Gentleman, I'm gonna be honest here - I got lucky in the past

Gentleman, I'm gonna be honest here - I got lucky in the past.
My portfolio is up, but only having thanks to luck. I have no strategy. And I know that, eventually, luck runs out.

I would like you to talk about your strategy.

Of course, first rule here is, all memes aside, buy low and sell high.
But how do you assure that you sell high? Money management? It seems to me I was too greedy in the past.

I want to hold all of my prospect coins but, at the same time, constantly buy them low and sell high, so I could accumulate even more.

Also, how do you recognize a coin that is about to go up? Pattern work?

Anyhow, general strategy discussion.

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pattern what?

Literally give yourself some money to trade and try shit and when you fuck up study why you did wrong and how you can prevent making the mistake over and over until you get in the rhythm

nobody knows

Anons will laugh, but Buy High Sell Low is not just a meme - you are supposed to look at it with an expanded timescale.

Fear the Black Swan.

Also, how do you stabilize your profits?

You sell a coin at the ATH and you get BTC out of it. BTC goes down and you're fucked. How to overcome this without cashing out?

Black swan?

We're currently in a "HOLD" market.
If you sell you're going to get rekt. These markets rarely occur and don't last very long.

Once the first major correction happens (20%), wait for price to return to the highs, then sell.

know lots of coins well, and find one that is stagnant but good long term potential. ETH or XRP are usually good.

What about Tether?

Investopedia is an excellent resource.

i guess, but I don't like it for two reasons.
1. It's not redeemable for USD. its possible you'll be left at some point with worthless tokens.
2. everyone wants tether at the same time, it spikes up to 1.06, meaning you have to lose 6% to buy it.
3. buying tether requires you time the market perfectly, more often than not you'll make more money just by holding

i just watch that macd graph in binance. but i set the time for 30 min. so if the line is too high i dont buy a coin. if it is below i buy and hold for some days. and sell again at higher line which gives 10-15% for me which is nice and not risky like all-in and hold.

In all honesty, I never looked into Tether. Biz hates on it, so I never bothered.

What you said in your previous posts seems really good. I suppose you use Ripple?

best advice I can think of OP is to remember to measure your gains in BTC, not USD.
You can be gaining USD in this market but still be making bad trades.

It's the same as the stock market where you need to compare your trades to the S&P 500. The vast majority of people underperform against the S&P 500, especially over the course of a few years.

So compare the amount of money your making with your trades over time vs. if you just sat in Bitcoin.

No alt-coin out-performs Bitcoin long-term, so if you buy one it should only ever be to increase the amount of BTC you have in the short-term, make sure you have an exit.

Isn't this daytrading?

Watch this
Don't put your complete faith on memelines, but it can help you if you keep it simple. In that video I mostly believe on the shape of the Elliot waves during a rise (although they're not always as pretty as in that video) and that the bleedout period that comes after them lasts longer. So if it looks loike you could be buying a coin during that bleedout period just walk away and look for another one. But in the end it's not more complicated than buy the dips, sell the tops, cut your losses with discipline. When your coin does well Veeky Forums will tell you that the coin will soon have a market cap of quatrillions, just sell when you hit your target and let others hodl.

I literally just buy coins that are undervalued relatively to coins in the market.

I got into VEN at 24 cents and held it for about 2 months.

I got into REQ at ICO and have held it since then.

I'm up like 1000% + on both

I have my money split up between two or three coins at a time, there are a dozen or two coins that I follow on the delta app. When one them goes up say 30% I sell it and buy one that just recently shit the bed. Not sure if this is the best strategy, but I started mid December with 8k and have 24k so it's working alright.

I never understood how you can have "STRATEGY" in predicting future without a crystal ball or a time machine.

Best strategy is following crypto signals backed up by chart analysis and people who know what they're doing. Easy 10% profits, up to 2x.

Go check it out and try it for yourself:

t. pajeet

You don't have to hit exact prices, just identify trends. Of course, there are fuckups, costly fuckups. Also, it has its limits. You remember the last correction? I expected one was around the corner, but since I didn't have trust on being able to time it correctly, I ended losing around 15% in a day. Then the market recovered but if I had sold and rebought I would have been ahead. You can't beat yourself over not being able to see everything ahead of time.

You're basically talking about swing trading, which is potentially a fucking amazing way of increasing your coin holdings but also carries a lot of risk since you're relying heavily on technical analysis.

If you buy 100 coins that double in price to the ATH, then retrace 25%, then double and retrace 25% another 4 times, you end up with 10x gains by HODLing. If you are able to sell for USDT at the ATH and buy back in with the USDT when it has dipped, you will have more than 300 coins by the end of this scenario, essentially managing 30x compared to the normie HODLer.

Given the difficulty in doing this, you should try not to go all in but instead use 20% of your coins (i.e. 20 instead of all 100). Every coin will have their own nuances so you'll need to familiarise yourself with how they typically behave. Again, TA can be helpful to gauge what is going on. At a basic level, be aware that prices like round numbers are big milestones and can be huge psychological barriers and can act as "ceilings" or "floors" that will disrupt the typical price fluctuations of a coin. While barriers can be difficult to break, since people lump buys or sells at these psychological safety zones, when they're broken (like a coin moves through $1 in either direction) you can often get a burst of volume and more price movement even further in that direction as people pile in or out (it's broken through $1!! I've gotta get involved here!!).

People are basically massive sheep. Remember that and try and stay cool. If you're interested I can explain how I typically structure my portfolio to balance long term stable holds, long term moons and short term moons, with the general idea of feeding money back into the long term stable holds.

elliot is mostly bullshit, but bots and traders use it as a flag so it plays itself out sort of. the higher the volume, the more it resembles elliot ratios.
market "value" psychology is a fundamental concept in speculative trading though

Buy in when a whale is manipulating the price. Pic very fucking related.

Its impossible to time the market but it is possible to be pretty accurate some of the time. You don't even need to be right more often than you are wrong if you luck out and get a moonshot or two.

how much is zcl going to go up?

Not op, but interested

Do you understand what pairs trading is? Just trying to know how to frame this explanation.

Without the whale? 800. With the whale maybe 400 if that. He kills it every time it starts to get a momentum.

this guy smart
>>if only he could program this he would not be here shilling it to biz normies

There are ways you can teach yourself technical analysis, which is the way in which professional traders look at markets. Go to and poke around. Also check out the YouTube channel High Altitude Investing and watch every single one of his videos, a professional crypto trader. And this begins your journey down the rabbit hole.

I used to trade equities professionally for around 10 years, using algorithmic trading tools. They're useful but I prefer to trade manually (switch off the targeting computer so to speak).

> bots and traders use it as a flag so it plays itself out sort of.
I can totally believe a big part of it is a self fulfilling prophecy, but respecting it has made me walk away from tragedy enough times. I miss opportunities sometimes but I stopped having shit days unless everyone else was having one as well.

i did this

it came down to trading while tired/ drunk/ emotional

I dont fomo buy or panic sell anymore and since I made this realisation im now up 1100%

I also follow the one rule, never lose money

>I also follow the one rule, never lose money

i expect he means that if you are down on a stock, instead of panic selling at a loss, you should just hold it until you at least break even, no matter how long it takes

of course if you are a small investor you may not have the funds to let $X just sit inertly in a minor stock for a few months, but it is a very safe strategy nonetheless

How do you choose these coins? Just market cap?

Also complete scrub, where do you find ICOs?

>but it is a very safe strategy nonetheless
It's a terrible strategy. Being a good trader means knowing when to cut loses. Absolute trading 101 - cut your losses and let your profits run.

"Never lose money" is almost as insane as the gamblers fallacy and implies the coin will return to the previous price.

Guess what? That's nowhere near guaranteed especially in an insane bubble like crypto. You need to get out of that mindset.

"Never lose money" is actually worse than losing money since:

1. You have actually lost money and you're lying to yourself
2. You have mentally locked what little money you can recover in an absolute lemon of a coin that could be used in a moon mission

Note this is very, very different from having weak hands and selling something during a 30% price shit out. If you believe in the value of a coin, then for god sake don't emotionally panic sell, but "being safe" by holding onto an absolute stinker when every market signal, piece of news etc is screaming "get out" is just totally nuts.

Don't ever conflate weak hands with having the courage to eat a loss, otherwise you'll fuck yourself up in the long term. This same conviction is also important to avoiding falling into a bull trap and / or doubling up on something that is actually shitting out (never catch a falling knife) and will continue to do so and never recover.

I already 4x in the past week. This PnD thing is too easy. Comfy af..

on the contrary, in a bubble like crypto its pretty guaranteed every coin will increase eventually as longas the bubble lasts

>in a bubble like crypto its pretty guaranteed every coin will increase eventually as longas the bubble lasts

I completely disagree with the first bit. Nothing is guaranteed and you're insane to think so.

But whatever pal, what the fuck do I know? I only traded professionally for a decade.

Plan for the short and long term

The bull run market as it is is not sustainable long term. Knowing that you should be diversifying your assets and risk by having a short and long game. Mine is to hold a relatively small amount of money in a few coins to let ride out the rest of 2018. (Barring any obvious signals that the bubble hit dumpster fire status ofc) in addition to that after recovering my initial investment I started with a grand and am doubling it one coin/whale wave at a time. Also don’t be greedy, it will bite you. If you double your money, get out. Unless it’s slow organic growth. Each time I double I take a portion out and send it back to cuckbase and convert to fiat. Yes it will take longer to be a millionaire this way, but this is insurance so you don’t lose everything if something quick or unexpected happen. I for one hope this influx of new money continues long into the new year, but I’m playing the game like it all blows up next week. I wish everyone blessed gains in 2018 and I want to thank the normies and incompetents for slowly but surely making me a rich man

Good advice. I was recently in a similar scenario with the shitcoin XVG. I had lost 30% on my initial investment after the Wraith release didn't live up to expectations.

I cashed out half my holdings and plopped it into xlm while it was on the way up. Currently XLM is covering my losses and then some. I'll average up if xvg eventually recovers.

Always take some profit

Heres an example

I bought funfair at 2 cents
It mooned to 11 cents a couple of days ago. (5x)

I got greedy did not take a single profit.

Saw ENG mooning and wanted to add more to my stack.

Solf 1000 FUN at 8 cents (3x) to buy in ENG.

Now if i had sold the same amount at 11 cents i would have more bitcoin and a bigger ENG stack.

Sometimes the hardest thing is not to minimize a loss but to know when and how much to take in proft

Set up a trading bot to grow your btc or ETH wallet. Moved over to BTC last night after eth shot up. Account broke 1 bitcoin overnight.

Fun seems to be moving sideways these last couple days. Was the bump we saw a few days ago a pnd? Or was there an announcement that caused it?

Dont know why is pumped but its Q1 looks bright and promising. Its gonna make gambling accessible to crypto people and normies alike.


But it still looks promising

This is actually decent advice, I didn't think about exchanging to XRP to hold it until my next trade. Thanks user, someone appreciates you.

Being greedy is the number one profit killer in daytrading. Try to set achievable goals like 20% or less per trade on lower volume coins, and maybe 50% for the true moons.

It doesn't matter if the coin went 100% and you only got 20%, you had no way of knowing that was going to happen and it could have easily hit 21% and then dipped by 50%. Taking any profit is better than taking a loss.

do you think ZCL will grow to 200-300$ in the following weeks (before the fork)? seems pretty likely to me

Absolutely, but I would 100% sell before the fork occurs and the price dumps to sub 1$ levels.

ZCL is a futures market, and once the future comes it won't be worth much at all.

BTCP has potential to be 1k-2k within a few months. Me personally I’ll be selling half my ZCL when I’m happy with my profits without being greedy and keeping the other half for the fork

thanks user, appreciated