ITT we analize coins and we call for scams.

XVG not included, too obvious scam.

I start with RaiBlock, yes.

I won't evan talk about the exponential grow in value.

The thing that so called XRB millionaries don't understand is that this coins is only traded on pajeet tier exchanges with no liquidiy.

If you're in crypto long enough or you understand how the world works, you know that not every single XRB is worth $34 as soon as the sell of begin.

And if you think that it will skyrocket if it will ever hit Binance... Well, wrong. It will tank, hard.

Long story short, if you bought XRB now you're fucked fucked for the rest of your life, if you bought over $10 you won't make a real profit until it will be pumped in the future, below $5 was a good call for an actual 2x, if you bought before December and you didn't sell you've done a great deal, congrats.

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>Vechain lists Vitalik as advisor
>Vitalik says hes not

>electroneum devs are 90% marketing

xrb is confirmed for kucoin and basically confirmed for binance

might not skyrocket but it'll consolidate and continue it's growth. easy top 10 coin



Also Deep Brain Chain. It seems to have come out of nowhere.

OmiseGO is legit, but Tony Hawk & Co. are just masters at marketing.

not a reason to call it scam. i guess everything is scam now.

MAGA coin, where has that faggot gone?

Cashed out duh.

that's true. Doing my due diligence on it anyways.

I remember when it was just rumors that ADA was getting added to bittrex that the guy behind it is known for running financial scams (mainly through Japan).
That being said, people are retards and if they fuck something up and lose money they scream "scam".

Anyway, ADA seems to be doing pretty damn well for itself so it's probably a bit hard to claim it's just a scam.

>electroneum devs are 90% marketing
I don't think that's enough reason to consider it a scam. Is OMG a scam?

xrp and iota


iota probably, xrp probably not

Just bcoz bankers and kikes backing XRP, it doesnt make it scam. But fuck kikes though. They will scam you on long run.

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I have managed to sell 255k of xrb into BTC and transfer it to Coinbase and cash out with literally zero issues. You are such a huge faggot OP. Fucking kill yourself after exterminating your family to remove their pajeet genes from the planet.



One of the devs is a psychologist w/ 8 months experience
Business case is stupid
Anonymous lead dev
Pajeet tier logo design
Cult like telegram following

As much as this triggers several posters, LINK is the biggest fucking scamcoin out there

like, the tech isn't even ready, sergey just goes on vacation backpacking for weeks with the mad dole he made instead of finishing the code, like wtf.
I don't think the LINK platform will be ready before 2022+ at this pace, and before that another crypto will show up promising to do everything LINK does and better.

where did u sell it at and at what price?


How is Wabi a scam...

t. salty non-xrb buyer

I'm not saying they're scams. I want to know what people think of them.


You salty faggots calling every single big thing you missed on a scam to cope is just sad.

Enigma will outperform all!

>>electroneum devs are 90% marketing
I consider this a boon not a bust.
When they market their way onto an exchange that issn't Shittopia it will moon hard.

another "i missed out on the xrb train" faggot
once it hits binance and kukoin, the only way is up. any dips will be temporary and another opportunity to buy. beyond this, it's a coin with actual working tech. i've no doubt it will eventually replace ethereum and litecoin as the currency people trade and withdraw with, simply because it's fast and free. a true chad coin.

BTC, $30 transaction fees for an 8 hour transaction is a rip off

Seconding LINK. It's disturbing that nothing of value has actually been produced yet, even less than most other projects and it's all theoretical yet everyone's buying into it. He could never develop it any further for the next 2 years without giving any updates and the price would still go up because of the cult supporting this scamcoin.

He thinks link is a scam