Cnd. Tonight's the night

Cnd. Tonight's the night

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Strap in

>pajeets detected

Are you the retard who bought cnd at 700 sats after a huge bullrun and spent the last here days crying about cnd "crashing"? Lol kys rashid

This is the moment
Tonight is the night
we’ll fight till it’s over
So we put our hands up like the ceiling can’t hold us
Like the ceiling can’t hold us

are you the little monkey who shits on my street every morning?

Haha I knew it was you
Stay salty friend, learn to hold more than 14 hours

>actual product
>cheap as fuck
Worth a bit of an investment. Worst case it gets a random daily pump and sell at a profit.

as soon as you learn how to use the potty

Salty af

It's going up!

nope. tomorrows the night with this pump and dump group that has 60k+ users. DONT MISS OUT:

Fuck off with your pajeet ass

Im strapped on

Pajeets may be shilling this, but buy some and hold it LONG term. It will probably pump and dump slightly here and there, but keep holding, 6 months at the very least, a year or longer ideally. Eventually, this will be a whale killer----they can add more and more to the highest reward tiers, so whales will be baited into buying CND even when its price keeps going up because they will want access to those super high tier rewards.

>implying whalesmdidnt buy millions of this @ ico

Yeah surely some whales bought early, but not all the whales. There's always more whales. The app its pretty incredible for an ICO that is so new, this has huge potential. I could see it easily breaking $1 sometime next year and possibly going to $10 a year from now.

>was about to sell at 640 to buy into tron

I think I finally get the hodl meme.

Tron could go hella down tonight

I wonder how often they are right with predictions.
Just because the crowd predicts a price doesn't mean it is correct.

Just bought 2, thanks lads

if you had access to the Cindicator bot you would know.