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Let's get some memes and cute FUNCHANS going!

Last thread:

Normies are literally going out of their ways to buy this shit. Get rekt, BZC is the only one they'll buy for fun.

Better get in on the ground/first floor then.

We are literally going to meme this shit into top 20 by Q2 2018

Screencap this


You don't trust fucking STAR FOX???

Having so much FUN!

I'm still not sure. Fun or DBC?
Where do you see FUN in 35 days?

30-40 cents

Where is the buy wall? Looks pretty even to me.



drawfag here, gonna make a quick pic cuz im bored, keep this thread alive.

just got in 3.2k btw

me 2 m8 god speed

legend right here

Worst case scenario, FUN onlu hits .50 and we make our money back at blackjack

Waiting for the pics.



I just went all in guys.

Will this stay at around 600 sats until tomorrow? That's when i'm gonna buy

better version

Can I play, little girls? :)

Is FUN, OMG and ZRX the 3 confirmed comfiest holds of 2018?

I’m all in on ETH, OMG, and FUN. Up like .5btc over the past few days just holding. So comfy.

literally yes