those to spike his interest. He decline because then "he would be sad he didn't invest if they rose".
My granddad seemed a little confused about it but it were fun trying to answer his questions

You are human
We are all the same

i told my mom, worst decision ever
within 5 minutes of telling her, she tells 3 of her friends.
second mistake was when my crypto went up to 50k, she said sell it all and buy a
property with it i didnt listen(its now up to 450k)

when she asked if im still in crypto i just said no, it was just meme
and she stop talking to me about it ever since

Im not the guy youre responding to but half in XLM and half in DBC. Wait 3 months. Profit hardcore guaranteed

My dad tried to convince me it is a bubble because news said so.

Explained him what a blockchain is, why BTC itself will fail and how other coins will overtake it.

He just wished me good luck and he hopes I make it. Won't invest himself because he doesn't understand the tech.

>"if it was that easy [to make money] everyone would be doing it"

I think this is the crux of it for many normies. It seems to good to be true, so they believe it will collapse like a house of cards.

In any case, normies are hesitant to get into BTC for a few reasons. It's either that it seems to good to be true, they don't understand it, they are bitter about not getting earlier, or they'll say "it's just too risky".

Come to think of it, why are NEETs and outcasts so much more willing to take risks than normies? It isn't like NEETs and outcasts don't have anything to lose, they can sure has hell lose the money they put into crypto. Maybe normies are naturally more risk averse than NEETs. I think NEETs and outcasts are more prone to the "get rich or die trying" mentality, because they already don't really like their lives and they believe that making a ton of money will really help them escape the bottom rungs of society.

Holy fuck. This is sad but true

You got it man, we don't give a shit if we lose what we already have chasing the dream. Cause we don't like what we have.

>they believe that making a ton of money will really help them escape the bottom rungs of society
I like my NEET life just fine, thanks. All that crypto has let me do is order better food from amazon prime restaurants, buy more games from steam, get better pc hardware, and purchase hentai. Knowing that I can now definitively keep up my hedonistic lifestyle forever lets me sleep so fucking well and happy every night.

Nailed it. Also, I think the difficulty factor plays a large part. We're good at this kind of extremely technical shit. Normies are most definitely not.

My dad keeps telling me that it's dumb, illegal, to pay a broker to do it, or to sell half of my assets to collect chump change and let the other just "grow"

stupid boomer brainlet, I love him but FFS he knows I'm a poorfag. I can't just let HALF grow because $1000 is barely shit. You could get more with $2000. hell, I went to $3000 just today passively because I didn't sell