If LTC breaks 0.02 we are in uncharted gains territory

There is no resistance past this point, if you don't want to get in now because you FUD on LTC that's fine but at least keep an eye on this level. Bullish as fuck if broken. I just want all of us degens to be rich.

the only main stream block tech that actually functions as a fucking currency. WHO WOULDA THOUGHT?!

Let's go LTC!

Bought at the low on coinbase. Fucking hope it goes up so I can salvage some losses from my shitcoins

why did the price go up today

3K eoty you heard it here first goys

5k EOY

Could be any reason. But considering BTC price LTC is insanely undervalued. Should always be 0.2 to BTC

>Should always be 0.2 to BTC
Who make this rule

Bullshit. Btc is on the way out. Eth decoupling last night and continuing currently is an early sign of things to come.

0.25 would make sense because there are 4 times as many litecoins total as Bitcoin

>>>Btc is on the way out


oversold, should be a $400 coin, hope everyone bought the end of year flash sale

pretty sure no one did because of the "le dead coin" may may and thinking the founder just gave up on it

when he's still a part of the development team, and donated his gains to the development


Bro, just get on the DBC hype train already if you want to make it. You can always double down on LTC with all the gains ;)

KuCoin sign up bonus: 1aQPb

im waiting for 10k coin and will sell all my bags of 10.45 coins

is this unironically mooning? I got some just to transfer quickly to another exchange but I might end up holding depending on what it does next

I'm in the same position as you, hoping it goes up


Please fucking stop saying this. Please. Especially when its just shoehorned into a random statment.

>tfw bought my stack at a 290$ "dip"

oh hi

Will it break past $260 lads, or is this another hourly peak?

Lmao, if bitcoin dies the whole crypto market dies

I unironically agree with you user

I wouldn't say it'll die, but it'll take a kick in the balls for sure.

Unironically this

Not gonna happen lads

>completely shitfaced yesterday
>went all in on 197 euro
This shouldn't happen. I should be losing money

unironically, you need to go back to r/litecoin, user.

you bought low, nothing wrong about that

>Bought 5 LTC when they were $102

How fucked am I?

low is anything less than $20, user. That's Charlie's margin of safety

You are going to lose $82 if you are not selling soon.


Drunken buys-in-the-monent shouldn't pay off

I think LTC has a good chance of breaking $1k if this bull market keeps up this year. Hoping to make decent gains before the year is over and the crash comes.

There's some bad memes that get started sometimes, faggot buzzwords that some retards pickup. Cringe was going around for a while and I'm so glad it died. Unironically must die.

How much money are we talking with all in?

I've just been buying and selling on the $20,30 dollar ups and downs.
Making a comfy hundred dollars a day doing this rn.
Sold at 258 this morning. Back down to 256 right now.
Anticipating a 10,15 dollar drop then will buy again.

Just thought i'd add, the 24h volume in LTC right now is quite frankly, enormous, i think the rocket is fuelling for fucking blast off.

Unironically wants unironically to die

How ironic

How many do you buy at a time usually?

because the normies are realising its the only gen1 coin that fucking works

About fucking time!!

I want to start doing this but I'm too fucking poor. How much starting capital do you need to make significant gains? Looking to make at least 80-100 a day. Preferably in a three hour time frame.

Well you need 10 coins and for it to rise $10 then drop $10 to buy back, but if you roll over to the next purchase of LTC you will gain $100 worth of LTC. Learn to maths user.

> be normie wants to start using nextgen digi currency
>Install Litecoin Core
>tells you that it will download at least 10GB of data and will grow overtime

If crypto ever surpasses fiat for consumer payments it won't be LTC. Same fundamental problems as Bitcoin.


>bought LTC
>put it into Jaxx wallet,
>took a few mins
>want to purchase Salt
>4mins later
>want some EOS
>4mins later

Same as BTC... user i

People still buy into this scamcoin? Lol

That's funny because three weeks ago when prices started jumping, I remembered I had 130 BTC and 1300 LTC in my wallets from 2013. I installed BTC and LTC core on my computer and had to go out and buy a bigger hdd since mine only had a 128gb ssd. Not regretting any of it one bit right now.

hory shirt

ples gib mi 1/4 btc


What is your bullshit story even supposed to prove? All you're doing is acknowledging that he's right and bitcoin/litecoin are fucking trash.

Shill me a coin thats better than LTC that i can buy on coinbase?

Your understanding of the overall crypto ecosystem is so fucking clueless that I don't want you to post on this board ever again.

Ethereum is the only coin on fuckbase worth a fuck.

You still have to get the end user to make a 10GB+ download. The longer Litecoin exists the bigger that number will get and the less new users will want to adopt it.



Definitely better than LTC but I think LTC will provide better return this year.

Why? I'm so fucking close to selling my bags

Eth already 900 per coin. Hard to 5x that exponentially.

Such tiny dreams

All will equal zero by EOY

>Eth already 900 per coin. Hard to 5x that exponentially

>96 million supply
>Will mine forever
>dodgy network
>creator is a pedo
>creator is a fucking commie
>glorified doge coin

wew lads