Pssst. Hey user, you wanna get rich?

Pssst. Hey user, you wanna get rich?

So glad this thing just started moving ahahah all these fuckers don't know what's coming

Bought at 1.15, now $2.10, with the tech behind this and the partnership with REQ I think this can easily turn 10$+ 2018 Q2 conservatively

Link 2.0

Link is a pajeet coin that is only now paying off. RLC is probably the most undervalued coin on the market developed by the Manhattan Project

Been holding RLC for 6 months now, my body is ready

Been holding 3 months. I’m ready as well

This will be top coin of 2018

>manhattan project
aint that the shit from civ 5

Agatha warned you when it was $0.50

Except it has a completely different purpose...
Glad I spent my poorfag bucks on this when it was under $1.


in since .50 cents. ready. wish i bought more.

How is this out of the top 100? I'm baffled

i'm more baffled how that shit golem is still in top

all in since it was 0.20ct. 2018-2019 will be the time of lambos and financial plenty in my back yard!

How much u got?

Please don't compare iexec and its FUNCTIUNNAL RELEASED PRODUCT and its TEAM OF PHD with this stinky vaporware of Link.

200 which is 15% of my portfolio, will buy more if ether outruns it.

The problem with this coin is the coin is not needed.

It's performed poorly as well.

Fight me.

Civ II.

underage b&.

Been noticing rlc threads have been getting ALOT more replies. All we need now is a catalyst like a good exchange or solid partnership and we're headed for the moon

Stop posting about iexec so I can keep accumulating damn it!

it's needed to purchase computing power
1 rlc token in 2019 = 1 year of playing vidya on some chink's supercomputer

sell RLC
buy Golem

why will it make me rich OP?

He's gonna say, "why not just use ETH" like a fucking communist

>because they actually have working tech, not vaporware shit, think like ethereum, at the begging
>miles ahead the competition, Golem and SONM
>new exchanges coming this month
>new partnerships
>new dapps coming
>dapp competition


Get in on XEL before it blows up. It's like RLC/Golem/SONM but rather than being a token, it has it's own blockchain with POW verification of the computations you submit.

>2 part-time devs vs a team full of PhD's
>no roadmap

Moved 10% from RLC to this.

>Pssst. Hey user, you wanna get rich?

>team full of PhD's
>a pothead and his other unprofessional friends



Iexec\rlc is a top 20 token we will be rich soon. This is the best technology and its cheap

4billion marketcap in 2019

you guys wanna shill me on this?

iExec is a big-time sleeper. 5 PHDs and a team of super computing rockstars, a real company that was in stealth for years.
Very much off the radar but soon to be running the majority of DAPPS and off-chain processing in the crypto space. They even do legacy processing.
This framework is beyond Golem, Sonm or any other cloud-based blockchain out there (The competition is vaporware in comparison).
The scientists on the iExec team already have numerous patents, countless research papers published over the last decade and code running in grid/supercomputing systems across the world.
This is working infrastructure by a real company, and it does appear IBM is lurking around this team quite a lot recently. Partnerships are already rolling in and the moment iExec partners with an 'IBM' or such it will go parabolic. V1 is already out, V2 imminent. Token supply is low and there will be many many token use cases with staking and consensus mechanisms.
Partnered with REQ. Two exchanges, two new partnerships and an updated whitepaper for January. Chart looks great, smart money has been accumulating and things look primed for a breakout.

Yes but no matter if you buy or not this is a solid project like only a few in crypto.

I sold all mine around $1.20 and put it into REQ at 40 cents. It was painful, but worth it.

Both projects are 100% going to fly way past a billion marketcap this year, but I believe REQ will fly further, so my money is there.

Wouldn't be so sure about. Iexec will be the processing power for the majority of all crypto and the platform on which it will run. Request is already at 500mill mc, much riskier IMO.

This is the safes and best coin you can buy, just put your money in it and wait, don't pump and dump, just hodl, it will mostly only go up this year, and only take out your money when you are set and can live of the money your frugal and great life of financial independence.