There are people who LEGITIMATELY make MILLIONS of dollars doing REAL work in REAL jobs

>there are people who LEGITIMATELY make MILLIONS of dollars doing REAL work in REAL jobs
LMAO how bout you faggots acquire an applicable skill in the real world instead of gambling away your disability checks on meme internet money?

There are people who legitimately make millions of dollars sitting in their underwear at a computer.

t. Making millions of dollars sitting in my underwear at a computer.

>not trading in boxers and a blazer
Not gonna make it.

Nocoiners have the worst memes. Sad.

Where do you have your company
What exchange you use

I feel bad that there are wagecucks out there, like it's unfair I could make this much this easily. But then I remember life has already fucked me over in numerous other ways in an extremely unfair manner.

>spend 1/3 of my life slaving away as someones bitch
>still live paycheck to paycheck


Wagecuck here in accounting.

About to haul my wagecuck ass to work on traffic on the first working day of the year.

Kill me.

P.S. Made more from shitcoins in 2017 than my actual job

because I dont want to


> hes not naked

nah I'm good

very much this

Most people who are rich didn't get that way by going the "traditional route". (Working hard at one job they went college for)

They found ways to game the system.

Delegation of grunt work, investments, multiple streams of income, finding back doors to prominent positions, etc.

I will behave as if money were no object, because my chuck e cheese tokens give me pretty good money. I can hone whatever skill I want and get better at it (and probably get paid for it later).

I put in my time, rolled the dice, and got lucky. Must be a sign from the universe to go ahead and start learning to make beats like I always wanted.

You can slave away for Mr. Schlomo if you really want to though.

1 whole litecoin? really? like either add more to it by redistrubuting from your other holdings, or just get rid of it. maybe im ocd, but seeing this shit really bothers me.

It's for good luck

Make the fuck outta those beats user

lol everybody who doesn't believe in having a job is why America will fail all of you betting your lives and existences on crypto will fail..without people working...who plans to work in the future, your dogs? or are all you faggots going to buy robots with your gains and send them to work...good luck being loser you fucking faggots...I have invested in crypto but hope it fails because I want to see you faggots struggle when it ya dig

>how bout you faggots acquire an applicable skill in the real world


>implying trading crypto is easy and requires no "real" work

Seems like it worked, and it would just be a drop in the bucket to get rid of it. Don't sell.

>there are people working 12hrs a day and earning 8$ a hour, how the hell can they not be happy with it?

you keep posting stupid shit in every thread that no one responds to.

Some jobs are worth it as I've never regretted becoming a pediatrician even once. I readily admit that I do have a severe gambling habit that crypto manages to properly satisfy and it's even better with the incredibly forgiving margin for failure vs risks.