Portfolio rate thread?

Portfolio rate thread?

Also, whats a good mid-term hold coin to put these soon to be XLM gains into?

not trying to meme but throw some icx in there and I think you're good

test post

Op are you seeing any decent returns from your KCS? Debating putting $1000 into KCS just as a store of currency with a sinus but unsure if I’ll see any decent ROI or if I should just look for another moon mission...

Got into crypto around May 2016 (bought BTC below 900 USD) but didn't start really paying attention until summer 2017. Will I make it?

can't wait to get justed to start the new year

At least I dumped LTC

Could you rate mine?

I just started. Trying to make money to pay tuition

hello, rate my newfriend account

Roast me

Needs some TRX

Are you me?

Get some RLC in there before it's too late.

looks solid besides vechain

I think they are great choices. Personally I would put more into DBC for more short term potential, but I cant predict the future lol

Destroy me

Roast away biz. Shill me on some HIGH risk low cap coins or maybe even ICOs. Wanna keep as much eth as I can though


Probably beging scaling out of ARK if it moons on this run

Thoughts about distribution afterwards?

Take xrb profits and move them to xlm

Rate mine pls



Shitcoins are down below.

About 400 in each doge, xmy, burst, sia, rdd, xvg

Feels good mane...

Bought XLM at .03
RLC at .30
TNT at .18

Feels good

About to 3x my holdings in XLM, FUN and TRON. Have about 2k more to invest. Deep Brian Chain or Request Network?

R8 it or h8 it

Thinking about some Enigma. Going 20 percent into KMD if it gets back into 30k sats range. Started with 6k usd

Forgot my pic lol

How long until 5 million?

DBC so you can dump it on the Chinese when it hits their exchange this week.

How much did you put in?

I am a new BCH/BCC holder. I am unsure, I can trade that for other coins? I am understanding little by little. I might stay up all night and research as much as I can,

Having such a small fun with btc in it is pointless, unless you DONT WANT profits

I'm gonna write jokes and earn fucking money doing nothing with BZC faggot, what are you guys doing? Kek.

Not real dollars, mate.

This is the ultimate normie portfolio.

What do you mean mate? I know its fuck all money, but I'm only just starting and don't really have a lot to spare. What should I put it in?

I'm just giving you shit for being from a different place than I am! Do you still have pictures of the queen on your dollarydoos? And you still drive on the wrong side of the road? What can you tell me about the traditional owners of the land down there? :^)

We all know xrp is about to be added to Coinbase and will likely double or more. Some say that will happen today

Also, forgot to add, your portfolio could use some Req, Link, and probably Icx if you are looking to expand. Don't diversify too much when you are starting out though, you need to go all in on a moon mission or two to get you to where you have some real gains to reinvest.

Can confirm. 'Traditional' land ownership.... lol.

What do you think? Thinking about moving my litecoins around

Rate mine

All this fucking new money

I'm scared desu

Shittokens the wallet, thinking about moving about 70 bucks into Kin because I'm a small fry piece of shit. Started with 150.


how can I turn this into a better memefolio?

Swap that bitcoin for REQ

Link is the key.