Wisdom teeth

any medfags here?
Having pains after wisdom teeth removed
not really swollen but pretty painful
bleeding stopped and I took painkillers
what else should I do to make this shit go away faster?

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Rinse with warm salt water, dont drink from a straw.

invest in DENT

vitamin c and a healthy varied diet

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There's this shit called Dentacoin. Google it. You have to use Coinexchange or HitBTC to buy it but I think it's what you're looking for.

Ice pack and eat more yoghurt


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Oh fuck are you me?
They were coming in fine, now the back crotch of my jaw on the left side is all swollen up, left lymph node swollen, I can't close my mouth or chew.
Trying to see a doctor or dentist tomorrow about it but fuck me this is shitty. Spend hours trying to fall asleep is a position that's comfortable with an open mouth and end up waking up in a puddle of drool.

>Having pains after wisdom teeth removed
How long ago?
If the bleeding stopped and you take your painkillers, it will go away by itself.

Take paracetamol 1000mg every 6 hours so you build up a steady blood level.
Combine it with an NSAID, such as Ibuprofen 400mg every 6 hours. If you're over thirty make sure you take pantoprazole 20mg/day as well to prevent gastric ulcers.

Just had mine removed a month ago. It is hell for a week, you can't talk you can't speak and it keeps bleeding.
Protip for sleeping is to just elevate your head and its 10 times as good as normal sleeping.
Don't eat stuff from a straw the suction opens up the wounds, keep the blood clots in your mouth and just bear with it.
Don't take too many painkillers, take a moderate amount rather than alot over a whole day instead of 3 times.

Get yourself a puree stick or something like that, eat chicken soup with actual chickenmeat and add something different each tiem for flavour and eat that, goes great and tastes really good.

Don't take paracetamol because it thins your blood and makes you bleed more.

It is weird because everyone I talked to when I had this hellish pain told me that it wasn't so bad for them, now I would say the same, it wasn't so bad. But when you are actually there it is hell, it was bad.

Rub some rum on the areas it will numb the pain.

Don't use alcohol it messes with the healing process.

Good to know. I hope I can keep them but I have the feeling they will want to yank them all out. It's been fine up until now, they're about half way through the gums then just swole the fuck up for no reason. fug.

Might be a cold socket, ask your dentist, is the pain localised?


Literally what happened to me, I also tought I'll be a smartass and just deal with the pain so I don't get them removed. It was hell, then it got better, then a different one tried to came out and got kind of infected, slashing open my whole cheek with the new sharp tooth. Then I got them removed and that was even worse but atleast it was over after a week.
Even if you get some out fine, while the others aren't out you are going to chew on your cheek and gums.

you mean drysocket.

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it may be dry socket OP, I'm not a med fag but had all 4 removed a couple years ago.

Drysocket is actual ass I tried smoking ~3 days after getting a tooth yanked and it pulled the clot out, smoke got in the hole and dried it out. Was 100x worse pain then having the tooth.

Yeah yeah, i remember it feeling like i had bitten something really cold, the word stuck woth me

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DENT legitimately great usecase.

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mfw there is actually a DENT coin

>fell for the wisdom teeth removal jew

Got a lot of DENT, can I get my teeth fixed in a few years with it?

Im a dentist, google dry socket and buy some fucking FCT

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