Is Crypto really in bubble?

Does anyone else have a feeling crypto is not in bubble not matter the FUD?

Currently everything is linked to BTC market and BTC has its own Market Makers, which have been proven to absolutely manipulate with the market by putting thousands of BTCs as buying/selling walls, causing BTC to dip/pump.

However, no matter what happens with crypto.. there seems to be hundreds of new projects being implemented each month with some sort of new idea/technology.

I know it looks very pessimistic when BTC dips hard and the hell unleashes, but there's just too many smart people jumping onto blockchain/crypto technology and I really don't see this stopping any time soon.

Even if BTC crashes, there will be some other currency that will replace it and be the new standard.

The whole thing is just Pandora Box that has been freshly opened to be honest and we are sitting on literary on the front lines.

Who the fuck knows what is going to come out of this. Nobody imagined when BTC came out all this technology will cause crypto where it is today.

Next thing that might be big is Hashgraph and that's just one of few things that also emerged.

Anyone else has similar feeling, no matter how much it resembles a bubble?

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everything is a bubble

yes but it might be the biggest bubble we see. Coins could lose 80 percent of their value and still continue cause they aren't shares so there's no threat of bankruptcy. In 2-3 years we're going to see stupid amounts of money thrown into this.

Btc is in a bubble but alts are speculative investments and 99% of them will never real world use.
Im praying for btc decoupling, can we put deluded corecucks to quarantine?


All the doomsayers are banker faggots who don't want people like us to get rich.

Even if somehow Market Makers make BTC drop/crash to 2k$ and every other alt crashes 200% overnight and market cap of crypto is reduced to 100bn$..

There is still going to be hundreds of developers/marketers starting to develop their own shit. It has gone too far and too many smart people are working on it for this to ever really crash.

I don't know, even though there is a lot of retarded money invested in it, the fact that there is insane amount of top developers working on this and seeing a bright future for crypto will always make me feel safe.

Anyone with decent brain is not really afraid of any crash in near future.

There's simply too much good technology to be implemented and solve real world issues or enhance the technology.

I don't agree. There's already a bunch of alts that are used for various applications and solve problems.

Right now there's just a competition between, which coin will have the fastest and cheapest transactions. While other ideas of what crypto can solve are emerging on daily basis.

ETH is breaking free literally right now

You have companies with a couple of developers instantly getting billion dollar valuations (ICO valuations that is). On top of that the, the tokens they issue don't reflect the value in the blockchain. If you analyse etherium's or bitcoin's value in that it allows you to pay for bytes on the blockchain, they are not worth thousands of dollars, more like a couple at best. This is a bubble. For example, look at SALT - collateralised lending is really simple yet they've issued a pointless token which literally acts as a fee. Bitconnect, a literal scam, has a MC over 2 billion... So it's a bubble on two fronts a) value of token != value of blockchain platform b) value of blockchain itself is overvalued.

Logistic and exponential growth look the same in the beginning. Eventually it will grow to a finite market cap.



this came from CSW

the value of the crypto doesn't equate to the value of the company.

It doesn't matter anymore.


Aye, but the fundamental metric of putting data on the blockchain severly overvalues crypto. That's my point - the token value != value of the platform. 1 bitcoin gets you approx 2.5kb on the blockchain. That's not worth 13 grand.

with enough money taxes are irrelevant
>oh no I have to pay 20% on 10 million
I'll happily take my 8 mil

Literally all crypto's promise is a product after 5 years, BZC is the only one of 20 coins that's actually finished.

sounds like your Brain is very deep user. Congrats for this, seriously.

everyone who screams bubble and ponzi at everything doesnt understand the simple fact that when you live in a free market capitalist society, there are winners and losers. people who cant accept this should probably kill themselves because marxist philosophy will soon be obsolete

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The people saying cryptos aren't in a bubble are people that are either too young to remember the dot com bubble or have no clue how business cycles work.

Yes, you absolutely should have some healthy FUD in your assessment of cryptos because we're currently looking at 95% of the market being speculators and 5% being actual users. People are flooding into the market both as speculators and with shitcoin scams as everyone is euphoric on the fact that they're making staggering profits riding the prices up. The second the euphoria wears off and people aren't confident it's going to keep rising will see a fucking staggering sell-off and the price for 1% of the coins will probably plummet 90% or more within a day or two. The other 99% of coins will plummet to be worth literally nothing as 99% of coins are get-rich-quick schemes that have absolutely no use-case and will die and be forgotten when the bubble pops. And I'm not even talking about bottom ranking shitcoins either, at least half the shit in the top 10 coins by marketcap currently are completely worthless.

The only coin I feel safe in is Monero because it solves problems for money launderers and drug dealers and even then that is a long-term coin.

Please dude stop. Every thread

Money supply bubble, debt bubble, stocks bubble, real estate bubble. The only things not in a bubble are cryptos, precious metals and commodities. XRP is the central banks vehicle for resetting the global financial system. XRP is a global debt jubilee. They're going to run it up to a $50 Trillion market cap and use it as the new global reserve currency.