Whats the best way to get into crypto if you're retarded and on disability pension?

Whats the best way to get into crypto if you're retarded and on disability pension?

I get $1800/month and live with my parents, so no expenses, Id like to start doing something with that money that can help my future.

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Why would there be any difference? Buy BTC, send to exchange, buy desired shitcoin, hodl, gainz, the end.
What's your retardation btw?

Lol yea. Just start buying shit. I don't think there are exchanges specifically for retarded people

Whats the best/safest/most reliable wallet to have? I don't understand how that is supposed to work, like do you keep the wallet on your PC? or on your phone? or does some 3rd party company hold your wallet for you? I dont understand, its very confusing to me.

I'm in Australia, schizoid personality disorder. Never had a job, can't work outside with normies, not allowed to drive, etc.

>what is Coinbase

Oh, so we’re past ‘normies in crypto’ phase and we’re now in ‘retards in crypto’ phase

I've known about cryptocurrency for a very long time. I just never had the money to get into it 8-9 years ago.

Its always been something I have just watched online. I've been a perma-neet HS drop out since 2003 so I spent all my time just browsing the internet.


ffs exactly this

What an accomplishment. I'm sorry but you probably aren't going to make it

Let's share the money and the proceeds, you can continue being retarded and actually earn money while I get to do what I like and quit my job.
My resume? Started with 3k in August and am now at 30k. Looking to make it this year.

Do some reading on the basics of BTC. Just keep them on an exchange at first, I do it too. You can transfer them later to your own wallet. Get an account at binance com and transfer your BTC there. Make sure to transfer a small amount first so you don't send all of your BTC to a wrong address. Good luck.

Go on GDAX
Deposit money from bank to GDAX
Buy ETH from GDAX with money from bank
Make an account on BINANCE
Transfer ETH from GDAX to BINANCE
Buy all kinds of shitcoins with ETH

Buy REQ btw

Not my fault i went undiagnosed my entire life. Being a shut-in in my mind is perfectly normal, not wanting to leave the house or interact with people was normal, everyone just pretends to like going outside, at least until I realised it wasn't normal.

The wallet part is what Im confused about the most.

Im in Australia, can I have accounts with those places you mentioned from here?

I do not have a drivers license, just a passport.

Forget GDAX. If you are retarded OP, just use Coinbase.

Depends on your bank, Australians use BTCmarkets right now. But some of the australian banks block crypto-related transactions.

Also think of wallets you created yourself as your personal storage that only you will ever see the key for (if you do it right). If you keep crypto on an exchange, it is stored in a wallet that the exchange could potentially access.

Fucking Kek

Who is talking to you Have you ever done anything goofy.

Also get a ledger S nano to keep your coins off the exchanges . Coinbase is insured against their failures but not if your account gets hacked

The First thing you need to do is get an understanding of basic computer security so that your exchange accounts can not be compromised

Please learn about this before putting in your monthly pension
One of the guys I work with lost 20K due to phishing scams when he logged into a fake account that was mimicing his exchange


>ledger S nano

I hear ya. But yea, 1800 a month is more than I can afford to out into crypto. Just spread it out. Learn to be become unretarded or something cunt

Yeah it will be easier to just use coinbase, they just tax 4%.
Coinbase works in Australia,
Binance doesn't ask for any ID unless you withdraw 2btc worth with them

This is a good video to watch user

Good luck, I hope you make Lots of GAINZ

>disability pension
Buy ChainLink, you'll fit right in.

The best advice any of us can give you is to YouTube it. Literally any question you have re: crypto has been asked and answered. Wallets, exchanges, coins to buy, etc is all on there beaten to death by multiple people. But regarding a wallet, get a trezor or ledger, that way you can store whatever you buy off the exchange on that, essentially making it virtually unhackable. The details are all out there. Good luck user, I hope you make it.