So the ETH,XLM,ICX, and REQ is the official Veeky Forums meme portfolio right now

Seems like this is the consensus picks for Veeky Forums.

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My mom told me ETH is gonna get a lot of attention in the coming weeks.

I love this guy

wtf how did you know what my portfolio was

You left out TRX.

All top coins but You forgot the true coin of biz, LINK. 2018 is the year of LINK

This is my portfolio, except for REQ, which I sold my REQ way too early.

buy now it's at the lowest it can go

Dude I sold Req at 5 cents. My worst crypto moment. At least you didn't sell REQ for a loss.

You forgot NEO!!!!

Yes. Neo is a top biz coin.


And lastly, ultra meme: VEN

Tyrone's laugh is infectious.

>no LINK

It's like we're reading a different board


I'm glad Pyramid Head is in crypto. It keeps the feminists at bay.(I know it's Burns)


Don't forget ZCL/BTCP... 2018's monero

STRAT will be announcing some ICO's imminently too, would be unwise not to hold some imo