Wake up

>wake up
>XRB is now 0.0027 instead of 0.0015
I'm fucking scared of this growth. Got 4x in a week or so. I really hope it wont crash after massive pump on binance that is coming.

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Just bought 20k BZC, who cares, maybe it'll get to the normies.

It's pumping for good reason. This is early bitcoin feels and we all know it.

wait you guys dont know that raiblocks is being pumped by a group? see for yourself lol discord.gg/5dMfZPH

Dont listen to op he is part of pump n dump group

they are targeting RAIBLOKZ

see for yourselfz

>It's pumping for good reason.

You're right. That reason being fomo and easy manipulation due to small numbers of exchanges traded on

So a discord group has ~$5b to pump a coin to #16

It's gonna dump on binance

>tfw im a poorfag and im gonna make a grand at most out of this whole raiblocks pump

There's also that whole part about instant, feeless, 7k tx's per second.
I hope so, I got in at $4, I wanna buy more.

Does that group consist of Musk, Bezos and Gates?

>goes up 12000% in a month
>natural growth

This must be that ultra leet super whales only private pump group. 100mil entrypoint. They are going to accumulate to 300, then bang! Straight down to 250. Screencap this.

Natural growth starts after listing on major exchanges. For now people are just trying to get on this train, because it goes straight to TOP 5.

Instant, free, scalable transactions. Great product, great team, great community. This is a no brainer.

Alright you filthy shills, which exchange is the least shit to buy this on? Do any have non-btc markets?

>Thinks it actually takes $5b to scale the price
>Fucking retard

>There's also that whole part about instant, feeless, 7k tx's per second.
Which also means ddos attacks

Sorry, folks. This is the ultimate chad coin. Make way.

It requires for your machine to do a little mini pre-mine for each transaction. You'd be DDOSing yourself faggot

Someone hasn't done their homework. In order to spam the network it'll cost the attacker the cost of the PoW. An adaptive threshold would instantly wreck that.

How long to we think it will take to integrate the tech into Binance?
..I'm thinking 3-4 weeks

Did a dingo eat your search engine? Honestly, do you want me to buy the fucking things for you too?


raiblocks is not tested for security...hackers can easily attack the system

only reason this is not dumping is because of no liquidity on bitgrail, when those whales get onto binance and more liquidity expect a quick pump and then a dump to subzero levels to stick latecomers with immense bags

>hackers can easily attack the system

Why are yuropoors so terrible at spreading FUD?

The devs have been working with the binance team for a while. I think it's going to be January 6 right after the vote ends.

raiblocks is offering close to 1m bounty to anyone who can exploit it. where are your hackers?

i've never felt so comfy in my fucking life

Thank you user!
Are we all dumping on Binance then lol

I bet most people will try to dump on its peak, but many of them are going to lose. Personally I hold this shit with both hands until it reaches top 5, and possibly further. This project is going to be big. That's like Ripple, only from the decentralized camp. That's our best chance to actually get a functioning crypto currency with real world use.

>I bet most people will try to dump on its peak

Can't peak if it never stops increasing

I really suggest nobody to fuck with

>le sell at peak buy dip XDD

I think RaiBlocks is going to fucking BURN people that try this.

i fucking hope so, ill buy all your bags cheap

You're betting against Jews. Be careful friend.

I'd say the only downfall are the really giant hodlers. With no inflation, it can speculate itself to infinity and become utterly useless from a market standpoint. We've never seen something go from top 5 to sub 100's level, but this may be the one when all it takes to dump 15% is a 100 coins or so.

already did to me, i sold at 21 on a "dip" instantly pops to 25, got back in 22 so all good but jesus i was sweating

Quads of truth, man.

Hello. I was wondering if you have any thoughts on this crypto group? Most of the guys I've chatted with so far seem pretty smart so I'm semi optimistic. discord.gg/MW8NuYm

Been waiting for authentication for 2 weeks to buy this coin. Do I fomo asap or wait for a dip?

dip going on right now, bitgrail doesnt ask verification

at this point just wait just wait till listing, people will be dumping to take some profits

I'm not an oracle, but I suspect that the potential dip is going to be somewhere twice higher than the current price.


Buy the dip, it's gonna pump throughout the night like usual.

Anyone else almost have a heart attack checking their account on the website? I sent my coin from bit grail to a desktop wallet that hadn't synced yet, thought I'd lost everything/ Turns out the website is just acting funky.

you got a chance to get in right now. refuelling for the next mission

almost got scammed into buying XRB from mercacocks

>XRB does 100x in less than one month
>Only on shit exchanges, primarily Bitgrail
>Bitgrail has extremely low withdrawal limits, and thousands are complaining of never being verified despite sending in docs 20+ days ago, for higher withdrawals
>Thousands of people who spent just a few thousand dollars less than a month ago are now millionaires
>When Binance opens trading, all these newly rich people will flood through the gates to cash out before the others to secure their extreme gains

Every whale who has wanted to accumulate XRB went to Bitgrail to do it, after it became clear they'd win the Binance vote. They wouldn't wait for it to pump to 3-4x before hitting Binance. There is no fucking way the demand will even come close to the supply when everyone tries to cash out at once.

Heed this fucking warning. It'll be a bloodbath.

>and thousands are complaining of never being verified despite sending in docs 20+ days ago, for higher withdrawals

Fake news.

>Thousands of people who spent just a few thousand dollars less than a month ago are now millionaires

Thousands more will buy their bags hoping to become millionaires

>Every whale who has wanted to accumulate XRB went to Bitgrail to do it, after it became clear they'd win the Binance vote.

LOL. It pumped to $15 without even being announced on the Binance vote.

Great FUD, m8. Which bag are you holding? LINK?

its dumping ahhh

calling base line 24 then it resumes going up

It's going to crash the minute trading at Binance starts. I'm thinking -50 to -60% but it could be more..

Maybe, but who cares? It will regain its value anyway.

lol I did this twice in a row

>send from ShitGrail to raiwallet.com
>balance: 0 XRB
>figure it out finally (had to change a setting)
>phew, next time I'll just send 0.00001 to make sure first
>forget that instantly, send the whole balance to desktop wallet
>balance: 0 XRB

>Which bag are you holding?

Currently ETH. I'm one of those whales I spoke abut who got in very early. I cashed everything out between $33-35, rather than get greedy like the other whales and wait for the listing.

Sometimes FUD is just friendly advice. But by all means, hold through the listing. It's your money.

i cant fucking believe i missed this

You still have time desu. Not even on Binance yet.

Everyone on biz is a whale with 200 bucks in portfolio.

I think it's a sign user. There is still time.

its already at 4 billion market cap

it was a literallywho coin only a month ago

>Claims to be a whale who cashed out at $35
>Also claims that users can't get verified on BitGrail and can't cash out

It can very easily grow to $10b+ mcap.

Was lucky enough to Buy 13xrb when it was at $15. Wasn't lucky enough to invest moar.

It will reach 10bln with no doubt. The question is, will it reach 50.

if it can survive these massive dips then 50b so be it

For everyone saying it's too late, I missed it, etc. consider that there is a small possibility that this can one day dethrone bitcoin. I know it's a longshot, but in any case the winning coins market caps will continue to increase in 2018. There are serious gains to be made either way and we're just getting started. This thing is still only on two exchanges that look like they are from 2001. Only a fraction of the world knows about this. You will continue to regret not buying this all of 2018 as it grows.

how can people actually be this retarded, like you make one trade and you can never use your money again?!

This is the most accurate shill on Veeky Forums at the moment. A short term dump is not impossible when we get added to binance, but long term this coin is here to stay. Look at the garbage that stands between Raiblocks and top 10 MC. It is all but guaranteed.

How did you become a whale? Just curious.

Also, don't you think that this coin has real potential? Why crash the price when it hits Binance instead of letting it go to 50 or whatever.

the fucking dump thats going to happen when it hits binance is going to be biblical

>I cashed everything out between $33-35
can you post a screenshot? I'm having a hard time believing you.

nah, it should hit cuckoin first

It does if you want to withdraw

I'm confident it will go above 200 billion market cap in a few months at most. This will eventually take Bitcoin's throne, you know?

i sent my xrb to desktop wallets in minutes, cant remember verification, and if i i did it was minutes

I hope this dumps hard on Binance, because I really want to buy some cheaper please....

How much? Under 0.1 BTC worth of XRB?

i sent 24xrb to my raiwallet.com it took like 2 minutes.
I also sent 124 xrb to my raiwallet.com it took like 5 minutes.

i works pretty well but i had a almost a heart attack untill i saw them in my wallet :D

The delay is on the bitgrail side though. I'd been sending 10 xrb between my wallets and it always takes 1-5 seconds.

yeah this is pretty nice.
I was wondering how fast it would go back to bitgrail since some day i will switch back to bitcoin and withdraw the bitcoins

When do I sell? Tripled my money and want to take profit.


I'd sell somewhere in late May.

I set my sell thresholds.
When it dumps I can acquire more