Bitcoin dominance is at an all time low at 36.1%

Bitcoin dominance is at an all time low at 36.1%

Will 2018 be the year Bitcoin stops being the top 1 crypo?

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Good time to buy Bitcoin

Xrp will be numero uno this month


Y | E | S

The world is full of idiots who invest their money in shitty stuff like ripple...if we want a better world, real democracy and decentralized money we need to put our trust in bitcoin and just wait.

>being this much of an amnesiac
>disrespecting the king
get ready to get JUSTed for the umpteenth time

This. The next bull run will annihilate alts

2018 will be the year where the true world currency is adopted globally
Go all in on XRB now


XRB will literally become irrelevant the second BTC gets any scaling 2nd layer added to it.

Pro-tip - The first ever Lightning Network transaction was performed on the BTC mainnet a few days ago

yes because people still want to have transaction fees

Xrb is better than the lightning network. You are talking about an old leaky cup getting some nice superglue. Or a new cup thats made out of Material to prevent it from breaking.


wew lad

Even if you were right, we're just here to make money not to make a better world

I already 4x in the past week. This PnD thing is too easy. Comfy af.

t. baby boomers

Learn to do math and basic macroeconomic research. XRP is a coin designed by and for the billionaires and trillionaires.

$90 Trillion - global paper and electronic money
$70 Trillion - global stock markets
$215 Trillion - global debt
$215 Trillion - global real estate

Assuming a supply of 100 billion coins, if 1% of these assets moves into XRP, that's a $5.9 Trillion market cap, or $59 per coin. For XRP to hit $1000, 17% of global wealth needs to move into XRP. If the circulating supply of XRP is kept at the current level of 38 billion, only 6.5% of global wealth needs to move into XRP for it to hit $1,000.

Ripple is an inside job. Ripple is owned by the same people who own the central banks. Ripple is owned by the billionaires and trillionaires. XRP is a crypto designed specifically to meet the needs of the billionaires and trillionaires. They will use XRP as their vehicle to reset the global financial system. Those 55 Billion XRP locked up in escrow may or may not be released into the economy. It doesn't even matter. My opinion is that when they pump up the market cap of XRP to $50 Trillion the company Ripple will "donate" those 55 Billion XRP to the IMF, or BIS or some new ultimate central bank, and they will use that reserve of XRP to manage the global economy for the next 80-100 years. Then they will eventually abandon it in favor of something else.


ADA will be the #1 crypto EOY 2019 check em

well said.

Why waste energy and lose money when nobody listens anyway? Best to just work together to screw over the rest of the normie world for personal gain.

How long until literally every man, woman and child on this board is an XRP shill? It only took me a few months to become one.

I have studied this and come to very similar conclusions and it is enough to convince me to never invest in Ripple. I understand that good money can be made, but I feel much better contributing to the future that I want to see.

Virtue ethics >>> Utilitarianism.

> buying something with insane fees and insane transaction times
Yeah no. Bitcoin was a good first adopter to bring crypto main-stream, but it's largely defunct with other cryptos beating it in every category.

I bought in, shilled, sold yesterday.
I fucking hate this PoS and yet I still profited, riding XRB instead, fuck you all.

Same as last year, same as the year before.
It's a cycle.
Wake up.

This. Transactions take a week now (no, I will not be paying $50 for a transaction retard). Bitcoin is dead.

>hurr every pattern continues forever
piss off pajeet

Oh, so whenever anyone wants to transact goods and services with you, using Federal Reserve Notes, you tell them that they are perpetuating an immoral banking/government establishment, and that you only do barter?

What are you going to tell your wife and children, or future wife and children when XRP is $500-1,000 and you didn't get crypto-rich? "You see honey, I knew that the banks were going to make XRP the new global reserve currency, but I am a man of virtue ethics."

The banks are going to run XRP up to a $50 Trillion market cap and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it. Load up your bags and become a millionaire.

>want a better world, real democracy
I suppose you're also a proponent of racial equality and homosexuals running amock too?

Face it soyboi, /pol/biz/tards won 2017 bigly and 2018 is going to be even better.

I went from 0.2 btc to 1.3 just sitting on my alt stack.


Some fresh OC, just for you.

you're also talking about an old leaky cup that's already serving coffee in millions of people's homes versus one of a thousand wondercups that barely exists in theory

Definitely. I'm buying more than ever at these prices.

>"I'm so weak and useless I vote to be equal to the people above me"

fucking boomercuck.

kek. saved to shut corecucks up

Very Jewish and this wouldn't surprise me

First world order coin? ill hav tree fiddy.

unfermented soy actually blocks estrogen retard. You get phytoestrogen from fucking peanuts.

Maybe I will not use Lightning personally though. Too much centralization. Why don't people simply use LTC and atomic swaps with BTC? Would be so much easier.

>XRP is a coin designed by and for the billionaires and trillionaires.
>XRP is a coin designed by the billionaires and trillionaires.
>by the (((billionaires))) and (((trillionaires.)))

You think they will share their wealth with you Pajeet?
No, they will suck you dry and then throw you to the dogs.

when the king comes down to earth to kiss the plebs goodbye, before he ascends again to the place beyond heaven, where it's cold and brutal, chaotic and no mortal pleb can survive without instantly getting shredded to pieces – space, but for the one true god.

Let retards hold BTC, it's a worthless shitcoin and even if it went to 1mil each, that's just 66x and it would take years. In that time, people buying alts will see way greater profits (see what XRB did, or even just DENT) in a tenth of the time.

Retards don't understand that it's about percentages, an alt going from 1 cent to 1 dollar is way more than BTC going from 15k to 1mil. BTC holders don't understand this because they're stupid as fuck, they see the big number with many zeroes and think that's what determines their profits.


>not holding both BTC and alts
there's no point picking sides in crypto. I'm on the side of gains and getting a finger in every pie increases my chances ill see those gains.

Logic and reason? On Veeky Forums?

>buying everything with only one crypto
I hate this fucking meme.
The whole point of it is to use any choice of coin to buy shit. If people don't want to use Ripple, we don't have to.

And if they try to outlaw all other coins, yelling to the dumb masses that it's "counterfeit" or some bullshit, that'll reveal their hand too much.

So, if Ripple is going to be the debt coin of the poor, then I'll just Monero it up.

Fads aside, what really matters in the end is how many people use your shitcoin. Bitcoin's transactions have been declining, so...

Either they fix the fee/congestion problem or it's over.