KCS - Taking BNB's Role to the Nth Degree

What we are witnessing right now with KCS is what happened to BNB. We're dealing with a multi faceted utility token, and KCS has advantage over BNB's first mover advantage, namely, their ability to take every point of weakness in BNB's coin, and fortify it x 1000. KuCoin looked at Binance's revenue, and mathematically arrived at being viable as an exchange (and satisfied) at 10% of total trading fees. The remaining 90% will be redistributed towards the community.

If there's one thing for sure about cryptos, its that its 100% community driven. When such a structure exists where everything is pretty much peer to peer, imagine what kind of effect KCS's viral marketing tactics will yield.

We've all seen BitCONEECT. We've all seen Binance's exponential user base rise as a result of their referral program (and obviously much more).

With Binance growing as large as it has, we as a community have been noticing issues surfacing - exchange upgrades during absolutely pivotal moments (VeChain's National Chinese Gov Partnership announcement, IOTA withdrawals non functional, overdue stop loss functionality, coin dust in wallets, etc). KCS, having a position in the exchange space after Binance's first move allows them to perfect every weak point of Binance, and improve upon them even further. I know that the Chinese are exceptionally skilled in taking a concept that already exists, and masterfully transcending that concept into an entirely new level. Cue KuCoin.

Now it's KuCoin's time to shine. The first wave of viral marketing was through social media and forums (Twitter, FB, Steem, Veeky Forums, Reddit, Bitcointalk, ETC). HUGE exposure through these arenas. Now it's WAVE 2 -
the Youtubers finally had a chance to sit and digest exactly how they're going to tackle the problem of helping Kucoin gain further exposure. Youtubers are exceptional at this -
it's what they do by trade for crying out loud. KuCoin will absolutely EXPLODE.

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kucoin uses rapidworker to shill

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kucoin will grow just because they list raiblocks before binance

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* The pyramid marketing campaign referral system is absolutely genius. They get free marketing out of the gate while trying to build up a exchange and volume.

* Everyone thinks that KCS can become the next binance.

* They are only making 10% off the trades the rest of the split is going to the referral system 40% and 50 % to KCS holders.

* They are also going to be doing a buyback and burn. Using up to 10% of profits to burn KCS, this means people who continue to hold KCS will get a bit more in dividends.

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honestly guys. binance is way better of an exchange that kucoin. shit is fucking set up like a mentally retarded 12 years old designed it. With binance its simplified to absolute perfection. Kucucks dont stand a change unless they basically copy binance and ditch the gay hodunk shit.


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So once this pump settles down and drops off is kcs still a good coin to hold for say a month? I mean they are doing well and offering unique incentives. Never a bad idea betting on the house right

Enjoy your dust


my main gripe with binance is their completely useless customer service. i gave them my state ID months ago for higher daily withdrawal limit and I STILL haven't been verified.

these chinks need international customer service

The exchange is terribly made. Laggy as fuck, buggy too. Binance is the golden standard with 10x users than cuckoin.
Oh, and if you communicate with their tech support, you know they are aliexpress-tier gooks who can't speak English for shit.

mfw people fudding KuCoin and shilling Binance, enjoy the shitty customer service and dust faggots while we get free dividends.

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