Pump it.

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no, its gonna go now to 0.30 my friend

Thank god, I need another 50k.

no linker spotted

>goes up
>i make money
>goes down
>i accumulate even more

god i love being a linkie

bleed down to 20c again until march :)


if it goes to 30 cents again, its a sign this is really a shitcoin

Daily reminder that this shits going 5x the moment we get the bittrex announcement

>Bittrex soon

Haven't heard this one before. $10 soon


I didn't say soon, I just said when it happens

I don't think Sergey wants to get listed on any American exchange tanking in count the fucker is based on fucking Bahamas

If link hits 30 cent this close to launch with linkpool getting better and better I’d go all in. Already at 120k, would love 200k but you can only swing trade small amounts here as the market has zero liquidity because everyone with over 40 k knows they have a golden goose

>the guy who owns the most link doesn't want to grow his stack faster


>American exchange tanking in count

nice try pajeet.

sorry to disappoint you, but bittrex is utter shit and has less volume than binance at this point. I somehow doubt it will change much desu. LINK will increase regardless of that anyway.

It's still a similar amount of volume. They also serve different audiences it feels like .

different audience is probably true. it is still more normie tier for westerners than binance, which is a very good but Chink exchange. Binance has about 40% more total volume nonetheless.


.90 when? This coin triggers me i just to see an uninhibited moon. Can't wait till we see a 2x in one day

It’s still below ico price

The slow and steady increase is actually quite awesome if it keeps this rate.

i hope that this meme is still alive when link is 10$, 20$, 50$ and 100$

>binance has more volume

That doesn't matter you retarded chimp.

If you can increase LINKs daily volume by 70%+, would you do it? That's essentially what a bittrex listing would do. Plus coins get pumped to shit whenever they're announced on other major exchanges. Just look at what happened to TRIG a week ago on bittrex when it was announced that it was going to be listed on Binance

I swear you fuckers have flea sized brains

Didn't your kind die out long ago?

As someone who has flown a helicopter similar to the one in the picture I can tell you that's a photoshop. I can tell the helicopter is not in flight based on the instrument cluster. It was most likely running on the ground when the picture was taken. The engine and rotors are up to speed. The airspeed indicator is near zero, as is the vertical speed indicator. which if it was in flight would indicate a hover. The altimeter is reading just below 3,000 feet, but that's sort of meaningless, because we don't know when/where it was last set. Depending on the altitude above sea level where it's parked it could easily be sitting on the ground and reading 3,000 feet. Finally, the manifold pressure is too low for an R-44 hovering at ~3,000 feet with two people on-board.

Just got paid and have eth waiting, convince me to join the linkie train

how the fuck can you see all this on a blurry low res picture

It. Solves. The. Oracle. Problem.

> they all laughed at us
> they said we would be the next big bagholders like DGB

Chainlink went sideways for a long time. I hope you bought at low price. We are gaining traction every day. Prepare for a hard ride to the moon.

> 350.000.000 supply
> still under 1$
> currently rank 94 on cmc

They called us stinkies
That's the worst part!!

hold tight Linknazis
I've never been more confident to get to lamboland.
LINK is the key to ultimate freedom

That's the best part!!

When is this shit on bittrex? I ain't facilitating no commie website like binance

I wish I went all in on XRB at 15 cents instead of link
I would've already made it

just get on binance m8. When it hits bittrex it'll be around the time it starts getting to late to get in. Binance is actually a fairly good experience unlike literally all of the western exchanges.

Just put $1k into link. Moon when?

hopefully soon but it's not looking good. It's breaking downward and the volume is sinking. I just sold half my 50k and buy back in at 60c.