Thank you XRB

>Put 3K into Raiblock I made from holding LTC all year 2017 on christmas
>Now made 1/2 of my annual salary was a marketing wagecuck in just a week

This coin is fucking beautiful, I honestly believe if XRP can go up 80 billion in 3 weeks, this thing can get to $100 at 16 Billion easy. Especially with its tech being feeless, fast, and miner independent

Dont get overxcited, coin is listed on shitty exchange with very very low volume.

>Ripple went up 80 billion in 3 weeks
Can anyone actually how or why thebfuck this happened?

The power of normies

Just get the name out to normies and watch them dump their hard earned wagecuck bux into it

ditto, gonna tank so hard when it hits binance... its so obvious that whales are inflating the price between the two exchanges

It really is obvious when the two shitty exchanges have limits on how much you can remove. When Raiblocks gets added to an exchange where you can remove hundreds of BTC a day get ready for some shit

>Le volume meme. look at NEM pal

question is, how long will it take to get listed and active on Binance?

If it gets to ~60 and starts getting dumped back to $30 while people struggle to get verified and moved off Bitgrail 0.5 BTC at a time (which gets smaller as BTC deflates in price) would it be possible to move it to the Binance wallet to sell against the high volume and FOMO?

Im honestly tempted to just hold through May to get ETH-like mooning to $100 and beyond given the tech(DAG, feeless, instant, and possible quantum resistance) and how much money is getting FOMO'd around (see Ripple)

Bank price manipulation.

You don't think there's enough buy volume for whales to dump if they felt like it? Binance is gonna make it explode because any retard knows volume tends to lead to gains in crypto.

Just put a sell order at 0.00276986. This shit is getting too serious for me. The binance crash scared me, maybe I will buy back if dips, if it doesn't I just put my profit into VEN or ICX.

I agree with him The low volume and low withdraw are keeping the whales down for a bit. This shit went a from 0.2 to 30 USD in a month, there is a lot of people with millions of dollars worth of this shit.One of them will dump it down and some will follow. After that we might see a new ATH.

Nigger shut the fuck up already

Guys, can anyone help me with a few XRB. I will be forever grateful. I was only able to buy $50 worth of XRB. I'm never going to make it at this rate.

Fucking copy pasta faggots.

Seriously why is this "great binance crash" being pushed so hard by the fud campaign.

Someone scared? Corecucks threatened? Whales wanting to pick it up cheap?

I'm going to laugh so hard when this shits hits binance at $50 and this crash never fucking happens and we are at $100 three days later.

It's not a copypasta, but I aint saying I din't got fud'd.

I am happy with my profit, and I hope it doesn't crash. If it hit binance at 50 usd I will rebuy for sure.

>Seriously why is this "great binance crash" being pushed so hard by the fud campaign.

Because it will be a lot harder to manipulate the coin on a larger exchange like Binance, in addition to the shit that these two said:
Also historically things dump right after they get added to Binance

has anyone successfully sent money into their online raiwallet?

waiting 15 minutes now

yeh it fine dw

Historically ICOs that only basement dwellers are aware of dump when they hit Binance, this is a monster that's taken crypto by storm.

No one knows what will happen when it hits binance because it's kind of uncharted waters, and it might be weeks away after other new exchanges and more liquidity is already established.


logic, bitgrail doesn't verify / hasnt verified anyone in a long time, its very difficult to withdraw large amounts of BTC.

If you disagree with this then you're simply too new.

change POW to local in settings. it could also be slow on bitgrail's end.

I got verified today, took a couple weeks

Lol try harder or just go drink bleach

You seem to have a real vested interest in instantly shutting down any possible negative comments or concerns on Raiblocks or things surrounding it