Everything else moons but this

>Everything else moons but this
>Bags getting heavy, 10% of portfolio

Should I sell half at a bit of a loss to buy req, link & xlm when they're at aths?

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Thanks. Any agreements as to why I shouldn't?

it will moon when you sell

Xmr was 10% of my portfolio(.247). Sold it for trx earlier today. Best decision i could make

I like this thread

Am 100 percent in monero. Exitpoint is 800 usd

monero is a dead meme coin, slow expensive and leaks your ip anyway so who needs it.

dump those bags and buy xlm its about to moon again. you can always buy xmr again with your profits

Mate you're confusing it with xvg

91% XMR here. Feels good man. Will dump at 1200 USD.

Some of you seem to want to miss every moon

Monero will MOON when another big hacking to big companies happens, because the hackers will ask to be paid in Monero

That's what I keep thinking. Plus I swear there's strange buy & sell walls on binance & bittrex. Not that I really know, but it looks like the price is being kept low on purpose

maybe req if u hurry, forming a bull flag. but desu your probably just selling your monero right before it pops to 800 lol.

You should have seen the monero shill threads the past week as a warning sign. 1-2 months ago, there were practically no monero threads on here.

I've not seen any & I've been lurking. My instinct says don't sell right now so may be I'll wait, or just sell a negligible amount.

Where else are 10% returns possible. Join elite crypto group discord.gg/MW8NuYm

>10% of portfolio
30% here, i'm comfy, it will outperform eth/btc like it alway did.

I know it's crazy, it's the greed though, when will it end. I dont think I'll sell, I know if regret it, I love xmr

Don't sell monero dude
I plan to buy a lot in the coming days
This crypto can go way way higher than expected

Thanks I'm not going to, just needed Veeky Forums to hold my hand & tell me it's all going to be ok

I'm salty as fuck I was only sitting at .026 when that massive spike hit on Binance. The potential instant gains there were enormous and I got a measly fraction.

lol literally asking for permission to sell low and buy high

>being this retarded
>wants to exchange working products for vaporware
Either you put in too little, or you are just retarded


5% returns possible in elite crypto group discord.gg/MW8NuYm

All in monero since early November. Literally comfy af no longer addicted to chasing pumped shitcoins and checking blockfolio every 5 minutes. Will i be a millionaire? Nope, but all that stress and risk is just not worth it, I’ll settle for 100k instead.

you will soon enough. Told normie friend about XMR back in July, he trusted my autism, and he is now a millionaire and will finally escape Germanistan. XMR will blow up as more people learn about it, the tech speaks for itself

>tfw only 7 XMR
I wish I had a job.

Anyone with over 50xmr will make it. I am serious.

>Tfw only 4 XMR

Currently I have my XMR split up a bit between Bittrex and Binance. I was considering moving the Bittrex holdings to Binance since trading there is nicer and Bittrex is the smaller stack. But I went to do so and the Chinese are fucking me by being unclear.

>Depositing Monero to Binance requires BOTH a deposit address and a deposit Payment ID.If you fail to include the Payment ID with your deposit the funds will be lost forever.
>XMR Deposit Address:
>XMR Deposits :

Am I supposed to assume XMR Deposits is the payment ID?

Monero research labs has Bulletproofs working on the testnet, is actively researching SPECTRE which uses DAG like XRB and is also looking at using z-SNARKs for privacy.

These guys are pros and this coin will absolutely moon in the near future.

Another thing is that since comfy holding 100% xmr, I am actually excited about blockchain applications again, similar to that first feeling you had when you realised how big a fucking deal this could be, rather than just ‘will this shitcoin market itself well enough to convince people to throw their money into it?’

Is that boipucci?

this. I can finally sleep again with XMR.
t. Made most of my wealth on Yobit coins

I know what a Payment ID is. My question is regarding Binance's failure to communicate clearly.

Luckily Payment IDs are going to be dead soon and we won't have this kind of implementation problem.

The thing is that this isn't going to 10x next week it's a good coin but not a fun coin. But Verge? That's a rollercoaster of emotions.

The Verge ride is over imo, it's amazing it even had liftoff with the scam it was/is.

But that's the problem though, theres a legit chance to get 1m returns right now and while I love xmr, I am torn between that and more gains. I mean realistically, can xmr x10? Yes may be it can, 3000 isn't unrealistic, but x100? That's not going to happen, while other coins could realistically x20,30,40 ...x100.

Its a standard address. Payment id is the second one. I do agree the chinks need to translate it better since its 32bytes

test it there. and the payment id should be 64 characters long. Dont generate your own, the Binance system has an id specific to you, the one on the second form field. But clear it out with support before sending

I figured as much, but I wanted to be sure because I don't want to blackhole my money.

Why exactly was old-style not deprecated anyway? Isn't it public/naked while the Integrated address is encrypted while being smaller? Not that it really matters since both are going away but it always annoyed me that the 32byte one is even an option.

It has to be over, I expected it would go up a bit after the Wraith release even if it does nothing but even that seems to have failed

Afaik it's not even released. How hard is it to release nothing lol.

its deprecated but Binance hasnt updated the address creation logic yet. The chinks are just lazy. They havent even fixed their broken login page since months, you expect them to update their nodes and rewrite the XMR modules?


You're doing step 1 of you know what's coming next user

What broken login page?

You guys are so late, if you're into undervalued privacy coins xspec was the next one after verge. I'm already x2. Not shilling on my own xmr thread, just saying

Doesn't work on all browsers. Also spaghetti rushed code. If you dont have 2fa on there, you are just asking to get fucked

By the looks of it Bittrex hasn't moved from the 32bit ID either.

you dont say

I have 2FA but now I'm concerned all the same. I have like $10,000 sitting on there.

Holy shit that Tx was fast as fuck. I only submitted it on Bittrex a couple of minutes ago and it's already on Binance at 2/5.

nah youll be fine. We shall be given BNB tokens to soothe the pain of cybertheft. They will be redeemable within an year, or the Binance management shall offer us shares in their growing enterprise kek. Im glad the Tx worked