So sick these payfair pajeets

so sick these payfair pajeets.
it's a russian scam coin and you guys are gona have your asses fucked when they confido you.

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Linda/grim/onion/verge/bytecoin etc etc etc

Money hates stupid and flies from them.

But it has a comfy logo!

falling for the logo meme.

confindo went to a dollar before everyone knew it was a scam

yea, and im telling you this is a scam at $.10

Hey I'm a senior NodeJS developer who's hodling payfair and I would love to hear your high level input on how that massive commit 5 days ago is a scam.

I'd love to discuss the intricacies of the code with you and discuss how they use modern ES7 and nodeJS practices. Things are designed modularly and simply too.

But I'm guessing you just made this thread to spew shit like all the other retards.

not saying PFR is a scam, it could go either way
big risk big reward as they say

feels great, i bought this when it first hit ED and was bagholding for a long time. it wasnt until the pajeets came along and started shilling that i managed to break even

Cool! I'm holding as well, but I don't know shit about coding.
Would you say everything looks legit?
Like the code looks good and like it will do something?

better dump on those pajeets while you still can

So I'm not going to lie and say I spent a lot of time trying to "understand" the code. Without spending a lot of time going over everything I can only speak at a surface level. What I did check

- checked in google if many parts were copy pasted ( I could not find any such snippets)

- verified the code was written in a professional and reliable way (they use modern coding style and practices)

- There was a ton(like lags your computer ton) of changes in the last commit. Many of these were generated file diffs but there was a very substantial amount of handmade code changes.

Other than the 10-15% I reserve in my head for anything being a scam(10% because crypto + 5 % personal mistakes when vetting) I see no indicators of a scam(other than them being russian)

OP I'm waiting for you babe...

>other than them being Russian
Thanks. I feel better knowing there is actually something being done.

you faggots have to get on with the times

what have we learned in crypto

if it's chinks, gooks, or slavics it's a good fucking project

we should turn into the next great shilling, like bounty

eveyrone hop on the train

This is now a Payfair appreciation thread.

I'm excited to know how much we can possibly make with the 1% fees

I believe in the idea but I'm not past petty shilling to get things moving lol.

btw someone fill my order on etherdelta at 93601 , trying to average down thanks

Same, because the project is so small, the community has to inform people about Payfair until they can get some real marketing going.

I read they will have a video this month. This will be huge just to have any sort of marketing.

Btw this is a sign the coin is fire

there was a dude earlier who claimed he pumped this all on his own. i wouldnt doubt it based on dealt order history.

Trying to lower the price to buy more?

I'm waiting for any decent dip to fill up my bags, but it won't fucking dip.
I'll be kicking my self if it never goes down and I never buy.
I just love getting a bargain too much.

just because it uses ES6/7 implicitly doesn't mean it's solid senpai.

Good to hear they're trying to keep it modern and composable. that alone has me interested

>to the thread:
does anyone have a link to the white paper? im trying to pull it up on their site but it's dead... wanna learn about the 1% fees

meant to say backup white paper.

smoked a bowl too many

As I said I'm not going to do a code review for some Ru coin I got recommended off Veeky Forums. I just like gambling which is why I do this I don't even really care about money.

Could be true.
Etherdelta was running out of sell orders. I thin there was only 2 sell orders at .00017
before it was gona be at .0004

I have this.

i bought in really high like 149 range

so im hoping i can get a buy order in the 93 range so i can average my breakeven to 120 or so

Yea, just wait it out. I see some weak hands occasionally selling around .00009

mfw phone was at 1 percent when i refreshed and saw 14 fucking cents after my hangover

10% Profits on elite pumping group

how about you jump off a bridge you worthless sack of shit get away from my bags. and a happy new year, your resolution is to not be a faggot who acts like discord verter's side hoe.

kinda triggered right now by those two people who just sold for a lower price than im offering

im being trolled wtf

0.000089010 261.345 0.023
0.000092001 571.629 0.053

you'd probably make more money with this street shitter's pnd than with this scam coin

they are trying to control the price senpai/

Hahaha. I jist dint ubderstand some times.
Every once in a while I see a buy order higher than the lowest sell order. Wtf?

i mean i guess but still my offer is right next to those just a bit higher


woo got it filled boys lets go

now to commence the shill campaign

It's funny because those fake trades are from one person to themselves.

Someone is trying to manipulate the price right now.

Cheap sell wall up for grabs.

friendship with dbc is ended
now pfr is my best friend

Lol, I love how someone always corrects the price with a tiny buy right after.

anyone kind enough to chuck 11 PFR to finish filling my order (93501), its sitting there with 0.01 ETH remaining and OCD too much

Someone is selling for .000085 buy from there. Jut buy what you need

oh lol true forgot i can just do multiple orders on this shit exchange

so used to my fund being locked in order

Ahhh wish I could make easy money right now. Buy orders are higher than the sell orders!!!

It's free money, but I'm too sacred to fuck around with my stack. Don't wanna lose any for a stupid mistake.

or we are getting dumped on idk ive been following all day

there ya go pal :) now improve yourself this new year and help both of us get some cash

Nice. That's the cheapest I've seen in a while.

I think maybe someone is trying to get others to panic sell to pick up more coins.
There been some weird trades below average value.

Good buy anyways.

yaay love ya friend

bringing out the shills and meme game soon dw

Scooped up 11k of these earlier. Can't wait til it gets on a not fucking shithole of an exchange.

Any news on that ?

the 5th we will have a wealth of updates. i think this coin is due for a small correction before then
someone is manipulating the books and they are probably reading this

Meme material

i was reading up the subreddit and there were posts from mid december saying they were confirmed for yobit and had paid the fee, should be happening any time soon

More Meme material

sold on this one 10/10

Can one of you send me .01 ether so I can keep buying 10 of the higher price and keep it high? I have the ether inside the internal but ran out of my external lol.

Lol. I hate when that happens. Post wallet

address brother


yes dears buy espers now cheap you want shiny car? pump my coin daddy oh yes sirs

id send ya the ether but my metamask wallet right now is sitting at



this is going on the community vote for kucoin. we just have to meme it on now.

when is this going to land on other exchanges?

it has a pretty high volume for a "shitcoin" on ED, kucoin should be easy for this bad boy to get on

>tfw holding 50k of these things

Hell yes! We got this!

Make sure to join the telegram. The devs are active on there.
Just Google search Payfair telegram

yup and i have a feeling too man. i have made the most money from kucoin it would make sense.
even though they fucked up my bounty withdraw and i couldnt sell top they still have good shit and im coming back

Thanks sorry was taking a shit

ok senpai do ya thing then,

this is a payfair hate thread, not an idiot convention.

its a payfair appreciation thread now pajeet

go hold some verge bags or something



Payfair holders are FUD proof.

Got the Ether, I'm back boys 10 PFR at a time

>modern ES7
If you'd a good nodejs or js in general dev you'd see it's a spaghetti monster.
- mixing promises and async/await
- lack of arrow functions
- single line json, really???
- lack of proper logging, who uses console.log in production?
- lack of const declarations, literally everything is let for them
- let _user = this; // is this the ES7 way??? if so, kys

What does this mean? Dumb it down for me.
Good code or bad code?

Anonymous functions are not always the right choice

bleh sometimes you have to wrap sync code in a promise I personally didn't see much of that

Also what about doing a Promise.all call to resolve many async functions

single line json - pedantic and irrelevant

I see const everywhere ctrl f finds 200+ matches many of which are them declaring JS variables

console.log is garbage they should use winston or the bunny one

let self = this; is the cannonical way no? Also nitpicky

This is more modern than 90% of code out there

also none of your critique was "spaghetti" you literally just linted the code dipshit

the fuck are you talking about, they have shitton of const declarations

not really gonna go through all of these but lmao @ "one line json, really?"

pajeet pls

Fake news

you smell like curry, i bet you dont even know how to program anything other than your moms tits.

Fake news, you can't program tits.
Autistic tandoori virgin.

Any speculations on the price? Why is this big? Can't it stay at 10 cents forever?

man she is cute isn't she?
and yeah come in a week and we are 2x if not more by then

My guesses
$.50 after new exchange. Which will be soon
$1 February
$10 eoy if God loves us.

$.0001 next month