Best one to hold for 2018?

Best one to hold for 2018?


XLM is definitely great. LINK will probably also be good, it is higher risk/higher reward. RLC would be my other pick for best gains throughout the year.

What about XRP?

fuck off with that jew ponzi scheme

never gonna make it

>putting LINK and XLM in the same sentence

lol deluded linkies


Screencap this, best perf coins of 2018

.1 PAC for the rest of the photodump

Why is no one talking about TRX, i got both XLM, LINK, ICX, and TRX.

poorfag so everything is in low denominations, but TRX already gave me gains of around 15%
i only have 1,998 of it but its not suppressed by whales that much so is easier to hodl if you are getting weak hands, bought LINK at .70 losing money on it, but i know it will go up, TRX and XLM help me keep it together


take out the word both

Also i could care less if your not talking about it to stock up on it

TRX didn't grow much in the last 20 days


TNT has turned $850 into over $2k for me so far. Just gonna hodl and hope it goes over $1 eventually. Got 3400 shares of TRX at around $.04, seems to be starting some decent gains. Might buy some BAT soon


but it grew in a stable manner, its only a matter of time for it to moon

same got it at .04 to best decision of my life after XLM on .32

Fuck off jew. Nobody needs your black mark bank coin to make gains. Leave the market


Almost got TNT AT $.07 but it doubled before my deposits cleared for withdrawal. Oh well. Probably gonna put some more into TRX since it's still so cheap

my friends almost got scam by ripple, so i directed them to kraken, so they saw it crash before their accounts got verified KEK

Why everyone shitting on Ripple here? Everywhere I go they put it as top5 for mooning in 2018.

my portfolio is only at 1,058 , started like a 3 days ago or so, and i already have a 10% on it, and they haven't even started their real moon missions
Although at most it covers from fees so right now I'm breaking even with a 10$ or so profit.
So if you have a site you recommend pls do tell

its going to do a big dip before it moons, if it does, and i don't have the patience or money.
If you look at my previous post. I'm a poor fag.
Also Have you check white papers on Ripple?

Also where do you go?


Lumens will drop back to .40 when FairX isn't ready for prime time.

LINK will see Rai like gains soon

This and XRB

Because there are 40 Billion tokens in circulation but most of the normies pumping the shit out of it don't realize the devs hold another 60 billion tokens they haven't dumped on the public yet.

>scammed by ripple
literally how?

it was around 2$ and they have weakhands would've of sold it at a loss

It's a dirty jewcoin created so the jewbanks could take our bitcoin

Yep, I still wonder how high it will go before XRP holders get shat on....... I hope it's not too high because I'll feel like a real twat for not using their dirty jew tactics to my advantage.