Next coin to be revived

Whats the next raiblocks/ember/reddcoin?

A coin thats been stagnant for months but has the potential to sky rocket.

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Picture an hourglass.

Dropping since September, just started its run. Looks like easy x2.

The most hated token.

iExec imho



Ark is my second biggest holding (only just though) but I'm seriously close to dumping the lot. Is there some new development or any news coming up that would cause it to moon?

DNA desu?

I'm considering increasing my DNA stack, looks primed for another run.


I have no idea. I just meme the shit out of Ark because I am so appreciative of Grandburger, a guy on discord, just giving me 20 ark. Ive been holding onto them ever since they were worth like $14 and now I've got over $160 on average. I am going to continue to hold them. Pic related

Not much happening on the twitter front from the devs as far as I can see, and the ark mobile wallet release didnt bump the price too much. A humble 2x by the looks of things. I have heard mumblings among non-believers that the devs are trying to find an application for Ark and wondering what exactly to do with it.

You know all the FUD around this place though.


I've read through the website, trawled the reddit and I just struggle to justify in my head why people would want this coin. I know it hasn't got any competition but I don't see why blockchain is needed to do the shit they wanna do. Oh well I'll probably just buy hold then sell the news anyway.



Trading at $0,00036 now
If it goes to $0.36 you will x1000 your money



Remember XCS? It's being revived for the second time as ARMR. If they ever find a dev who can make them a coin, that is. That whole community is the biggest garbage fire I've every seen.


Nuls. I expect at least 20x. Market cap 50m and is competing with Qtum and Neo.

The protagonist character from the "Legend of Zelda" series

Im holding around 5000 Nuls.


Second for Bitshares.

Will absolutely stump everyone in 2018.


Also, ICX hasn't exactly been stagnant, but it will explode when Great Korea gets it


He's talking about GNDRF

RDD will moon hard within a week.

dude dont be an idiot. ark is practically ATL in sats and its a new fucking june. Its the only decent coin that hasent mooned lately. news is gay anyway, im sure the ark people are doing all they can to make money at this point and will work even harder than usual given how much money is at stake.



annon, do you even understand how prices work?

kin has a circulating supply of 756,097,560,976
if it were to go to 0.36$, that would mean that it would have total market cap of 281,58,509,800

that's more than bitcoin is right now

and if it goes to 360$ you will 1000000x your money. the shit biz spews is on another level sometimes



>Infinite Scaling (could handle 72000 transactions per second with the storage of a bitcoin node)
>No blockchain bloat (Blockchain only needs last 100 blocks to work)
>0 Confirmation transactions (send funds instantly)
>0 fee (first operation in block)
>Accounts instead of addresses (easier to remember)
>will have ZCashs privacy implemented in a future update
>a blockchain and not a DAG

infinite scaling:

sending funds:

they will release a new wallet soon.

atm its trading on poloniex and has still a low cap.

devs are trying to get this onto a bigger exchanges.

I know, bro
I don't expect it to go that high. But I like coins with a huge amount of tokkens because the coin price seems cheaper to the general public (like Ripple does)

>Trading at $0,00036 now
>If it goes to $0.36 you will x1000 your money


when the fuck will north korea get acess to icx?