Why is no one talking about this? Mooning insane. Is everyone just accumulating?

Why is no one talking about this? Mooning insane. Is everyone just accumulating?

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Dont listen to op he is part of pump n dump group

they are targeting DRagon

see for yourself

kys faggot you just want people to click on your discord link

Fuck you I'm a legitimate believer

hi pajeet

nothing about the OP is pajeet. kys

Don't listen to the FUD, legit coin made by Disney and based out of Seattle.


I’ve been wondering why nobody is talking about it too. I enjoyed the gains today, looking forward to be real moon when itnlists on somewhere other than kucoin. Can’t believe it’s still so far under the radar and already worth this much.

Everything is mooning right now nigger. Yes, DRGN is mooning a bit faster than the rest, but not enough to make a bid deal out of it.

I think it's becuase of the logo honestly. People might also not understand the use of the incubator platform.

>literally called dragonchain

this place is truly retarded

This is a whole new type of inter-dimensional FUD

>American Blockchain
If we had fucking flags on this board your cockroach street shitting ass would be tard and feathered.

Your as dumb as they come you haven't even looked into this project.

It’s tarred and feathered.

Your a dumbass that can't fucking read. Go read about the fucking project first user, before spouting your dumbass mouth off.

I bought because of the logo. no shame.

Yeah I fucked up, read about dragonchain or you will be a fuck up too

Believing dragon trip to 20$

Kek you are right about one thing at least. No, I'm not buying your bags. I have at least 10 more promising coins on my sights. I'm sure you'll make a good profit but I can guarantee I'll do better.

What are you coins oh great cryto messiah?
Shut the fuck up faggot.

>What are you coins
>Shut the fuck up
What is it again? You want me to shill my picks or to shut up. Make up your mind dude.

The next XRB?

>Everything is mooning right now
love this bullshit meme

>made by Disney
fucking manchildren

Because PFR is mooning 3 times as hard

is this really backed by Disney? the fuckers just bought FOX, they own the world.

If they are investing in this shit, it will be huge.

x50 from current level before eoy

It was made by Disney.

I have been using this crypto group lately. It is pretty good. discord.gg/MW8NuYm

Kill yourself

Premier Pumping Group discord.gg/MW8NuYm