There will never be another chance to buy DBC this low

There will never be another chance to buy DBC this low.

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This thing dips like sure there will be. I dont think its breaking $0.18 until the next ocuple days..

16k here, ready for liftoff, if only the whales fuck off soon

>FengHe group (leading asian market investment platform)
>Huobi listing within a week

Feeling comfy as fuck too, user

finally picked up some with the kucoin gains. didn't feel too good about selling kcs off but this coins primed to have a boost

Dont listen to op he is part of pump n dump group

they are targeting DBC
see for yourself

Go away pajeet, nobody wants to join your shitty discord pumps

So they are targetting everything? I saw you shill your discord shit on an XRB thread. Fuck off.

Street shitter is spamming in every thread this same shit, kys faggot

No and I'm not even clicking on your shitty link to give you credit for an invite


8k into this and I am totally ready, when can I go to sleep though?

I'm keeping an eye on this discord to check what not to buy but I don't see DBC on there. Fuck off, rat

This is a top project to look at for in 2018. People sleeping on this. DeepBrain will fundamentally change the way we think about blockchain utility, AI and the entire structure of them.

If you had put $1k into DBC just a few days ago you'd have $4000 already.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to get in sub 20 cents. This project based out of China, already has several partnerships with huge companies such as Samsung and Lenovo. Not to mention NEO themselves have invested in this project.

It's not too late to get into DeepBrain and make massive gains with it.

This is a new exciting space DeepBrain is challenging and we're still early.

It's gaining traction fast though, 1.5 subs on reddit in a few days. Don't get left behind.

I think the whales are going to take this sideways for a few days so you have some time.

FUCKING LOWER SO MY .2 BTC buys in at .00090

$500 invest 2 days ago
$1100 now, feeling comfy m9

each dip the last 12 hours has been lower

just went below .14

my hands are becoming weaker by the second, I bought in at around $0.08 so I'm not too worried tho, may as well wait it out

That feel when you went from 1 shitcoin to another. Had BNTY and sold at +20%

Now this, bought in at 170...

me too.

just sell your bags pls so i could get more!

bought at 175, already think im fucked.
dont worry, it will get listed on huobi in the next few days probably

just chill the fuck out and hold. you aint gonna be a millionaire in a day jesus christ

We're still on an uptrend. Chill out.

You can panic when we dip below 0.11 but that won't happen because this coin is Apollo 72.

Yes there will. Tomorrow. And the next day, and the next, and the next...

don't worry I was exaggerating, I'm strapped in and keen for liftoff

This will easily reach 40 cents within a week


I have 10 LTC. How do I know if its better to go through ETH, BTC, or NEO to buy my DBC?

Tips appreciated.

All 4?

I mean how do I tell which will bring me the best value? Dollar amount?

> I have 10 LTC

LT-whatnow? Never heard of it, sry bruv.

DBC is the lowest it will ever be right now, houbi listing with eat these whales alive and there are lenovo, samsung and NEO partnerships coming. All the gpu currently being used to mine BTC and ETH will have to go somewhere when they give in to more efficient alts, alit will go into AI computing, hence this coin.

I'm laughing as no one who has responded to your question knows how to answer. This is why DBC wants to solve the issue of AI because humans are fucking retarded.

Also, you'll know which pair is better to exchange with if you do the math yourself. I personally use ETH trading pair as it is the lowest fee/quickest to send to Kucoin imo.

Getting into DBC under $0.20 is like getting into OMG under $1.

Why though

fuck im retarded, I used ETH for the same reasons

OMG = killer app for ETH
DBC = killer app for NEO

Sending NEO to Kucoin is free tho
It's on the voting list for binance listing, do they add multiple coins or only the most voted coin?DBC is 4th right now

thanks just bought 4k OMG and DBC. Am I going to make it?

Bought 26k DBC. Am I going to make it?



Hodl for Q1 2018. Trust me.

Why are whales obsessed with this coin so hard WTF

What is up with these giant sell walls?

Whales suppressing is usually a good sign because they're accumulating for a pump later. If it were a shitcoin then whales wouldn't even be interested. You should be accumulating too.

no fucking way it's going to beat the XRB pajeet army. No other coins should even bother trying. bad timing for a community vote.

Selling all my Dogecoins for this?

Hmm....Help me out.

Get the LTC-BTC/ETH/NEO exchange rate and divide by the price on each pairing, pick the highest number

>Bought at 1.1
>kept going down
>bought again at 1k
>goes down more

s-should I buy at 900?

I’m just bummed I didn’t sell at .17 yesterday to rebuy in now for the double dip

Makes no sense, you couldnt have known. Couldve rocketed to 0.20+.

Or you could buy a real coin like fucking DRGN incubated at Disney thats gonna be $50 soon idiots.
Or sphtx. Or ubq, or storm...or CAPP. Just to name a few. Youre fucking welcome. All I ask is you remember the calls. God speed anons.

I bought in really low a few days ago and I just fomo’d and bought more at 163 Eth, I don’t think now is a bad time

I feel like someone's gonna pull the trigger for dumping and get in on the eth rocket

is DBC does what they say they will, how will this not take over the world?

>sell at 930
>goes up

Realistically, what is the potential for this coin? $3? $5? We can speculate all day but is there actually any ceiling that could be hit or is it simply perception?

I have 400 dragons. Should I move a few more over into this? I have 3k already.

It's speculation based on total mcap growth this year. Who the fuck knows. Conservative estimates go up into multiple trillions already.

$0.20 would be easy if it werent for the whales

Hindsight bias is a real bitch tho lol

Here's me considering taking the 20% hit to put my 5k into dragons. Don't get into this POS user. Don't do it!

This year will shatter ALL marketcap records across the board. There is no ceiling in crypto and this coin has no competitors.

Well it really depends. These are the industry leaders in AI development so just based on that this coin should 5-10x easily. If (when) you can actually apply this kind of technology for actual developing/processing for pretty much everything this has the potential to go 1000x+ but this is just speculation of how the technology will be used in the future.

I don't really want to. I love my dragons. They're the first coin that actually mooned on me, so they have a special place in my heart.

the whales must be laughing right now when you panic because of the dip (moving his huge sell walls)

now he can accumulate and keep the price low.

For the people complaining about the whales, from a small investor:

Kucoin's currently running a contest that you can read about here: but the long and short of it is that the whales are either buying their own massive sell walls or they're accumulating for the purposes of this contest to trade/hold high amounts of DBC.

The contest ends 2018/01/02 23:59 (UTC+8) at which point the sale walls may potentially disappear. If not, I would think it's safe to assume accumulation is happening before DBC is listed on Huobi which could happen as early as this week. The "official" date is only stated to be some time after January 1st.

Either way, this seems like a good time to purchase these small dips to me. Just wish I had more to throw at it.

Then new money for brains or no dice is how I see it. I have dragons too and sadly not nearly that much. Now that's a good quality hold.

January 2nd or February 1st? Facking burgers! And no, I ain't googling that shit it's 3am.

I'm just worried that the dragons will correct back down to $2 flat and I'll lose the chance to move profits. I'm not good at this spotting trends thing.

On the other hand, KuCoin seems to be getting bigger and bigger and bigger and DRGN could be the next big thing there. It could balloon up to $5 or $6 by the end of next week.

January 2nd. It's on their website as a "EOY Carnival."

Drgn will keep going up. 10$ by March. DO NOT SELL DRAGONS BROTHER.

Thanks for clarifying. Sorry I sounded mean. That was a childish move. You're alright user, you're alright.

Does this mean people will start dumping afterthe contest is over?

Fuck. I'll move my REQ into DBC tomorrow instead then. Maybe get some bounty too. KuCoin has too many interesting coins.

Yes, and that's when the chinks will put it on their exchange. Not right after we pump it for a stupid fucking contest. They're not that dumb.

Can some TAutist advice me if I should sell and rebuy now or not? Where will the floor be?
Also, you sure this won’t get BNTY’ed?

Oh no. Don't move your req out either. That shit is 1 dollar by end of the week. Some shite announcement on Friday is gonna push it the next 20¢ at least. Something about Seattle. I'd hold for that. BNTY, now that's something I would get rid of.

It's fine, user. This is one of the few boards where I accept people being wound up because of what it concerns.

Some posters have speculated that will happen, yes. I'm personally going to hold through it and possibly buy more if it does dip. Personally, I would think anyone with a large portion of this coin wouldn't be dumb enough to dump before Huobi. It would make more sense to let it go up first, then throw it into the feeding frenzy of a new market opening. The first night that this coin opened on Kucoin, it was actually priced 3-4 cents higher than LBank. I'd guess some people really made a lot of money on that very brief price difference before Kucoin's price corrected itself back to around 7 cents per DBC.

>Pump it for a contest
I'm not sure about that user. It's actually been stonewalled from rising due to the contest, it seems like.

It's #8 now on CMC. It'll be top 5 EOW, screecap this if you want I don't care.

trading at around 14c, max supply of 10b means this thing has a marketcap of 1.4 billion dollars. hardly a low cap/cheap coin, and imo quite overpriced for something so new

Pajeet spotted


stop trying to sell me your bags lmao

Market Cap = Circulating Supply * Price

It's not Total Supply * Price you pajeet

Bnty has seen the bottom, it's currently on it's way up.

#8?? I don't see it there.

yeah, and in this case the circulating is total. oh, you mean nobody knows the circulating because this is literally a week old coin and they haven't put the figures on CMC yet? lmao stay poor with this overly shilled pajeet coin

it's that time again when I have to close Veeky Forums because I feel pain reading retarded comments

Any info at all about the devs or even a whitepaper? Seems overpriced with this little info

Nope no information exists on the whole of the internet microsoft partnered with figmints of you imagination.


Get it on KuCoin NOW
use: 1bR17
on sign up for extra wins

> $17 million volume
> Coin was listed a couple of days ago


The exchange is doing a contest, whoever traded the most volume wins some shitty car or something. The volume is REALLY pumped by this, the price however is not.