We warned you, but you DIDN'T listen.

POSW sub $1 is a STEAL, get the FUCK in if you want to stake your coins OFFLINE with Trustless Proof Of Stake!

Buy 20k coins if you want to run a masternode!

Haven't seen this in a while. Thanks op

It's 5am over here and I can't sleep because the price keeps rising


Been in posw since the new dev team rescued the project a few months ago. When this takes off it will be epic. $20 posw is possible in the next 3 months

Still going up...

The fuck are you guys waiting for?

I really like POSW, no way this doesn't have a $200M mcap within next few months. Massively undervalued right now

Holding until at LEAST $50

Kys joker

I planning on living off the MN rewards, so I made it a point to never sell my initial investment

Good idea. Holding a shit ton here as well. Hope to quit my job soon

Not joking. Next summer it's gonna be $10
Remember this post.. heck even screen cap it if you want

By next summer it will be much more than $10 I can assure you

How high?

How many masternodes are you gonna be running, and do you know how much you will be making off each??

Smells like poo in here

>two IDs

smells like curry in here

$10 is the consetvitive target for the end of 2018, after that, I have no clue honestly. I've read $1000 each in 2019 but that too far for me to give a prediction

MNs will bring in a minimum 40% per year. 100% at the first month then gradually decrease with each passing month

I'll setup a few nodes as well. Good job holding brother, how many do you own?

Doesn't even have a roadmap for 2018...

And the price is now at 0.80$

Did you fuckers LISTEN???

Are you dumb?


Scroll down idiot, roadmap for 2018 isn't there.

Maybe because they are rebranding to a new coin and are busy getting everything ready. It'll be there, don't worry

I've spoken to the devs, one of the benefits to joining the discord, and they have all the info just haven't made a picture copy of it.

Right on. Thanks for clearing that up