You have 1 month to save up as much money as you can to buy STK on the first day before it goes 20x

You have 1 month to save up as much money as you can to buy STK on the first day before it goes 20x.

You remember what happened to TenX, right? Well, this is a better project with a MasterCard partnership.

Letting you guys know now so Veeky Forums can actually make some money for once and stop buying high.

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Why did t you still this during ico?
Another alt to avoid also reddit spacing go back saged

>pajeet tries to tell me im a plebbiter
I think what you asked is, why didn't I shill this during ICO?

There was so much demand during the pre sale it never made it to an ICO. At least I'm telling you now faggot, be grateful you smelly man

thanks op. i think this is going to be my first day 1 purchase

I at least got the community airdrop but that wont do shit. And I doubt im going to be able to buy any before it goes 20x

I applied for the airdrop but I'm canadian hope I still get it.

Where do we even buy?

No problem. I'll remind this board the day before it gets listed too.

I don't think day 1 it will be insanely high, maybe 2-3x. After a week though, I see this being already 10x from ICO price.

Can't buy yet, but it's an ERC20 token so will be available on EtherDelta at the very least.

Seeing how strong the team is, they'll probably have a Binance listing or something occur very soon after.

Dont things usually go parabolic right after they hit exchanges and then dump, then climb back to where they should be?

Wait is the community airdrop already given out?

So, I have $500 to dump into a coin. What coin should I buy before I use those gains to purchase this?

Dont listen to op he is part of pump n dump group

they are targeting Stk
see for yourself

depends when it lists according bitcoin bull/bear market, how many and which exchanges they list on, how much pre sale discount and bonus tokens will get dumped by whales and how frequently they meet roadmap objectives.

The best one

I'm not buying your shitty bags pajeet
Whoever buys this @ x10 it's real price once it hits exchamges is a cuck. Just save your money and throw your eth at the next ico fellas, youall too late for this one.

Found the cuck

I see what you are doing and I approve

fucking salty as fuck theres no ico

this is the best starter crypto project ive seen possibly ever

mastercard partnership and working product are you fucking kidding me

will buy upto 5x when lists, after that i dunno but ill think about even 10x

fuck you presale cunts

What do you faggots think the price will be ?

Agreed. Trying to increase my funds as much as possible until february and all in on this. It'll be my rocket to lambo on mars.

I already 4x in the past week. This PnD thing is too easy. Comfy af.

looks good desu

>tfw got 30% bonus on this during private sale
Feels good. Put 50 eth into this, it will make me a millionare lol.

>mastercard partnership
Show proof fgt

Scroll down on their site to the part where they list the news articles they are mentioned in. Many talk about the partnership.

Noone talking about a mastercard partnership.

Jeeeezus, learn to read m80


The last ICO that Benn Godenzi (STK Marketing Advisor) advised for, was AION.

This is the next big Canadian crypto. It'll at least match Monaco, and likely TenX.