POSW .. Are you READY?

You guys made fun on us at 1000 sats
I tried to tell you guys about it at 1500 sats
Warned you again at 3000 sats Just a few days ago. We are now approaching 5000 sats.
Guess why?
Because this fucking coin has A LOT of potential.

See the upcoming features for late January/early February and tell me it won't reach 20k sat:

>TPOS - Trustless Proof Of Stake
>CCPOS - Cross Chain Proof Of Stake
>Atomic Swaps
>Rebrand To Stakenet (STAKE)
>Listed on new exchanges to allow swapping to a new chain that is capable of running TPOS
>Pooled Masternodes on Poswallet.com
>Treasury Fund
>Private Transactions

Everything is working on their testnet that is open to the public. Just join our Discord and download the new client and test it out. We are testing for the last small bugs before release.

POSW is also Ledger supported, lowest marketcap ledger coin out there.

>More Info: Posw.io

>Whitepaper: bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2186549.0

>Discord: discord.gg/T8TDsBa

>Info on Cross Chain Proof Of Stake: medium.com/poswallet-weekly/posw-weekly-ccpos-cross-chain-proof-of-stake-de1ac87055cd

Steady rise upwards.

We are only getting started.
$1 next week

How much for a masternode?

Between 20k-25k

Most likely 20k though. Confirmed by the devs on Discord

lmao this was literally my first alt buy back in May at like 12k sats....been holding bags ever since. It's been the butt of jokes on biz for months. Will we have the last laugh lads?

Saw your thread a couple of days ago, and honestly feel a little bummed not buying in at 3k sat.

Do you think it will come down a little, or should I just buy now? FOMO is getting to me at this point

It's going way higher than that, I can tell you that. Devs are aiming for a top 50 coin.
So watch it happen senpai

I hope so. Holding 10k here. Have a buy order for the remaining 10k, but not sure if it'll get filled.

only 25m market cap good god the potential

If it's yours at 3900 at Cryptopia it might never be filled. Don't see the price going that low again, sorry. Should have bought yesterday

My thought as well. Gonna buy some when I have liquidated some LTC of mine

Where can I see the actual team? The devs working on it. Not gonna touch something with user devs


Scroll down a little, and you'll find them

I'm scared my buy order won't get filled. Tempting to buy off the sell order book instead.

What to do?

Safest bet is to set a buy order above 4500 sats, and HOPE it gets down there. Otherwise you'll have to buy from the order book

Privacy coin at less than 5k sat with such a low circulation of coins is undervalued in itself. Anyone not buying in before these enormous updates that will make an entirely new coin is an idiot to say the least.

Bought in a few weeks ago, best decision ever

Thx just bought 100k

Explain what Cross Chain Proof of Stake (CCPOS) to a brainlet and I'm in.

Why is this coin so significant?

bought at 1.3k sats


Read the fucking article linked in OP. Is it really that hard?

Yes I'm not grasping it as well as I'd like. What's wrong with wanting a more laymen's explanation that I'm sure would help other people in this thread as well?

how many coins required for master node any one know?

Most likely 20k coins

20-25k Not yet confirmed.

pajeet scamcoin

Same thing was said at 1200 sat.
I'm up 500%
Go home poor fuck

Please be aware: The total supply of this coin is actually 250 million, they tricked coinmarketcap into listing it as 70 million.

They did this by saying they would "burn the unused coins" which was just an empty promise that never happened.

Devs have locked the remaining coins away, so they can access them. Jesus, do some research before you spread lies around, it has been addressed multiple times already. Besides, we are moving to a new blockchain In a month with 70 mio. coins.
Be my guest and buy high when it has reached 10k sat.

We just reached 5000 Satoshi. More than doubled the price in Satoshi the last week alone. Stay POOR, hope someone else listens and makes some gains while this coin is so freaking undervalued

Can't access them* auto correct

Anyway, keep fudding, but won't help you at this point.

Same FUD about the GitHub, you guys are so bad at research it's unbelievable

5000 sat now. Jesus it just keep going up.. wtf

Proof that TPOS and Masternodes works on their test net.

This is a GOLDMINE!!!!

It sure as fuck is.

But most of biz is too retarded to realize it and will buy in AFTER the coin swap, when the price has at least doubled again