Prepare for a breakout to 2k in a couple hours

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Wraith is being released in a couple hours my dude

Thnx just bought 50k


okay sure just join a pump and dump group if you want real gains

only thing breaking out for xvg is the wallet, enjoy your vaporware delude vergen

Wasn't it already released? Lol

My bags are loaded and prepared for takeoff buddy.

also, lol @ this moron

Stop talking about this shitcoin plz

Already released and apparently it works

we all know its a shitcoin, we're in on it. We're riding the shit wave

why the fuck is /r/vergecurrency shilling on Veeky Forums? go back to your pajeet board sirs

What coins are you holding? I'm guessing none because your mom won't give you her credit card

was holding a buttload of XVG until recently. i think you caught the fat sack i dropped near the ath. enjoy your bag m8

The devs couldn't even steal a 2014 stealth Shitcoins code and implement without missing 3 deadlines. Its dead, dump your bags.

You're lying and wrong with your speculation ""m8"", have fun watching while real men make money

sage in all fields cause this post is full of retarded. why the fuck would i lie? because i'm not an emotional bag holder like the rest of the xvg community? this shit is a deadbeat mission. literally the worst privacy coin. moreover, ethereum is about to have optional privacy built into the main network. xvg is literal vaporware, most privacy coins are. 'privacy coin' is just a buzzword to hook normies in kek

XVG is the biggest underdog in all of crypto. I love seeing all the FUDsters and mostly butthurt Monero fagboys


and yes motherfucker. the post gods have made it so i could match my dubs with dubs. get on my level pleb, two can play this game.

amazing LARP, you almost fooled me 9/10

>fudding this hard

why are you so upset just because I called you out on being a basement-dwelling nocoiner? You're calling everyone else emotional but you're the one flipping shit lmfao

Dont listen to op he is part of pump n dump group

they are targeting XVG
see for yourself

>kendrick lamar album cover as thread starter
>people claiming that not liking xvg's shitty tech is FUD
>the normies are here

It's dead. Monero ethereum and ripple won. It is all over now. Shitcoins that are worth a fuck are not this. It's dead. It's a laura/grom/deeponion/bytecoin tier piece of shit. McAfee greased you and fucked you so hard in the anus your thigh muscles gave out under the relentless pounding and he came in you pressing your face to the floor while you moaned nooooooooooo as he spasamed against your ass cheeks. He did not even kiss you. Just left you curled up in a ball with verge dripping out your asshole